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    I think you might have a wrong number there. 3.31 ten speed overall drive ratio in 10th is 3.31 x .632 = 2.092 six speed is 3.31 x .674 = 2.231 But comparing the 2021 Powestroke to the 2019 is a little more involved: The 2021 makes 1050 lbft peak torque at 1600 rpm .... 320 hp @ 1600 rpm. The 2019 makes 935 lb ft peak torque at 1800 rpm. ... 320 hp @ 1800 rpm. So, even though the six speed is geared lower in high gear than the ten speed is consider this: At 77 mph a 3.31 equipped 2021 Powerstroke would be running at 1600 rpm and able to produce 320 hp At 76 mph a 3.55 equipped 2019 Powerstroke would be running at 1800 rpm and able to produce 320 hp. So even though the ten speed has a higher high gear ratio than the six speed it still takes 3.55 gears with a six speed to compete with 3.31 gears in a 2021. Also, just because you have 10 gears doesn’t mean you always have to use high gear. There is nothing wrong with locking out tenth gear on occasion if conditions warrant the practice. Edit: And I think it’s worth mentioning again that it would take 4.30 gears behind a 2019 / six speed for first gear to compete with first gear and 3.31 gears behind a 2021 / ten speed. (And 5.00 or even 5.50 rear end behind a 2019 to compete with a 2021 in reverse)
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    [sarcasm] Yay! [/sarcasm]
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    Gen 3 Raptor

    Correct, god forbid that Ford lay out a decent road map of future product, gotta keep it a national secret in case buyers and investors get excited.......
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    Who`d a Thought....

    IUAW IUAW !!!!! Ahhh always one step back .... Always out front with the umm... the company is going to do what? I`ll get back to you. Wonder when the latest feeeasko is going to hit the less than truthful news? How many weeks has Fords golden geese been unconscious and not laying those big profit units? Then Lord knows you can`t make up this unemployment goofy shit... verify your address, verify your drivers license number and according to the TRA administration I worked at a Ford plant in Hazelwood Mo.? (how many years has St. Louis been closed?) Then my Ford retirement benefits have been suspended? Let see... never worked at St. Louis assembly, never signed up for retirement benefits, filing an interstate claim from Indiana not Missouri and ain`t seen a deposit yet. 2021 is turning out to be just as fun as 2020. Maybe the rainbow, all inclusive and alphabet soup crew can find someone with that silly old school thing, what`s it called?, oh yeah experience cause right now CAP is just about ready to cancel the 2022 launch cause the all inclusive crew can`t figure out what a balance out is. Or oh my do we cancel current orders and roll next model year without doing anything? then wait.... who was suppose to pick up the chips? Heard a few of the less that 6 months in crew try to be cute and said "can`t have a party without chips" Then the all inclusive decision makers kinda giggled their frightened little giggle. Lord help us... multi bazillion bongo bucks corporation and the leadership is giggling.... at party jokes. But!!!! We got us a Jobama and a Hyena Veep so all is good, hell the Jobama approval ratings give me all those warm and fuzzy feelings. has the Veep been to the southern boarder yet?
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    Ford's new "Ion Park" Battery R&D Lab

    Considering how many suppliers are producing batteries (Samsung, LG, SK, Panasonic, etc.) Ford has plenty of choices to get what they need. No sense rushing in and getting stuck in a dead end technology. It isn’t like customers are clamoring for a Ford battery cell. I see battery cell production as being similar to chip foundries. Lots of research and development expense, capital intensive and plenty of opportunities to fail. There are many successful fabless chip companies (Apple, AMD, NVDIA, QUALCOMM, etc.) and I think automotive will be similar. Better to invest in getting the most out of the cells chosen and getting to choose from the best available cells than trying to develop them on your own. We will see what comes out of the Ion lab.
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    Who`d a Thought....

    There will be zero tariff when imported into the USA. Smooth move UAW & Bidet!
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    Robin Hood/4x4ford, your calculations got me interested in the complete spread of the 10 vs 6spd gear ratio so I did these calculations for a comparison. The comparison of the 4.10 vs the 4.30 is very close as well. That reverse gear ratio would sure be nice. Sadly I have a few more years with my 19 before I upgrade.
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    F-150 BEV to be called Lightning

    This is going to be one fast and powerful truck.
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    Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    JP- Interesting.....they make a decision to stay in a market because it will benefit 6.8 production. Then they come out with a better replacement-the 7.3. And it should be a big seller given its cost advantage over the Power Stroke-as well as probably a far less costly engine to produce give its simplicity vs. the OHC 6.8. And as we have kicked around, it was also designed for service in CNG/LNG/Propane applications. But have they made it an easy option for buyers, dealers who want a gaseous option? ...No way-other than some internal mods the actual outfitting is left to outsiders. And stopping this new V-8? Well in 2023, you will be able to get one with air brakes-or as the Ford marketers like to emphasize...."it will have air for such things as seats, horns etc." Like "brakes" are a secondary reason.
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    Oh look. The “us against them” mafia has arrived. Who cares if someone doesn’t like the name? It’s a god damn car.
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    Ford buying back DCT-equipped cars?

    But every vehicle and every mfr is in a different situation with regards to CAFE. Back in 2001 or so Lincoln had to delete the subwoofer and rear headrests from the LS V8 sport models to avoid being pushed into a higher weight category. Sometimes a small change can be catastrophic from a business standpoint. Now I’m sure in retrospect Ford would probably agree it was the wrong decision. But the vast majority of vehicles were perfectly driveable - just annoying. And I owned 2 different 2012 Focii.
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    Who`d a Thought....

    What a difference a hundred days makes...... GM to invest $1 billion in Mexico to build electric vehicles. (kinda like Ford?) IUAW said, it`s a slap in the face. GM said, shut up and see if Jobama will give ewe`s some more stay home money.... haa... that's one way to slow the run on the boarder, maybe?
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    Ford buying back DCT-equipped cars?

    The only thing that made sense to me was if they had some type of contract commitment they had to fulfill. Or it was some huge CAFE hit.
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    Ford buying back DCT-equipped cars?

    I honestly think that is the real reason Focus got the axe in North America...
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    Ford buying back DCT-equipped cars?

    That to me is the most egregious error. Had they extended the warranty and offered voluntary buybacks early on and then replaced the DCT when it had the chance it would have been much better.
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    Ford buying back DCT-equipped cars?

    5 weeks with a rental car is only $750. Im not arguing the judgement, just trying to understand the math. $15K in damages on a leased $20K vehicle just doesn’t make sense especially when the vehicle is driveable in most cases.
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    My $300 phone was made in Malaysia. Even if it was made in China there's a big difference between $300 and $60000
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    Edge and Nautilus are not built in the USA to begin with, maybe you meant to say North America....which would include Mexico....jus' sayin'
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    2021 Ford Ranger STX FX4

    Just picked her up!
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    Me too! And of course Scott's is being built a week before mine.
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    Got my golden ticket