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    After 5 Escalades a Denali and a GL we have decided to switch over to a Navigator. There really is no comparison between the current generation Escalade and the new Nav. They really leapfrogged with this one. We never really liked the latest gen ESV but there really wasn't a second choice up until now. So yesterday we ordered a black label L- white with alpine espresso using the X plan discount. Looking forward to getting the truck but the wait will be long!
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    Shipping delays are one thing; the radio silence from Ford is a bad mistake, and, IMHO, inexcusable.
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    Improving shipping time was supposed to be one of the areas Hackett was supposed to be addressing. It's only gotten worse since he took over
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    Yeah but when 3 out of 5 idental units are shipped and the final 2 are sitting for weeks on end for no reason that is not a material or quality hold.
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    This is a Mach E platform/drivetrain mule with a stretched Escape tophat. The tailpipe is a decoy.
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    Material and quality holds can contribute to the delays ice-capades talked about. Ford is notoriously bad when it comes to notifying dealers and customers of these types of holds. Including ETA on when these holds will be resolved for specific vehicles.
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    This quite possibly could be the most inefficient aspect of Ford’s business. Not to mention there shipping cost charged to the consumer seems a little high at $1,195 for my last vehicle.
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    Hello everyone from overseas

    Hi, my name is Manuel and I'm from Germany. I ordered a 2019 Mustang GT in October 2018 which will be delivered this April. I already own a 1965 Mustang A-Code, I got it from a couple in Minnesota in December 2016.
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    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Heads look good. - Heart shaped chambers - Generous valve diameters. - Interesting deviation from the old FE in that the head incorporates a portion of the intake as opposed to the extended intake on the FE.
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    The simplest answer is that he's hinting at a possible 7.3 V8 Mustang or F150 for SEMA and that's all.
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    It's a mule...so who knows.
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    A new Ford mule spied under camouflage

    Ford’s Forthcoming Performance-Focused Electric Crossover Caught On Camera LOL Mach E http://fordauthority.com/2018/08/fords-forthcoming-performance-focused-electric-crossover-caught-on-camera/
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    Also, how old are these spyshots? Or has Summer arrived early in Detroit? 😜
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    Isn't Mach-E the Mustang inspired crossover? If so, this can't be it, surely?
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    7-seat Kuga/Escape, as per the other thread?
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    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Gaseous fuel upfits are almost a certainty for the 7.3L. It might be one reason Ford stuck with port fuel injection, as it makes the conversion easier. Direct injection CNG/LNG systems are being introduced though.
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    Bob Rosadini

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Jp-Bottom line unless they blow it on pricing this thing will be a home run in class 5,6 and 7. No doubt there will be loyal Ford customers who in any case would have bought a Ford so yes, I would guess no net sales gain. But for those who are buying Hinos, Internationals, Paccars, and the new 5500, 6500 GM's here is a chance for them to get the power they need without the up front first cost premium that goes with the diesels as well as the maintenance savings associated with higher oil change costs, as well all the BS associated with DEF issues.
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    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    I think the 7.3L will beat it power-wise, but the 6.6L will be a tough and reliable engine. GM spent MUCH less to bring this engine to market. And I'll bet GM Performance will have hi-po crate versions out in the next catalog. Wonder how the 6.6L would do with a blower on it............ BTW- the 6.6L will use an improved version of the current 6L90 6 speed transmission. LS's like to rev., probably doesn't need 10 gears.
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    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Looking at that video, I'll wager the 7.3L does have siamesed bores. Noticed the machined slots between the bores? Might not be enough material between the cylinders to cast the water passage, so they precisely machine a slot. Doesn't have to be too deep.
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    On the highway, the 3.5L HO Raptor gets the same fuel economy as the 2.7L I4 in the Silverado. You won't match that with a 7.3L. Other than the sound, I just don't understand the crazy desire for the 7.3L in the Raptor. IMO, you get less for more by switching the 3.5L HO out for the 7.3L. Unless, of course, you slap a super charger on the 7.3L, but that's apples to oranges when comparing stock trucks. Remember how the 6.2L F150 didn't get the EPAS when the rest of the lineup did? That tells you how much heavier the 6.2L is than the 3.5L. Figure the 7.3L is a bit heavier. Even if it's only 150 lbs, that's a lot of extra weight over the front suspension of a truck built to run at high speed off road. Now, if the truck was a rock crawler, I could possible see it, and that engine would definitely be sweet in the off-road version of the Super Duty.
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    Kumar Galhotra on Bronco DNA

    Kumar is the man
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    Vehicle Shipping Delays Costing Business

    I really don’t understand why it’s gotten this bad. At the very least Ford should be able to tell the dealer where the vehicle is and why it isn’t being shipped. Hard to believe this is all just shipping delays.
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    I once carried 15 40lb bags of top soil in the back of my 2008 Focus.....
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    I doubt that anyone actually hates the Ridgeline. That would imply that truck people actually give it any thought at all, which is an absurd premise. What most of us hate is the jake-legged peckerwoods at "car" magazines acting like it's a real truck instead of the sawed-off minivan that it is. And worse yet, trying to claim that it is the end-all and be-all of trucks, when it's less capable of doing truck tasks than a Panther with a trailer hitch. Hell, I bet you could carry more bags of mulch in the trunk of a Vic...
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    A big block stang or finally a real motor in the raptor....dumbest move ford ever did putting in some turbo pos in the raptor...yea i would at least visit a ford dealership due to fact as of now they have nothing worthwhile to even go look at...id luv to see a big block stang