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    I got my Ranger back today. It is running smooth as silk. I am over the moon happy.
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    Chevy Bolt "EUV" (crossover) Spied

    From everything I've read, General Malfunction isn't making a dime on the Bolt and didn't on the Volt. They lost money after development costs are considered. If Ford can't do it AND make a profit, they shouldn't be doing it just for F***'s sake. They need to make money. Which is why I think we're seeing the new 10 speed version of hybrids hitting hard. It's a more profitable system to use the existing 10 speed trans as a basis. I think they could make a bit of money making a performance hybrid ala Ford GT type setup. Small production, purpose built. I think that is what the Mach EV is going to be.
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    Hope you’re not waiting for that guy to respond.......
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    Chevy Bolt "EUV" (crossover) Spied

    Show us where any of those are actually bringing sustainable profit to their companies.... OK, maybe the Prius. If that.
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    2020 Fusion Order Guide

    While the '20 Fusion will clearly be the value play in the midsize market (and probably attract a lot of bottom-feeders), despite all the disappointing decontenting, it's pretty clear that Ford is focusing the Fusion on the fleet market. Expect the Fusion to be a player in the 'hoods, overflowing the rental lots, and used by government desk jockeys by the boatload.
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    And regardless of whether anyone agrees with that objective (which seems more like a sub-discussion for a political forum, especially with the hateful tone many of these responses are carrying), Ford seems very well prepared to maintain offerings in every segment in the automotive market for places that are passing such requirements. I assume the other automakers have similar plans, I wonder how their timelines and thoroughness compare.
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    Fusion Trans Recall

    It’s the shifter cable end. That’s it. Basically there’s a clip that holds the cable to the transmission linkage. If the clip breaks, the cable can come off and the trans won’t engage the gear position you select. That’s it. Nothing major. Just use the parking brake until it’s fixed to be safe.
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    Go back and read exactly what Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board said. She was EXPECTED by some to make a statement about a gasoline engine ban, but she didn't. In fact, she said measures like banning certain types of vehicles, fees and taxes were "things that most of us don't think is the right way to go". Fake news? It's probably a moot point anyway, I figure BEV's will be so good by 2040 they will be by far the passenger vehicle of choice. Larger trucks might be a different story, but cars, CUV's and minivans no question. And that's just it, with more and more BEV's on the road the air will be cleaner and there will be less pressure to make ICE vehicles cleaner. And I think the ICE will prove to be overall the cleanest and most efficient what to power heavier vehicles for many years to come.
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    I’m not exactly sure why this topic is in this forum considering it has pretty much turned into politics, which is about as enjoyable as a root canal. I thought about engaging, but it isn’t worth it. Nobody’s convincing anyone to come to their side even though people have more in common than they realize, but aren’t willing to find that common ground. I come to this forum because I enjoy talking and learning about Ford products, so time to abandon this thread.
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    '19 Expedition Tail Lights

    Hi Richard. Instructions for changing the taillight bulbs are on pages 346-347 of your Owners Manual. In the "Maintenance" section. Good luck.
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    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    There's no information noted at the Scheduling Toolbox for either the "OK to Build" status or the Aviator Grand Touring model. It usually takes a while to reach the "OK to Buy" for an all-new model but perhaps someone who works for a Lincoln dealership can help answer your questions.
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    The screaming headline is banning ICEs by <Insert date> but like Euro governments, what is actually proposed is banning stand alone ICEs without HEV or PHEV... I think the idea is to transition as much as possiple, the majority of existing ICE vehicles to more efficient HEVs with the intent of progressing to PHEVor extended range BEV and then BEVs as the charging grid establishes and matures. The objective is to reduce pollution in around major city areas - commute vehicles in particular but also service / delivery vehicles like buses and Vans/trucks.
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    The stupidity of California rages on. 😡
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    Ouch! So yo don't like California. 90% of all wine from the United States comes from California so it is pretty safe to say that can't be done in other states. 99 percent of artichokes, 99 percent of walnuts, 97 percent of kiwis, 97 percent of plums, 95 percent of celery, 95 percent of garlic, 89 percent of cauliflower, 71 percent of spinach, and 69 percent of carrots in the United States. 82% of the worlds Almonds. You seriously think anywhere in this nation can surpass CA with the "right steps"? Then why doesn't some other state take the "right steps". Smut TV & Porn? Yes, California produces the most but it is for the red states that consume it. https://www.cnbc.com/2009/07/14/Top-US-States-For-Online-Pornography.html I have heard of those companies you mentioned, Microsoft & Amazon are headquartered in/near Seattle WA - great progressive place - love the city. Have you heard of Apple, Alphabet, Facebook. Usually in the top 6 of most valuable companies in the country - all in CA. And Californians are not arrogant, we are a diverse welcoming, open and friendly people who are not afraid of diversity, willing to accept people for who/what they are, we care about people and the environment. Are we perfect - of course not. Do we have some problems , sure (although I do not know what you mean by "all the problems CA is having") But I would not want to live anyplace else.
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    PRODUCTION WEEK SCHEDULING INFORMATION FOR THE WEEK OF 05/20/2019 2020 EcoSport No Scheduling 2019 EDGE Retail Scheduling Only 2019 ESCAPE Retail Scheduling Only 2019 EXPEDITION Scheduling for Build Week 06/17/2019 2020 EXPLORER Scheduling for Build Weeks 07/22/2019 & 07/29/2019 2019 F-150 Scheduling for Build Week 06/17/2019 2019 FIESTA Balanced Out 2019 FLEX Scheduling for Build Weeks 07/15/2019 & 07/22/2019 2019 FUSION Retail Scheduling Only 2019 MUSTANG Scheduling for Build Week 07/29/2019 2019 RANGER Scheduling for Build Weeks 07/15/2019 & 07/22/2019 2019 F-SERIES SD Scheduling for Build Week 06/17/2019 2019 TRANSIT Scheduling for Build Week 07/15/2019 2020 TRANSIT CONNECT Scheduling for Build Weeks 07/15/2019 & 07/22/2019 & 07/29/2019 2020 LINCOLN AVIATOR Scheduling for Build Weeks 07/22/2019 & 07/29/2019 2019 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL Scheduling for Build Weeks 07/15/2019 & 07/22/2019 2019 LINCOLN MKC Scheduling for Build Weeks 07/22/2019 & 07/29/2019 2019 LINCOLN MKT No Scheduling 2019 LINCOLN MKZ Scheduling for Build Week 07/29/2019 2019 LINCOLN NAUTILUS Scheduling for Build Weeks 07/15/2019 & 07/22/2019 2019 LINCOLN NAVIGATOR Scheduling for Build Week 06/17/2019
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    This is an older This is an older hybrid system patented by Ford that incorporates the hybrid motor and disconnect clutch within the wet area of the gearbox for added cooling. The above is for a six-speed auto adaption but I suspect that the 10-speed application is similar but in a better way incorporating 90% of the stand alone 10AT's parts. I'm having browser issues ATM but if you look at the Explorer hybrid cutaways, I think you'll get an idea of the changes.
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    The disconnect clutch and motor of a parallel type hybrid electric vehicle are repositioned within the wet zone of an automatic transmission to compactly and efficiently reconfigure a drive line using a motor and transmission assembly. A drive shell is provided interposed between the engine output and the disconnect clutch input which surrounds the torque converter enabling the torque converter to move independent to the engine output shaft. The resulting structure is compact and provides good structural support and cooling for the disconnect clutch and motor.
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    bought a new car yesterday

    To be honest never really thought about it at the time. I’m really happy with my choice.
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    It might be a good policy if approximately 66% of their power didn’t come from coal. I would venture to say the modern ice powered cars would pollute less than the those coal fired power plants charging those electric cars.
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    The day they can get a 747 to lift off the runway and fly from Coast to Coast, I will be all in for the Electric scene. Until then, Pfffft!!!!
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    California is the 5th largest economy in the world due to its pushing green? Baloney! Oil has been a big factor in Propelling California to its current economic position.
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    That's what I thought too but that new building they’re wrapping up construction on right now is a data center.