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  1. I want something like mr jetson had that will fold into a briefcase when he gets to work
  2. Part of the over reach by the epa is well beyond cars, etc....a contentious problem is how they define navitagble waterways...in some cases they have passed judgement a ditch in a farmers field is a navitagble waterway even though its dry 4-6 months out of the year...nothing but a private property land grab
  3. I wish they would have left motorcycles out of this political epa stuff...we are not contributing much of anything if at all the there smog problem....its nothing but a power grab on there part....we get 60mpg and yet they want to choke them down...really do we need a charcoal canister on something that gives the epa everything they have ever wanted...great mpg and low emissions...i guess the epa hates harley riders and any biker too
  4. Good..they can pay for health care like all of us in the "real world union"....
  5. Why i wont ever buy a 2019 ram or any vehicle after a complete plant rejuvination....color me surprised....
  6. Its not like we dont have choices today...i get it with the promises but bottom line is buyers will walk over to yoda and buy there...1960 is long gone...berra might find a backbone with orange man in the house....could get interesting....
  7. So its best to maintain status quo....i get it.....whats the average age of yota owners compared to ford owers??..
  8. What there doing now is not working...you have more than enuff data to look over and figure that out on your own....you cant wish this away..we need product that "connects"...may be hire some toyota people..they can sell a pos taco on the merits of the lifestyle to people who think its the best when in reality its the polar opposite....how the hell they can stack frames behind the dealership and no buyer even askes why is pure marketing....thats where we need to get to
  9. May be if they can figure out how to put "fun" back in a vehicle they would have a chance...its all pretty much coming down to bronco and f series...question is where do you cut??? And what do you keep????. And who do we align with????...kinda surprised ranger has not been pushed back until mid 20's...
  10. snooter

    August Sales?

    That is good to hear..i personally think the edge more than holds its own in a very crowded and competitive field....i personally would consider the edge if i had need...
  11. snooter

    August Sales?

    Recent article in Forbes i want to say...my buddy is a banker..yep he says they have no issue doing 6 month leases...it is out there....certain segment with the means to do so wants newest coolness factor and they are leasing for 6 or 8 months...
  12. snooter

    August Sales?

    I have held off on a 2019 f350 due to 7.3....i do not need a diesel or the hassel...the new 10sp auto's along with the 7.3 have the potential to drastically cut into diesel sales...biggest gripe out there is fords interior appointments..they are behind the curve ...
  13. snooter

    August Sales?

    6 month leases are being done...what % i do not know...evidently for new coolness factor its a thing.....
  14. snooter

    August Sales?

    The only thing to take down trucks is gas prices...right now that is not even on the horizon....not sure what market you are refering too but truck sales show no sign of slowing....ford is only behind the curve on truck interiors... The only thing preventing surge in ranger sales is gas prices...other factor you could argue for lack of sales is price point too high for what you get...pushing loaded rangers initially may not have been the right choice....
  15. snooter

    August Sales?

    Ram has better interiors (by far)..hoping ford F series gets some interior update in 2020..new escape looks like a mazda...i bet soon ford starts to float a merger.....nothing on ford lot to drive me there outside of a new f350 i am wanting but they quickly need to pick up there game on interior quality...plastics still feel like my old ranger from 30 years ago