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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


Ford Considers Axing Car Feature That Could Save Company Millions Per Year

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On 2/12/2024 at 8:37 PM, silvrsvt said:


In the grand scheme of things when do things actually get cheaper? Only if you downsize or order less options. But there are so many variables with that too. 


Lets put this way, I had this really cool indicator thing on my 1986 Escort GT


junkyard find 1988 ford escort gt


Never had a car again with it...did I miss it? Nope. Some of the stuff moved to the dashboard, but never had a brake/Tail light or Headlight out indicator ever again.  

I actually liked that thing on my EXP! It had the light test button to make sure the warning lights worked. They were probably worried that the light test button wouldn't work and need to have a test for that as well. 

The most bizarre thing was the fuel filler door release was in the glove box, so you had to lean across the car to open it. A button behind a door to release another door.

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