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    F-150 BEV to be called Lightning

    https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a36302400/ford-f-150-lightning-electric-name/ oh boy this is gonna piss off some people.
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    F-150 BEV to be called Lightning

    Well, there’s probably not a better name you could pick for an EV. The article mentions it will be the fastest/most HP of any F150 so performance wise it fits too.
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    F-150 BEV to be called Lightning

    Let’s not ask for to much now! Lol.
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    Gen 3 Raptor

    I'm not saying that it isn't a safe bet, it probably is a safe bet. All I'm saying is nothing is confirmed.
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    Ford buying back DCT-equipped cars?

    Yeah, it didn't make sense that they had a solution and did nothing.
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    Ford buying back DCT-equipped cars?

    But every vehicle and every mfr is in a different situation with regards to CAFE. Back in 2001 or so Lincoln had to delete the subwoofer and rear headrests from the LS V8 sport models to avoid being pushed into a higher weight category. Sometimes a small change can be catastrophic from a business standpoint. Now I’m sure in retrospect Ford would probably agree it was the wrong decision. But the vast majority of vehicles were perfectly driveable - just annoying. And I owned 2 different 2012 Focii.
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    Stray Kat

    F-150 BEV to be called Lightning

    What a coup d’ etat in naming the truck the “Lightening”. Absolutely perfect use of that storied name. Can’t wait to see what they do with the “frunk” on an F150. Ford has driven a stake into the hearts of Ram and the GM twins. They are apparently life cycles behind but hey they have hemis and Corvettes. Seriously Ford was kind of sucking wind with the relatively weaker 4.6/5.4 in terms of torque. An entire generation ago they introduce an EcoBoost line of engines which turned out to be fabulous and really changed customers perceptions on light truck power. Them they go and take a ton of crap thrown at them for the aluminum bodies but it turns out their payload capacity is most often higher because of the vehicle weight savings. Now this! An electric F150 that probably will not be so far out as to turn off traditional customers but at least be on the cutting edge in terms of where the future is going. FCA was buying Tesla carbon credits to offset their hemi into everything strategy. GM has probably got some solid plans but they certainly aren’t leading like they have in the past. They seem to be lost a little bit. They have no Raptor fighter, they have no serious off roader close to being ready. To my knowledge they have no answer to the F450,550 and 600. I’m not saying they can’t or won’t but they have some catching to do in my humble opinion.
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    Went to a local Ford dealership that had a couple Broncos on display (I’ll post photos of them later). Overall I’m very impressed with it. The biggest suprise I had was how tall it was and it was a very slight pain in the butt to get into vs what I’m used to.
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    The reality is that Wrangler is a vehicle that people like to buy even if the rarely if ever go off road. There’s nothing wrong with buying more vehicle capability than you need, that’s how automakers make a lot of profit. ln that sort of role, Bronco’s better on road suspension is going play well to those buyers and to many buyers, it’s probably a better mix of abilities for your average buyer who occasionally goes off-road or only does moderate level off-road work.
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    If we think most Bronco conquest sales will come from Jeep Wrangler owners..... How long until we start getting this? 😂
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    Defender also goes up to Explorer size too, so maybe there’s something to be said for a “Bronco Max”.
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    Who`d a Thought....

    What a difference a hundred days makes...... GM to invest $1 billion in Mexico to build electric vehicles. (kinda like Ford?) IUAW said, it`s a slap in the face. GM said, shut up and see if Jobama will give ewe`s some more stay home money.... haa... that's one way to slow the run on the boarder, maybe?
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    F-150 BEV to be called Lightning

    Will they make a regular cab short box though??
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    I've had new Wranglers since 2006 since a new Bronco never came out. Daily drivers and off-roading. LOTS of Wrangler Owners use them for both, as well as lots of Owners only use them for daily drivers. It's relative, the recent Wranglers are very comfortable daily drivers compared to the older ones. For sure not a Lexus but a very reasonable choice.
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    Ford does not offer vehicle delivery at any of the plants. And the only facility that has tours is the Dearborn Truck Plant although the tours may not yet be available again due to COVID-19.
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    Dealership Employee Buys a Tesla

    I didn't ask him but he probably got it new. He changes vehicles 1-2 times per year!
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    Ford buying back DCT-equipped cars?

    I honestly think that is the real reason Focus got the axe in North America...
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    Ford buying back DCT-equipped cars?

    That to me is the most egregious error. Had they extended the warranty and offered voluntary buybacks early on and then replaced the DCT when it had the chance it would have been much better.
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    New light & medium duty news

    Another example of how Daimler has made Ford look like amateurs- You can see it too in the hundreds of options Freightliner and Western Star offer to make uplifts easier.
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    2022 Super Duty Pick-Up Order Guide View File 2022 Super Duty Pick-Up Order Guide Submitter ice-capades Submitted 03/15/2021 Category F Series Super Duty