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    Except 1983....lol. Only because I own one....
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    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    If 15,000,0000 Americans come down covid-19, the est number who had the flu this season, based on a 2% death rate, we can expect 300,000 deaths. This would be 20 times higher than the number of flue rated fatalities. Just because the covid -19 numbers are small now, it could get really bad if not taken seriously. The number of flue patients is relatively low compared to the general population because of immunization and residual immunity in the population by prior infections. This is not the case for Covid -19 where no vaccine currently exists and no residual immunity exists. For 80% of the population who acquire the virus it will be a minor irritant, for the remaining 20% it will be a more severe illness. In Developed nations with a higher percentage of older residents, death rate maybe higher.
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    Harley Lover

    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    The WHO says "It's a "false hope" that COVID-19 will be seasonal and subside in the summer, like the flu". https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/health-news/its-a-false-hope-coronavirus-will-disappear-in-the-summer-like-the-flu-who-says/ar-BB10QrLc?li=BBnb7Kz
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    Aviator GT Order

    Glad to hear it made it home. I did my first pure ev run today It is a lot of fun checking out all the features and discovering new ones. Finally got my charging outlet in this morning so no more trips to the Tesla station.
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    I'm not sure what your point is supposed to be. If you park any Escape next to any '77-'96 Bronco, nobody with normal eyesight is going to look at them and say, "wow, that Escape is almost as big as that Bronco!" because it ain't. It's not even close.
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    It's just a shame that they missed a golden opportunity to make the trans much better right at the start, had they pushed the launch back three months, a lot of the dreadful early failures could have been avoided. One manager's poor judgement in 2011 caused Ford so much in warranty claims and good will, I'm sure that middle management kept down playing it to the top brass.
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    ...and priced too damned high! ( I want one)
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    There's nothing sensationalist about the articles Phoebe Wall Howard wrote about the Ford DPS6 fiasco. On the contrary, the amount of research she did and her attention to detail is amazing. Also, Wall Howard is very talented when it comes to combining technical details with the human side of a story. Detroit Free Press should earn some journalism awards for its DPS6 reporting. There's no doubt it played a major role in Ford's most recent settlements.
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    My Aviator was supposed to come with the OEM Lincoln liners but for some reason dealer misplaced them at time of delivery and didn't have any more in stock so they ordered me a complimentary full set of Weathertechs. A week later they found my OEM liners and gave them to me as well, so I actually have both sets. I have always liked Weathertechs and would normally not put anything else in a car, but having now had both sets I agree with CoolScoop the Lincoln ones are better. If anyone that wants to see the difference see the photos below. The main advantage of the OEM liners is the driver side mat, which extends down about 4" below the seat rail to nicely protect the carpeting right beside the door sill which in my experience always gets hit with salt stains in the winter from snow and other crap on your boots. The OEM liner also comes up higher a couple inches to protect the driver's footrest. See the photo below to see a comparison with the WT placed on top of the OEM liner. As for the cargo area, I give advantage to WT vs OEM. The WT cargo liner has much larger lip at the perimeter to protect against spills and mine also covers the 3rd row seat which is a bonus because I hardly use them. (see photos below) I'm sure you can get a bigger OEM cargo liner to cover the 3rd row as well but if it is the same design as the smaller one, I still say WT cargo liner is better.
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    Controversial opinion incoming: Every mustang from 1973-2014 sucked.
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    If we're going to hijack this thread (heh, how fitting considering the subject) with music I got a ton of stuff I could post..
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    We can agree to disagree. I thought the 05-09 had a much more cohesive design than the refreshes in 10 and 13. I agree the the interior improvements were nice.
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    I don’t understand your point. Should we be thanking Ford for knowingly making cars with faulty and dangerous transmissions and then ignoring the problem for years? All so a journalist could have the opportunity to uncover how corrupt Ford was with this transmission? Personally I’m glad the consumers will see some sort of compensation after being taken advantage of by this company.
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    Ford Puma Review

    TBH, one vehicle shouldn't cover all, Europe and North America deserve their own vehicle types
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    Well funny how Ford added some warranty coverage after this story was unveiled a few months ago, and as far as I am concerned-Ford fucked themselves on this deal. It is 100% their own fault and customer's paid a price.
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    I guess I'm werid-I prefer rounded lines to straight lines-I'm one of those people who like the 1996 F-150 😛
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    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    Look at it this way - whether the death rate is .1% or 1% or 10%, containing it and stopping a pandemic will save a lot of lives.
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    Bloomberg News on Hackett

    All valid points. We need less baseless fear BUT we do need to be very aggressive in fighting and people need to hear about common sense practices to stop the spread of this disease because scientists believe this can spread fast and without a vaccine will be deadlier than the Flu on a percentage of those catching it basis. The bungled screening here also is contributing to any false perceptions because it seems only the severe cases are being identified. It also could cause a faster spread because people who have it have not been diagnosed or identified as having it. I also note your references to news articles - true tabloid journalism and TV news often sensationalizes - but rational reporting, such as NPR, is abundantly available. But heck apparently a 1/3 of people polled said they won't drink Corona beer because of the Coronavirus and look at all these people attending rallies (partially funded by tax dollars) to hear complaints about toilets, lightbulbs and non exploding dishwashers - a lot don't take the time to understand. But back to the point - or relevance to autos - supply shortages potentially may not be the big problem if this spreads we may have a demand problem like China is now experiencing. " According to China Passenger Car Association, new car sales in China plummeted 80% year over year in February 2020. This marked the biggest monthly plunge on record as coronavirus concerns kept showroom traffic very low." https://finance.yahoo.com/news/auto-sales-china-log-biggest-140402126.html