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    One of those 3 options is the correct answer
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    2021 MUSTANG MACH 1 ALLOCATION & SCHEDULING INFORMATION (Subject to Change!) I would expect the allocation and scheduling process for the 2021 Mustang Mach 1 to be similar to the process for Shelby's which is different from the process on regular Mustang orders. Dealers are informed of their Shelby allocation at the beginning of the Model Year and are then notified just before they receive the actual allocation for scheduling. Shelby allocation is determined by a dealership's "Share of Nation" Mustang sales for the prior Model Year so that the larger volume Mustang dealers earn a larger share of the Shelby production available. Dealers are advised when they'll receive their Shelby allocation so that they can make sure that their unscheduled Shelby order bank is prioritized as desired and in compliance with any commodity restrictions that may be in place at the time the allocation is to be scheduled. Their Ford Zone Manager notifies them of any commodity issues in place so that they have clean, buildable orders in place for scheduling. For Shelby's, Dealers are informed at the start of the Model Year whether certain commodities would be available to their dealership. For example, on the Shelby GT500's, the Painted Over-the-Top Racing Stripes were a controlled commodity and only available to the larger dealerships. Dealership's that didn't qualify for the painted stripes could only order the vinyl stripes. In the case of the F-150 Raptor's a common controlled commodity issue is the availability of the optional Forged Aluminum Bead-Lock Wheels which are available on a periodic basis. Dealership's may be advised of their total Mach 1 allocation for the Model Year or they may be notified during the Model Year when they'll receive allocation for scheduling. Dearborn advises the regional offices of their Shelby allocation available for scheduling in the upcoming period and that regional allocation is then distributed to the dealership level. Shelby orders in the USOB (Unscheduled Order Bank) have a "Hold" status in place until a dealership has the actual scheduling allocation and a specific order is selected for scheduling in compliance with priority codes and any commodity restrictions in place at the time. The Regional Scheduler then re-prioritizes the order selected for scheduling with an "01" priority code which clears the order for scheduling. The order is then usually scheduled within the next couple of weeks. In cases where there are controlled commodity issues, only a clean order will be scheduled for production. Once the order is scheduled, the Dealer can't then change the order to add an option that was a controlled commodity issue at the time the order was originally scheduled. The late availability of the "Handling Package" option being discussed for the Mach 1 may or may not be a similar situation. The Handling Package is not included as an option in the current order guide and not even listed as a "late availability" option. Ford's said that it will be available Spring 2021 but until it's added to an updated 2021 Mustang Order Guide and available for ordering, there's no way of knowing when the Handling Package will actually be available for scheduling or production.
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    Without Ford's intervention, Jaguar would have been gone 10+ years ago. Geely has no other place to go but up with the purchase of Volvo and Tata getting their hands on Land Rover is like Snuffy Smith bagging the prom queen and never letting go.
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    I hated it when I first saw it, but I warmed up to it. Of course the lower than expected price helped that opinion greatly! It doesn't seem like a Corvette to me now that it is a mid engine car. But seeing it as a sports car, it is a great deal. If you get one, please don't put that body kit on it! That one in the picture needs to be killed with a nuclear bomb!
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    Thank you @ice-capades for this info. This is along the lines of what I was thinking. Ford just announced that the Handling Package will be available to order in January 2021, so I'll be telling my dealer to hold off until then. Since they've had the painted stripe GT500's, GT350R's and Raptors with the Forged Aluminum Bead-Lock Wheels, I'm betting they'll have the allocations. Thanks again for your updates!
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    There is no way this will happen so fast. Price has to come down, range has to go up, and charging time has to come down. Then comes the slow mainstream changeover starting more on the coasts and moving to the middle of the country. Just a guess but the decade of the '30's will be the accelerating change over and the '40's will be the fade out of the ICE to just the niche markets you mentioned.
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    Dean...can we grab your business card?..."ah, no....but its online...….."
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    What do you guys think of the new Corvette?

    I truly believe that the new Corvette is the best sports/fun car you can buy for it’s price point. Actually it punches FAR above its price point. I’ve seen a few on the road and the styling is jaw dropping. It looks phenomenal and very Italian. The interior is equally impressive. GM is bipolar in that they can design some of the worlds best large SUVs time and time again with an amazing focus on attention to detail and they make billions on them. Or they can come out with designs where you’re just left wondering who actually thought that was a good idea? Thankfully the Corvette is in the former versus the latter category.
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    And even that is debatable with Toyota's investment in Mazda.
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    Expedition STX new for 2021

    Yes, people were assuming that it was a SWB F-150 but didn’t realise how wide the more radical broncos are, big wheels, short nose gave it away.
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    What do you guys think of the new Corvette?

    I'm a Ford guy, and I like Corvettes. There's not a Ford equivalent outside of the sporadically produced, rare and pricey GT. I concur with the opinions on the body kit
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    VW Taos Revealed

    They may not have the most exciting styling, but VWs are fun to drive, unlike every Toyota I've ever had the misfortune of renting. Toyotas are appliances, Volkswagens are not.
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    If they can drive in normal hybrid mode, then the batteries themselves are fine as is the charging from the electric motor, otherwise they would be needing to disable the hybrid part or park the vehicles. So my guess is that the issue is either in the inverter from the charge plug or there is an issue with coolant flow during charging. I don't know if these are air or liquid cooled packs.
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    I ordered my 21 Explorer on September 16 and it is scheduled to be delivered to my dealer on November 7.
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    2021? Raptor paint chip.

    Well it seems clear it was at least planned for 2021. It could show up early next year as a late 2021 model.
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    Yup. Filson HQ? Seattle.
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    Uh, I got over 200K out of both of my Focuses/Foci, and both were fun to drive. I enjoyed them. On the other hand, I rented a Corolla and Sentra on two of my SoCal vacations, and couldn't wait to turn them in at the airport.
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    Perpetual Future Ford Products thread

    I think the market is going to shift pretty quickly after 2022 or 23 when lots of affordable EVs will hit the market. I agree ICE vehicles will be around well into the 2030s but it will be either outdated ancient legacy models being sold for cheap, or some type of nostalgic niche market like Bronco or Mustang where buyers prefer less efficient gas engines. Ford is already planning to not replace ICE Edge that would normally be due in 2021 so what makes you think they will spend money to do another ICE Escape or Explorer that are due in 2026 or 27? At best, you'll see the ICE version of the current model limping around for bargain buyers until 2030 like the Edge is now being extended to 2023. But the mainstream volume products is going to be mainly BEV by that time frame.
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    You say that about anything electric and/or autonomous regardless of feasibility.