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    Ford February 2019 Sales Numbers

    Yes. It's Edgy (pardon the pun) even in non ST trim. The new escape just looks dowdy to me. Which is probably ok given Maverick and how they're positioning it in the market.
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    Bronco mule

    New Bronco mule spy shots: https://www.autoblog.com/2019/03/11/ford-bronco-spy-shots-rear-suspension/
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    I got loaned out there Friday night. The line I was on (Floor Pan, which is the very beginning) took all 10. There was a little bit of down time before lunch and again towards the end of the night due to a robot detecting a collision that didn't happen. We also built extra stock. The rest were gone about 3:30 or 4 from what I could see and they had some down time too (I had my break just before lunch so I did some wandering and there were a bunch of electricians and millwrights working on one area). I was a little isolated from the rest of the line so I'm not 100% sure exactly what time I left. It's a little odd how that is set up, floor pan is in the northeast corner of the building, then the finished parts are trucked aroud to the southeast corner of the building where the actual start of the line is. We just had area bump close on Friday and I'm about to get bumped out of North Stamping over to body so soon I should have a better idea of how things work rather than semi-educated guesses.
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    Attribution for my post: https://arstechnica.com/cars/2019/03/elon-musks-late-night-announcement-to-raise-prices-and-reopen-some-stores/
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    But wouldn't you figure that out before you make some big announcement that you're closing a ton of stores?
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    Ford February 2019 Sales Numbers

    Nautilus also dropped the V6 and went to the 2.0 standard, and sales have been up. But the 2.7 I think is available in a broader range, whereas it's limited to just the ST in Edge.
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    XT6 starts at a higher price. But it will be below Aviator at the top end. Especially if one of their friends get one.
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    2019 Ford Ranger First Drive Review

    Then those people don't understand how exhaust driven turbochargers work. Seriously.
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    2019 Ford Ranger First Drive Review

    For the (at least) 5th time, what you're feeling (if anything) is the Electronic Throttle Control programmed delay. It can be eliminated with a tuner or a PedalMax and it's present on all models not just ecoboosts (or at least it used to be - not sure if the new ones still have it).
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    2019 Ford Ranger First Drive Review

    Yes we do. Seriously.
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    Exactly, there is no benefit to creating a Mustang sub-brand that can't be achieved by incorporating Mustang styling cues into other vehicles and a lot to be lost for Mustang if it was created. Ford can make more new and exciting vehicles without having to dilute the Mustang name. There is just no reason or benefit to it.
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    Utilities and pick ups can be Mustang inspired without being a sub brand, the effect would be the same...
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    Ford February 2019 Sales Numbers

    Even the Explorer's 2.3 EB with 280 HP and 310 lb ft would make a noticeable difference. Going further, I would make the 2.3 EB the standard engine in Edge and the 3.0 EB an option in Titanium and ST. For Nautilus, I would make the 2.7 EB the standard engine and the 3.0 EB optional on all models.
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    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    It’s hard to tell with the images they have on the configurator—you’d think at this point the colors would be more accurate. I ordered mine with the Flight Theme and after seeing it at a show I’m glad I did; it’s beautiful.
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    7 months of corvettes sitting on lots

    I think the biggest issue was Viper (for most of its life) was not a car that you could daily drive like the 'Vette. That automatically relegated it to weekend status at best.
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    Ford February 2019 Sales Numbers

    There's a big power spread from the 2.0L at 250HP, and the 2.7L at 335HP. Maybe the 2.3L would be a good V6 alternative at 300-305HP...
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    2020 Transit info

    I spent a decent amount of time in a Transit last year, including some time in the driver's seat. I'm also a big guy, and that cubby was a non-issue to me, too. I did actually use it, though, so it would've been wasted space if it weren't there. (ETA: I notice things like that when they're jabbing into my leg, and that cubby wasn't.) I'm not sure about the cutaways, but we use the rear AC in our Transits to cool the equipment and equipment racks in the back.
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    Women will buy it on looks alone. It’s gorgeous.
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    That makes sense. I work a “clean” job and have never had a huge issue getting seats dirty. I selected the medium stone for my magnetic XLT and I know it’ll probably be harder to keep clean then the ebony, but the two tone effect adds a little bit of flair to the interior IMHO.
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    Mine has been built and is in transit now. When I was picking out exactly how I wanted it there was just too much of an increase in price from an XLT with the 302A package to the Lariat. I understand you get more then just a cloth to leather upgrade, but I just didn't want to spend $4k extra or so for those extra things that didn't matter to me. The Ranger customer is different from the full size truck or luxury car customer so I'd expect the mid-level XLT to out sell the Lariats by a significant margin as time goes on. I know the majority of F150s sold are the highest trim levels, but I don't see that being the case with the Ranger. I also don't get the hate for the Ranger on the YouTube comment sections, but they are not being kind to it. Heck there's even a salesman from a Ford dealer who made a video about why the Rangers on their lot aren't selling. He said it comes down to the fact that the F150 has such good incentives it really doesn't cost much more then the Ranger. Although MSRP is quite a bit different as long as Ford throws tons on cash on the hoods of F150s to maintain "America's best selling truck" I foresee the Ranger being overshadowed by it.
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    It's nice to see that final has 560 at the end of the day, however that's only going to be sustainable for so long as long as body shop is only doing 280 per shift (2 shifts)
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    2020 Transit info

    I just want to give some props to the transit wagon. For our family of 8, I currently have a transit wagon, short wb wagon 10 passenger with quigley 4x4. 3.5 EB. It replaced our 2010 e350 quigley 5.4l 12 passenger. I will first say that the quigley conversion is much better on the transit. I drove the van approx 2000 miles before the 4x4 conversion was done. It drives and handles nearly the same as stock. I imagine the Ford factory awd will be much more refined and well......not an afterthought. The 3.5 EB is crazy in a transit! It does a qtr mile almost exact time as my 94 mustang gt did. Fuel mileage is great and it handles/drives more like a car or crossover. I welcome the developement of the transit and cant imagine how great the 10 speed addition along with factory awd will be. We had an expedition and looked at full size suv's but went the van route. I talk to a lot of suburban/expedition families who find interest in our Transit and I highly recommend it.
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    New or slightly used Expedition?

    Well I am going to buck the trend here and say it is a no brainer - 4th generation. You said she kept her last Expedition for 20 years. The 3rd generation came out in 2007 - over 10 years ago. Assuming she is going to keep this "new" one again for 20 years or so she should get the latest generation which will have dramatic improvements. If she can find a used one great although even new when amortized over 20 years will not be bad.
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    Oh god please don't use the Mustang name on that.... nothing is sacred anymore 😒