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    Got no problem with Ford putting them in timeout for awhile. Not saying cut'em off forever, just make it plainly clear you expect better.
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    That's either gonna happen in 6 months or 4 years and 6 months....
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    Damn that's tempting but I think I have more use for a pickup truck
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    Is this the new infinite blue color?

    China only. North America models are made in Chicago.
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    news coming....

    IMO they are embracing the BEV field in a conservative and correct manner...if you put ALL your eggs in one basket you can either sink or swim...way too risky....Ive stated the same thing about manufacturers hedging their automotive bets in China...that has trouble written all over it...one day you are making a killing...next you are close to solvency
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    news coming....

    ?....JD Powers thought otherwise...not that that really means anything....put the koolaid down mate.....Im happy for an American company to do well ( lets not mention all the unprofitable quaters ) but they are most definitely NOT the holy grail...well, to you maybe...but very few others..
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    Can they do that? I would have assumed they could, but technically couldn't someone reflash the computer with a bigger tire size to lie about mileage? At least it take a bit more effort to remove a gear and replace it with the proper one as a deterrent.
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    I think he meant they should have said 17” wheels not tires.
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    Or just re-flash the computer to compensate for the change in tire size. Much easier to do now than it was when the ODO was analog.
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    Porosity in Ford Blocks

    My Wifes 2017 Escape 2L has 55K+ on it and so far no problems. Parents have a 2013 2.0L Ti model and no issues either.
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    I don't work at MAP but I share your thanks and kudos to all the workers at MAP for doing such a good job rolling out the Ranger with minimal hiccups. A lot goes on behind the scenes to make that happen. The drip down from Ford is that they're generally happy with Ranger's current size but will be massaging that slightly to keep touch with Colorado and Tacoma. In a nutshell, I think they're looking for a touch more interior room like the second gen Sport Trac had and a bit of finessing of the front axle position and wider track for better handling. It's not going to become an F100 but the better use of interior space should be welcome news to buyers. What I find astonishing is that Ranger's interior dimensions are remarkably close to those of the compact Escape utility, I get that it has to stay this size but the hip and shoulder room could be a touch wider for comfort.
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    2022 Ranger speculation

    These look awesome! Can’t wait to see them arrive here in Australia!
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    Can't California just break off and drop into the Pacific like so many people wish it would!!??
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    It's the communist... er, California way
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    I read someplace that a Wall Street analyst estimates MAP may generate one billion dollars in profits once Bronco is introduced.
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    So why not let it shift itself if they're so good? Why the need to force them down everyone's throat.
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    If they stick with this, I see dealerships opening just across the NV and AZ state lines and a precipitous drop in new truck registrations in CA.
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    Maybe it’s time to call California’s bluff and just withdraw from that market.
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    I gotta say my MAP built Ranger is light years ahead in fit and finish than my wife's Oakville built Edge (even though it has been an absolutely flawless vehicle). Every panel is misaligned as if they had someone putting it together by Braille. No offense to anyone who works at Oakville, but damn...go buy a straightedge or something.
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    How long have I been saying MAP has the best launch team in the company? This is the result of that.
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    Not only is 2020 Ford Ranger #1 on the Cars.com American Made Index, it is also the #1 midsize pickup truck in initial quality according to the J.D. Power IQS results released today. And Michigan Assembly Plant is the second best plant in North and South America for quality too. https://www.jdpower.com/business/press-releases/2020-initial-quality-study-iqs
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    So hopefully the Bronco will at least tie the Ranger, no? It could be different but I'll be hopeful! Buying American is something very important to me, so this is great news.
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    Love mine! It was built with pride and it shows!
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    I said it in the other thread, it's Ford's sandbox, it's their rules. If you want to post leaked shit, then go right ahead but then don't bitch about the consequences.
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    About time Ford recognized this! These vehicles are very popular at the campgrounds and mountain trailhead parking lots - but they are all Sprinter and Dodge RAM.