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  1. I know internally the 2.3 I4 used in the Ranger and Explorer has been know as the Maverick program. To differentiate it from previous gen 2.3’s. Maybe they don’t want too many things with the same name around? But I have no idea.
  2. So true! Currently the only auto “journalism” I view on a consistent basis is on YouTube. Specifically Doug Demuro, Hoovies Garage, and all the TFL channels.
  3. mnm


    I call shenanigans on whatever this “truck” announcement is this week.
  4. Maybe I’m dense.... how can there be lack of demand when it was never available to buy? I’ve never seen one yet on a dealer lot or on the streets. Available late 2019 is what I remember seeing/hearing?
  5. mnm


    Yeah lots of rumblings about it on our local Facebook page. Sounds like a company wide problem.
  6. And yet they continued to stuff this turd of a transmission into what I think could have been a fantastic car, for another 5 years after all the problems began to surface.
  7. mnm

    2020 Transit info

    I wonder how aftermarket 4wd conversion company Quigley feels about this news???
  8. The composite oil pan on the 3.5EB was discontinued earlier this year. It was a 2 piece design that sometimes proved to be “troublesome”.
  9. I’m simple. Free WiFi in-plant might be cool?
  10. mnm

    sub pay W-2

    Good to see (sarcasm) that communications is terrible nationwide. This had to have been decided upon some time ago. Why not a heads up before now? It’s a good move, but it would have been good to know earlier. Ford HR stinks.
  11. mnm


    Cleveland Engine Plant. I think there are a few laid off tradesmen that are eligible to sign if they wanted.
  12. mnm


    Saw a posting for CAP today..... needing 180
  13. If these doors do appear on this car.... there's no way Ford calls them suicide doors. The PC babies in this country would go crazy calling Ford insensitive for using that word, etc.
  14. Id take a focus hatch.... give it the Subaru Crosstrek treatment, and be done with it. Awd and charge about 23-27k for it. Done. Profit with little engineering. But, admittedly there is some Escape overlap that might not be good towards the bottom line?