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  1. As if china will ever comply with paris accords.....
  2. I think ford needs to give thought to the problems associated with dealing with the communistic chinese gov't....the worlds largest market is not something that should be entered into without prudence....it might be best for ford to stay small and go slow with growth oriented business decisions....with fords quality being an issue they they need to fix there crap here first
  3. snooter

    Mach-E Delay

    There goes the mustang name-plate to the garbage pile due to that lectric crap pile....thank you ford for destroying the stang name
  4. They are all the same across the board...artistic/styling side of auto design is just gone....want "cool"....spend the clams for "uniqeness"....fords issue is derelict interior appointment sub-planted with cheap plastic....atp's are fine but but you must have the product to support that price level and ford simply does not..ford is a shift adrift with no clear direction on how the fix the sail.....
  5. What is being done is trading one pollution source for another (BEV)...
  6. Toyota is waiting on BEV which is a very smart move...yota dam well has a handle on the current tech..the rush to BEV can be an indicator of auto manuf financial health...smart play is still to sit on the side lines and see how it all shakes-out (then pounce)
  7. You simply do not get any value compared to cost...its where (interior) ford is taking a beating....
  8. The interior is done right....ford simply cannot get an interior done right...i like the mazda cx5 interior as well but want to still see mazda integrate the tv screen...the "flow" just does not work well for me visually with the pop-up tv....jeep should sell many
  9. Should be no surprise...entry level offering (cuv/suv) at $30k are atrocious and it requires cash on hood from ford to move....
  10. The interior seems pleasing and not "over worked"....refreshing to my eye is the center console in addition too the manual transmission....exterior is something akin to a taste for raw snails.....exterior sans "trunk" would have been my prefered design route
  11. The exterior of the escape is decent but leaning bland...the interior is just garbage compared to what else is out there...the idea of believing former ford car buyers would migrate to higher priced, dismal at best lower-end suv's seems to have been fanciful thought by ford marketing....the lower end offerings from ford are 10 steps below the competition and the increased price has placed those offerings squarely in what the hell is ford thinking territory...dam that product just reeks "pontiac"of the 80's..too much garbage-cheap-plastic in the interior was asnine thought
  12. I cant believe an excuse for that heinous, boring as hell product is "lacking trim pieces"...cheap-plastic-direction by ford is worrisome
  13. The product is "too soft" for a truck...this current design philosophy has permiated throughout the product mix....it is simply not "youthful"....the product out the barn door at ford i am seriusly questioning as even being "below average"....it just junk and ford needs to begin to take quality seriously...