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Ford GT Limited to 100 the first year


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I have the full versions bought the DLC that gives you the GT350R. Im actually enjoying the GT350 more then the GT.


I didn't realize it was out yet.




Also, I forgot to include this picture....they have a GT-inspired Forza Bundle.....I love how it looks.....don't need another one though :cry:



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I bet the Dodge Viper outsells it :spiteful:











FCA Wins! :happy feet:

All joking aside, they only sold 40 in August. One must think they planned to sell a whole lot more. And I believe I read somewhere that Sergio doesn't really like that car, but then again when you own an auto company that also makes Ferrari, Maserati and the Hellcats, I think I would say, "peace!" to the Viper and let it disappear at this point.

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