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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


2025 Expedition Spied

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18 hours ago, tbone said:

I do fixate on the character line on the side profile of the vehicle because it’s a defining characteristic for what is a slab sided vehicle.  That line will have been in place for neatly seven years by the time the 2025s roll off the line.  If they don’t change that line or change the beltline of the vehicle it will continue to look the same to me.  

I do think additional changes could sell more of these vehicles.  The price point of these vehicles is in the middle to high income earners that aren’t as impacted by economic conditions.  If you want to sell more than GM you have to draw attention and be better.  They may not catch them because they have such a head start but I want the to try.  I would argue Ford did this to the Expedition in the past when they left them unchanged for long periods of time, and I don’t want them to do it again.

I won’t repeatedly buy a vehicle if it doesn’t change because I get bored with them.  Refreshes are one thing, but a new model has to be different in my eyes. 

I’ll let this rest now.  

BTW, the digital mirror wasn’t my deal.  


Just for the record I wasn’t suggesting you personally had to like it.  I just think 99% of potential buyers would see the new front and rear and new interior and say that’s a new vehicle and they would not be as fixated on the carryover belt line.

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Hopefully the power boost makes it way


also I womder if the 24s will make way to the f150 as well

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