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  1. ice-capades

    Order Guide Updates

    An updated 2021 Bronco Order Guide (U.S & Canadian versions) has been uploaded to the Dealer Order Guides section.
  2. ice-capades

    Production Week Scheduling Information

    SCHEDULING TOOLBOX - SCHEDULING PLAN This is the tentative scheduling plan for the production period. This is just a guide for scheduling. This information is tentative and may change at any time. Blue Oval Forums_Production Week Scheduling_2021-04-19.pdf
  3. ice-capades

    Order Guide Updates

    An updated 2021 Transit Order Guide has been uploaded to the Dealer Order Guides section.
  4. ice-capades

    Ordering Question

    Your Dealer has 24/7 access to the Vehicle Visibility system that provides status updates on order, scheduling, production and shipping information.
  5. Built to Order E-Mail Update & Customer Vehicle Order Tracking Website Ford_Built to Order E-Mail Update & Customer Vehicle Order Tracking_2021-04-16.pdf
  6. ice-capades

    External Radio Antenna

    I don't think you can blame the manufacturer because people have had antennas ripped off in the car wash. Most car washes remove those antennas before the vehicle goes through.
  7. Yes, depending on the distance of course. And the final rail destination isn't necessarily the ramp facility closest to the dealerships. The routing changes usually when contracts are renegotiated and many times you'd have to question the logic used, or lack thereof, that was used. F-150's headed to southern CT used to go by rail to Newark, NJ but most are now going to Wilmington, DE and driven twice the distance on car carriers.
  8. ice-capades

    2022 Escape Production Information

    Time will tell! I actually like the current Escape's exterior but can understand the criticism of the current model overall. In addition, I think that Ford's done a poor job supporting or promoting the Escape.
  9. ice-capades

    Ford to Launch More Sub-Brands?

    Yes, but that was over 40 years ago and the Ranger has its own customer demographic that is totally different from today's F-150 buyer. Just because the Ranger was an F-150 trim so many years ago doesn't mean that Ranger should be included as a sub-brand of the F-Series today.
  10. ice-capades

    Ford Mustang - World's Best-Selling Sports Car

    Since the last mid-cycle update for the 2018MY Mustang, the Mustang is an incredibly refined vehicle that covers all the bases for customers wanting a Mustang... price, performance, features, aftermarket upfit options, etc. Ford's done a great job with it's attention to the Mustang and it's sales performance worldwide is a testament to its heritage. The global expansion has also given Ford the opportunity to produce and sell more Mustang's but at a more profitable price considering the much higher prices for the export vehicles.
  11. ice-capades

    Ford to Launch More Sub-Brands?

    I think that the Ranger is too established on it's own over so many years to now try to include it under the F-Series banner.
  12. The Priority Code range for retail orders is 10-19 with 10 being the most desirable. The WBDO (Web Based Dealer Ordering) system defaults to a "19" Priority Code for retail orders requiring Dealers to manually change it. As such, talk to your Dealer about changing your Priority Code. The Price Level code is generated automatically to reflect the price level in effect when the order was submitted to the USOB (Unscheduled Order Bank). Retail orders are "price protected" to the prices in effect when the order was submitted to Ford. As such, your purchase price will not change should Ford increase the price prior to your vehicle being invoiced.
  13. ice-capades

    Ford Retail Price Increases

    Ford increases prices on a regular basis... usually around the Christmas/New Year's holiday, Spring, end of the Model Year, etc. and is based on increased supplier costs, operating expenses, competitive pricing actions, etc. Increased retail prices at the dealership level are being driven by lower Dealer discounts and lower Ford incentives as a reflection of the inventory shortage caused by the microchip shortage and other factors. There are a lot of dealerships that have eliminated their discounts on new vehicles, especially on the more popular models that are in short supply.
  14. ice-capades

    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    Production cuts due to the microchip shortage aside, it might not be that long until you see $15/share. The Bronco Sport is ramping up and doing well, the Mach-E for Dealer stock orders is shipping in volume now, the Michigan Assembly Plant (MAP) is already producing Dealer Stock orders of the all-new Bronco ahead of the Job #1 Date and the all-new F-150 is selling at a fast rate and at higher prices due to the low available inventory.
  15. Ford Mustang is the world's best-selling 'sports car' again. Pony car is best-selling coupe for six years straight. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/ford-mustang-is-the-worlds-best-selling-sports-car-again