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    Signing Bonus

    Furious1Auto has been suspended from posting for 2 weeks.
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    Time Out

    He can spend the time in the secret & private Facebook forum talking about important stuff no one else has access too. (Lucky us)
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    Given the pricing of the Kia and Hyundai models maybe they are trying the Lexus LS style marketing-undercutting the competition on price to grow market share? As for the Explorer interior looking cheap...that hasn't been a complaint outside of the stupid larger screen ordination. I checked out my sisters 2020 XLT and the interior was fine outside of her already have a bunch of junk in it LOL
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    Time Out

    The Furious 1 has been sent to the time out chair........
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    Time Out

    If he is a union member in good standing,he gets to have an opinion.I say "if" because I am old school enough NOT to believe everything I read on a computer screen.I dont see the need to be so obnoxious and hey,I was like that in the past so I aint perfect either.I mean make a point at least, be it well thought out or not.Autoworkers are in a tough spot right now and this is no time to start fighting each other.Speaking of which aint none of us intimidated by name calling on a keyboard.This issue of corruption should concern every member.Anyways,I guess now,we just wait it out.OHH-EEE-OHHH,,,,WHOA-OOOO!
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    I have no issue saying the Telluride is a better value as far as more options for less money. I think it’s unfair, regardless of make, to put a top tier model against a entry level. Put at least a limited against an SX. Then point out hey these are comparably equipped but there’s a 10k difference or whatever it is. If they put the ST or platinum against the SX Telluride, it would be just as unfair. Critics don’t see or feel the money aspect. They feel and see the product. So having different tier vehicles is going to sway experience.
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    https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/comparison-test/a29359211/2020-ford-explorer-vs-2020-kia-telluride/ They compared strictly on price, so therefore compared a top trim Telluride to an Explorer XLT (entry model). And then went on to complain and imply that Explorer didn't offer at all several features the Telluride had, when all those and more are available on higher trims of Explorer.
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    FordPass to remain permanently free

    https://www.autonews.com/technology/ford-says-fordpass-connect-telematics-will-remain-free full article at link above
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    Build quality worries

    I'll post more pics after the weekend.
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    Build quality worries

    Yes, the reality is that the seats are a lot lighter than in the Lincoln.com renders (Pic below) - but they're darker than the "Ebony BL" interior in the Black Label. This saddle brown color is really nice, if only it was possible in the Reserve.
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    Time Out

    Has the Lifetime Income Benefit been increased for the pensioners in the past few contracts?If not then the pensions have already been frozen.This move alone saves Ford Motor money.So in a way the pensioners have been paying for the last couple contracts.I dont see things changing anytime soon.I only see it getting worse by higher co-pays for VEBA.About the IUAW corruption,which any honest,ethical person would agree is wrong and deserves to be punished.Keep in mind that those UAW members who benefited from association with IUAW higher ups are sad that the corruption has been found out.Perks like, no show union jobs,invitations to meetings/parties/paid union leave and a vacations on Black Lake.There are more people with their 'fingers in the pie' out here than just the higher ups.Innocent until proven guilty of course and if convicted the culprits turn into PRISON SCUM.
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    I prefer to make my own decisions rather than pay much attention to comparison tests. However, there was much more to this story than just value or interior quality. Based on this test, the Kia had "a marked improvement in ride and handling compared to the Explorer." It was also 3 decibels quieter at 70 MPH. They described the Kia engine as more refined and the transmission better shifting. While the 0-60 was better in the Explorer, the 5-60 was very close. The Kia was actually quicker in 30-50 passing and only one tenth slower in 50-70. Add the two together and the Kia was quicker from 30-70. I doubt if many buyers of these things do brake boosting launches to see how fast they are off the line so from a real world performance perspective, the Kia wasn't hurting. The Explorer's observed MPG was 1 MPG better, however. Again, I take these sorts of comparisons with a grain of salt but if one puts much stock in them, the Kia was a run-away better choice.
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    Have you even seen one? I'll say some spots could be a bit nicer, but "a car that costs no more than 30k?" Really? lol. Granted it was an ST, but I felt it drives much better than the outgoing Explorer Sport. It's much more planted and has a lot less body roll - much more Flex like compared to the outgoing model which would lean a lot more. I can't say how that translates to the XLT, but I have a hard time believing it's worse than the Telluride.
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    I'm surprised the driving dynamics weren't better in the Explorer. Is it really not that good or is this more media bias? I also wonder if Ford has priced the XLTs a little high anticipating rebates. That's what they do on F150s. My loaded XLT was only about $3K cheaper than a Lariat based on MSRP but the difference in rebates made it $9K cheaper. Also - does the Telluride have all the same features/functionality? I think it's easy to compare two vehicles side by side and say this one is better. The question is whether someone shopping for an Explorer would say that they don't like the interior because it feels cheap and whether it's enough to influence a purchase. I've heard folks say the F150 XLT interior is cheap compared to a RAM but I have zero complaints about mine. And I'm used to having top of the line interiors.
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    Awakening The Sleeping Giant

    GM could be using the $$$$ they are losing to buy labor peace.They could be boosting employee,morale and gaining loyalty along with the positive public relations of being a good corporate citizen.Instead they wanna fight.Well they got one and by the time this strike is over Mary Barra will be swinging form a pole for tips!
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    Nice to see sales bumping up.
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    Awakening The Sleeping Giant

    95% Of our Country could care less about this Strike. Yes it's a shame. Can't blame them though. Google GM Strike and most articles posted talks about UAW Corruption. Time to Drain The Swamp (FBI is helping👍) after the contracts are settled.
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    news coming....

    Until the Tesla 3, Tesla used A/C traction motors, they went DC permanent magnet for the 3 to lower costs I’m hoping that Ford is on their game with Mach E and turns Tesla on its head
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    Unknown Mule (most likely NG Edge)

    Unless Edge goes RWD like the Explorer.
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    Where Is The IUAW?

    Still have a buzz from 2 years of "Mueller Time" and going cold turkey / nothing found* *Except two guys for prior tax and bank fraud. (Enjoy his 2nd term)
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    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    The only negative is it’s annoying to some people.
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    2021 Chevrolet Colorado Revealed

    This is just the ZR2, the other trims will be shown off on Thursday. At first glance, it is awful. Same with the second.
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    Yup. GC will be unibody. Wagoneer will be BOF. Think Explorer and Expedition.
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    Unknown Mule (most likely NG Edge)

    I keep hearing repeatedly that it’s staying fwd.