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    PHEV Wrangler at CES

    The gravel path at the country club does not count as off road.
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    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    "OFF ROAD" is usually done at lower speeds, and by definition on NON paved surfaces. It is FAR less violent to the suspension (tires, wheels, struts, control arms, tie rod ends, knuckles) than when you hit potholes. Completely different loading involved. If you can get your dealership to falsify warranty paperwork to cover it, more power to you. Now, as you asked, back to the issue at hand of the thump noise. Are your tires set to the pressures listed on the placard in the door jam? Have them temporarily swap tires and wheels from another unit that DOES NOT have the same size/brand/type of tire. These things are quiet and it may just be tire noise due to the lower temperatures that harden the tire's rubber. Lower profile tires are especially prone to louder transitions over the type of bumps you describe as they have hard rubber to start with and very little sidewall to flex. Over or under pressurization due to temperature swing may amplify the issue as well.
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    Credit to the artist in the top left JC Valdecentos, from the 2020 Bronco Facebook page. This is more like it:
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    and yet you're still here. trust me the wait is worth it..:)
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    Mustang GT Engine Cover

    The question was asked on F150forum.com if the engine cover from a 2018 or newer Mustang GT 5.0L would fit on the same engine in a 2018 or newer F-150. Since no one else seemed to know the answer I decided to give it a shot. While I was at it I also decided to replace the ugly-assed factory air intake tube with a Spectre polished CAI. Not only does it look better IMO but it also provided more space for the Mustang engine cover. I also had to replace two of the factory PCV lines with more flexible hoses due to interference with the engine cover. I just happened to have a couple of new Goodyear High Miler blue hoses left-over from another project that were the right size. Here is the result:
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    https://www.autoblog.com/2020/01/10/2021-ford-bronco-off-road-video/ mule of bronco on the trail
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    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    Other cars pulling out in front of you is a part of everyday driving. Should Ford pay for that damage? If you hit a pothole so large that it damages the suspension it’s no different than running into a curb. Any dealer that fixes it under warranty is committing fraud. That’s an insurance claim.
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    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    Show me the section in the Ford factory warranty documents where that is covered.
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    I'm not sure what you're so worked up about. If the re-programming helps eliminate even 25% of the engine failures, Ford will save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and minimized inconvenience to a lot of Fusion/Escape owners. My advice to you is, occasionally check the coolant level in the overflow tank, and if it stays full, you don't have a problem, and no need to go thru the 5-hour test. However, if all of a sudden the level drops considerably, take it in and get the leak-down test done. Mine suffered no driveablity problems, and threw no codes, before the low coolant level was discovered. You've mentioned your dealer is far away. Isn't there one closer that you could go to? The dealer who provided the excellent service on my Escape is not the one I purchased it from. Or, trade it in for the Toyota you've talked about. HRG
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    5.0 "tick"

    I have a 2013 work truck that has 223k miles on a 5.0 with the idle tick. Only notice it in bank drive thru. It’s the original engine.
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    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    It varies from state to state but in most states the government’s obligation is to fix the issue within 30 days of notification. If they were notified of the specific issue and did nothing and a vehicle was damaged past 30 days they can be held liable.
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    BUYOUT...When Do We Leave??

    Ford pension does not pay much per month.Then comes a reduction when you reach social security age at 62.In the past,what made being a loyal Ford employee beneficial was the health care you could receive once you retire.Now once you retire,your health care is administered by the union {gives you a real confident feeling?} VEBA fund.Once you turn 65 you apply for medicare and VEBA becomes a secondary payer.In the long run,VEBA may save you from having to purchase additional insurance to supplement medicare for things like dental,vision,prescription.Welcome to the understanding that the retirees ,which if you take the buyout you will soon be,have been paying for the contract ever since the good old,concessionary days, of Bob King.Dont expect the new,fresh workers who Ford hires to replace you,to stand up for you in future contracts.Everyone is in a different financial situation and you have to look over all the details very carefully.I am wondering what is the current co-insurance payment per month of having VEBA?Is that amount expected to increase with more people retiring?Its not a question of 'will I get sick' its a matter on 'when and how'.
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    The new plant manager`s office is being re-decorated right now.When he gets to CAP he will walk around and let all the salaried workers and union reps kiss his ring.How many of these guys have you seen come and go?It must be nice.He probably cant wait to get to work everyday. He will take all the credit if things go well and he can shift all the blame onto production,vendors and the trades when things go wrong!
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    Infuriating isn't it.....but I bet you'll keep watching for the next tidbit. For once there are no leaks of images months or years before Ford is ready and it's killing some people...
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    Yep, no different than Ford using the Mustang name on the Mach-E. Brand recognition and marketing.
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    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    Wow Based on your logic I should be able to crash my vehicle into a cement wall because "traffic swerved and it was impossible to miss" and the warranty should cover it. A warranty is a limited guarantee that your product will function as intended and is free of manufacturing defects. It's not a damage insurance policy.
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    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    If you hit a pothole so hard that it breaks something, that is not the manufacturer's responsibility. If you got a dealer to cover it, great, but that's not part of the warranty.
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    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    Why would the vehicle warranty pay for damage caused by a pothole or anything else you hit? That’s insurance.
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    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    Explorers coming off the line with missing parts? Thats just Hackett decontenting parts you won’t miss....
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    More 2020 Explorer issues...

    All these issues and you're going to buy the same vehicle made in the same factory? Related, it's a shame Ford won't get the employees (or more likely management) in line at Chicago. These products are too important for this kind of utter nonsense.
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    Lincoln Purchase Experience

    I have bought Fords and Lincolns from the same dealership and from the same salesperson and sales manager for many years. I do not expect to be treated differently when I buy a Ford vs. when I buy a Lincoln. I expect top notch treatment either way and I have always gotten it. I don't quite understand why buying a Ford, whether it is a $80,000 F150 King Ranch or a $35,000 Escape should be an inferior experience compared to buying a Lincoln. Before Ford sold Jaguar, I considered an XJ and visited a stand-alone Jag dealer. The sales rep was knowledgeable and the store was nice but I can't say the overall experience was much different than dealing on a Ford. I had a similar experience when looking at Volvos at their stand-alone dealership. Bottom line for me is that the people make the difference. I do not expect a salesperson to have all the answers but I expect decent product knowledge and 100% honesty. I expect to be treated as a valued and respected customer. If those things are missing, the quality of the customer lounge or how fresh their snacks are doesn't mean a thing to me.
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    Has anyone taken delivery of 7.3 yet?

    It looks like TFL purchased one, according to the video posted earlier today. It should be interesting to see how they customize it.