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    My Aviator experience

    Allow me to share my Aviator Journey: Ford announces the return of the Aviator. We are going to get one. Enter the billion dollar Explorer/Aviator debacle. No way are we getting one now. Decide on the GLE450 4Matic. Test drive, it's sporty, and amazing tech. 82 grand, ok, ouch. We want it from Germany, but they are built only in Alabama. Not a deal breaker. At least test drive the Aviator before going Mercedes. I step into the driver's seat, close the door, and the Mercedes was voted off the island. OK how do we get a good one? Plan to visit the Chicago Auto Show and talk to the factory reps. That didn't happen. OK, keep researching. Learn to decipher the window sticker. Insist on seeing the odometer. Focus. Why are all of the Aviators at the dealers five, six months old? Look at the manufacturing date. August, September 2019? STAY AWAY. (now reading through these forums, and seeing all the problems and unhappy people). I love Lincoln. Been driving Lincoln since the 90's. Realize this is a brand new model. I have learned from Microsoft not to upgrade my Windows computer with a new OS until they come out with the first service pack. Use that mindset when looking for a car. Don't just go buy one off the lot because it's such an awesome car and I want it now. This is a HUGE investment. I'm going to order one. I'm going to spare you my dealer experiences. Finally, I found a guy who actually listened to me, and strove to put me in the car I wanted, not the car HE wanted me to buy. Order the car on March 4, 2020. Scheduled to Day March 26. Enter Covid, and factory shut-down March 19th. When the factory reopened, it did so running only two shifts, so cars are trickling out. My new scheduled to day is June 18. Frankie was built on June 23. We drove up to the dealer on July 9 to pick him up. (175 miles away, no pick up and delivery) Frankie is perfect. Not one single issue. It is hands down the nicest car I have ever owned. I am so happy, so greatful, so thankful to have found such an awesome dealer who made me feel like a king. I can't say enough about Michael Goch at Pompano Ford Lincoln. I was lucky, but i feel I brought on that luck myself. I have no regrets, nothing but praise. Thanks for reading my post.
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    Seeing the models post above again made me want to show the ones I’ve been working on....
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    "Ford Grabs Chance to Rethink Offices"

    The only reason that Mustang is staying at FRAP is because it's the cheapest least impact thing to do, it was also an easy way out in the UAW contract as building an evolved Mustang would continue using much of the existing equipment, the supplier park and deliveries / transportation is already in place. Very little needs to change.
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    30 OTT 6

    Ford Raptor Supercharged V-8?

    I still call them Dodge trucks, not Ram. I don't think I'll ever change.
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    That is a bullshit statement-how could he put his foot in his mouth when his HEAD is already up his ass😎
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    Ford Raptor Supercharged V-8?

    Because it sure isn’t great in the looks department😉 Joking aside, $60k seems high when you can get a base Raptor for $56k. GM’s approach to this market is weird, all things considered.
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    NA Transit "abandoned" ?

    In the grand scheme of things Ford hasn't offered a nicer interior on a full size van since what? the 1990s? There is no market for it and if you really want one, why not go with a conversion van? Also part of the reason vans are protiflble is they don't need to be updated as much...as proven by the Ecoline not getting a huge update since 1990s or so.
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    I don't know about the assembly plant thing re: Romeo. Look at what’s being built and where. Romeo has been WELL below capacity for years. They don't need as many engine plants as they have, especially with more and more FHEV/PHEV and BEVs right around the corner.
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    The only reason the dividend was suspended was because of COVID
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    Layoffs in Dearborn

    What they need to do is go through the plants and eliminate redundant managers 😒
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    My Aviator experience

    Wow, What a great looking Aviator!
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    2021 Aviator Wheel choices

    Not sure if there are any changes to the 2021 wheel designs, but of all the 2020 designs I like the 21" ones I have on my 2020 Aviator GT the best (see below). They go really well with the Blue Diamond paint, but I understand they are getting rid of Blue Diamond and changing to a new blue color on the 2021's. The 22" wheels on the Reserve with the alternating black spokes are kind of cool too.
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    I get both the Focus and Taurus, but will never get the reason for letting the FusionMKZ die on the vine. I was just reading an article comparing the $28,000 Renegade Trailhawk against the $34,000 Sport Badlands and Bronco Sport loses. Again, Ford is not getting the price right. Young people are being priced out of most Ford products. An updated Fusion would have kept Ford in the affordable segment. Ford dealers must be so upset with Ford mismanagement to throw away this segment after taking years to build their share up. No, the Escape SE and Ecosport just don't get the job done. As Fusion inventory disappears, Ford market share will continue its decline. Bronco full production is still a year away and the Sport is priced too high. The Sport should be priced no higher than the Crosstrek.
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    Tesla stock

    You may be correct, but so far I see no evidence of a robust battery supply chain by Tesla BEV competitors. I'm also sure Tesla will have many surprises coming as in increased range and updated Model X and S. Ford will maybe sell 50,000 Mach Es next.year and the Jaguar I Pace is very low volume. Ditto for Porsche Taycan. I know there will many other competitors, but Tesla has the electric infrastructure in place, superior software, dominant range, and the ability to ramp up quickly. Musk is always pulling rabbits out of his hat at increasing pace. Now what happens if he gets sick as he looks pretty bloated and tired, who knows. Lots of variables to be sure. Time will tell as always.
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    Tesla stock

    More supply is coming online all the time. As the automotive world continues to increase the supply of EVs, based upon consumer demand, the vehicles will be available. If Tesla wants to continue to sell vehicles at a loss, i think the other automotive manufacturers are happy to let them do so. At the end of the day, profits are the name of the game and Tesla only produces a profit by selling their credits. As more manufactures start selling EVs, Tesla's credits will become worthless so they better figure out how to start selling cars profitably.
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    Portland's mayor has gone full 'Orange Man Bad'. Simple as that. Trump has offered several times to send federal troops to help and that guy has refused every time saying it's somehow Trump's fault for starting it. Christ, I'm probably going to talk my way into trouble if I keep going.... I need to STFU now.
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    PremeirDrum is a plant. He's spreading the seeds of doubt! JK, I don't know what's happening lol.
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    With anything, working from home will be abused and once Covid 19 fiasco is over .....back to the office. Much like remote learning for children, there are positive things you miss by not being in the same space as your offices mates. I don't have to go back to the office but I can tell you, even with my 4 monitor setup (vs 3), I work better at the office.
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    If you join the Mustang Club , I think it is $25 for a year membership, you can get X-plan pricing yourself. When you are on their page for the X-plan it will shoot you over to Fords site with the X-plan pricing on all that you 'Build' your car for. Kinda a nice feature and can save you $1000's for just $25. Hope it is OK to put this on here. I just did it for my F350 build, no haggle with my dealer and I had a PCO plus rebated on top of that 😎