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    Ford Bronco Adventurer XLT Ecoboost AWD. I’m not sure there is enough sheet metal on the rear lift gate to display all of the necessary badges. 😜
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    Signing Bonus?

    This in itself is a pretty ignorant and overly generalized statement. Sure there's some that over the years have done a piss poor job of managing their money, just like there's plenty in our generation that can't manage our money. I admit I try to manage my money pretty well (rather I let my wife take care of it since she has an accounting degree and my degree is in audio engineering) but guess what? I have my own student loans I've been paying off for the last 10 years. It really bothers me that has become such a gripe amongst millennials and gen z. Student loans in concept aren't the problem, it's a system that does a shit job in educating people on how to manage money and the 1% that are more than happy to take advantage of that with interest rates that are higher than most mortgages these days. Rising secondary education costs definitely don't help that. To your last point about some people that have been around forever who don't want to/won't retire, tough shit. That's not a problem unique to us and until it makes sense for them to retire, financially or otherwise there's nothing requiring them to leave. Sure it sucks (trust me, I have literally been the lowest seniority in my plant since I hired in back in 2013, with no signs of that changing for another year at least) but some day you’re going to find yourself in that position of being at retirement age and having to seriously look at your situation and make that decision. As nice as it sounds, 30 and out just doesn't always make sense, especially now that we have the TESPHE instead of the pension that the legacy members have(which I know is another point of contention). Bottom line is to take that attitude of signing whatever it takes to get a short term payment is completely foolish. I know it's nice to have that big chunk of change to knock down some bills or whatever (I like you am planning on doing the same thing whenever we get that), but for the love of god don't shoot yourself or the rest of us in the foot to get it. A bad deal is a bad deal no matter how big that carrot is that gets dangled in front of you. Make an educated decision. Like it or not that contract effects every single one of us.
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    These transmissions shudder on acceleration. However, the newer models and even the older ones that have had the TCM replaced, aren’t a ticking time bomb. I would put them in the annoying category not the dangerous life threatening category. TCMs where most the culprits for neutraling out while driving or not shifting. Those failures have dropped immensely. As I’ve said several times. It’s awful to have a car that shudders and you are paying for a new car. Ford should give owners assistance to offset the depreciation. However, they aren’t death traps or specifically money pits. The two friends of mine that recently traded them for ecosports liked the focus and said it got great fuel mileage but the shudder in traffic worried them. Plus the depreciation was a concern also. If it was looking for a cheap commuter car, I’d buy one. I’m actually keeping my eye for a cmaxx energi as a put around.
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    Only since about 2012 when my former credit union totally took advantage of me and put me into a loan of questionable legality. It wasn't until last year when I finally was able to refinance and found out it was questionably legal. Oh well, at least I no longer have a lien on my title. I just can't afford to replace it at the moment.
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    Bob Rosadini

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    JP- agree for sure. The 7.3 was built as a truck engine. Guys keep insisting though that they want it to be something it was not designed to be. I get great mileage with my SHO but I drive with a light foot. I read somewhere -might have been here-that someone suggested the EcoBoost was misnamed-should be called.." Eco OR Boost.. Friend of mine has a 150 crew, doesn't tow, it is truly a personal vehicle. Always seems to be in the 15 mpg range. I've driven it on fairly long interstate runs and even with my driving style, doesn't get close to 16. I was talking to a guy the other day who had a new crew cab GMC. Bragging about his MPG at over 20 vs what he used to get with his 150 crew cab 3.5. Bottom line it seems to me if you truly want to get good mileage with an Ecoboost, drive with a light foot as it has enough torque to hold decent speed in whatever gear it is in at the lower end of the RPM band. If you want to feel the "Boost" you are going to pay.
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    Signing Bonus?

    We all thought the mountain was too big to climb when we were first starting out.Don't be discouraged and just keep showing up 'till they run out of money',you will get there.Good-Luck!
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    The flip side of that coin is you can get a great commuter car for cheap. Get one that is still under Powertrain warranty and if you do a lot of interstate travel it would be great. Just know the idiosyncrasies of the transmission. I’ve seen them with high highway miles and original clutch.
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    Believe me, when you’re completely upside down on a loan it's not that simple. If it was, I would have traded in my Focus YEARS ago. And to clarify for new members/lurkers I have a 2008 manual. Pre powershift fiasco
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    Fortunately the EcoBoost AWD badge is probably going to be the same little one that's on all the other EB AWD models so that should help 😂
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    I wish Ford had called the vehicle Maverick, but I'm probably the only person who wishes Ford still sold vehicles with the Falcon, Fairlane, Torino, Galaxie, and LTD names.
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    My parents inherited my grandfather’s 4 door poop brown Maverick and I was forced to drive it in high school. Therefore the coupe doesn’t exist to me!
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    In deference to the late, great James Garner...I like this Maverick more than yours....
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    Based on what I've heard and what I know to be true about it, without being able to go into much detail I can tell you it definitely won't suck
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    If the product is good, the name will catch on. If the product sucks, the name won't save it.
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    Terrible name. Too many “er” sounds at the end of adventurer. Maverick is 100x better. Scout was the perfect name for this. Wonder why they didn’t go that route? The article says they haven’t even trademarked adventurer yet so there’s still hope that’s not the name.
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    Signing Bonus?

    Watch all the people on medical have miracles and come back on active roles before the contract vote.
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