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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    Ford Sales - July 2022

    Ford is America’s No 1 Brand In July; EV Sales Outpace Segment, F-Series No. 1 Truck; Ford Brand SUV Sales Post 70 Percent Gain; Lincoln SUVs Set July Record https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2022/08/03/ford-is-america_s-no--1-brand-in-july.html On improved inventory flow, Ford for the second month in a row is the only major automaker to produce sales gains. Ford July sales grew 36.6 percent, vs. an industry down 10.5 percent. Ford total market share hits 13.9 percent –up 1.0 percentage point from June and 4.8 percentage points over a year-ago. Gains come from higher EV sales and share, F-Series and high-end large SUVs. Ford Media Center_Sales_2022-07.pdf
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Just thought I would add a picture of a mod update to my recently acquired F250 (2 weeks ago). Added a Warn winch on Westin winch tray. Less than 1K. Did the work myself.
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    Ford Sales - July 2022

    Still shy of the 2015-2019 market share but with a much better product mix, ATPs and margins. And future proof with hybrids and BEVs. Very solid performance. Imagine what results would be without those warranty costs……
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    Agree. Long ago had cars with a blue interior and the effect was immersive. Was interested in the Midnight blue Mustang Interior. When I saw one, was hard to distinguish from black, were it not for the blue stitching. As a retired Paint engineer hard to believe that one got through to production.
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    Totally unacceptable and should NOT be happening. Ford needs to tighten up the security! Bottom line!
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    Ford kept the old headlights on the Shelbys because it would be very expensive to re-engineer the Shelby-specific Carbon Composite front subframe which was designed to fit the then-current 2015MY headlights.
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    Absolutely. Another factor is when they're poorly executed. For a number of years, the Mustang GT Premium equipped with the #401A and Premier Trim with Color Accent Group was available with Midnight Blue w/Grabber Blue Stitch leather. The problem was that the Midnight Blue leather was so dark that anyone would look at it and think that it was black leather, and the Grabber Blue accent didn't add anything to the desired effect or justify the additional cost to the customer.
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    Ford Sales - July 2022

    Because of Ford's dismal quality record. Maybe a fire or two?
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    Ford Sales - July 2022

    Let's see if they say the same thing after a year or two of ownership.
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    2020 Escape Titanium Liftgate problem

    I used to have the same issue with my 2017 Escape. I finally figured out I was standing too close. Just standing back a few inches made a difference for me.
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    Because they’re so drastically different…..
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    Ford Sales - July 2022

    Meanwhile over at GM........
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    So the lower hp motor also gets a lower output battery. I think @silvrsvt's point and mine, is that the BMW 281hp version would go farther than the 335hp version using the same 81.5kWh battery, if it were offered in that configuration.
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    Ford Sales - July 2022

    Looks like the Ford+ plan to accelerate the company's transition to the "new world" of the automotive industry is paying off. Ford now ranks as America’s second best-selling EV brand behind just Tesla Ford grew more than 3 times the rate of the overall electric vehicle segment in July E-Transit leads the electric van space with 95 percent of the electric van segment Ford Pro Software is growing rapidly with global paid telematics subscriptions growing over 40 percent sequentially for each of the last two quarters
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    Time for some fences stronger than chain link. One way in and the only way to leave is either on a truck or train. Why stick with a system that costs millions in shrinkage? That's stupid, no other industry would ever settle for that.
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    Version 08/09/2022


    2023 Ranger Order Guide
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    It's simply a matter of the DRW's being too wide to load anywhere but in the last trailer positions. Loads are configured to deliver the maximum number of vehicles headed to the same general location, although this varies depending on the ramp location and the Ford vehicles that are handled at that particular ramp. On average, dealerships receive vehicles from 4-6 different ramps with each ramp receiving vehicles from specific Ford plants. Most of the time, loads are sent out with all Ford vehicles but there are times when loads may include a mix of vehicles from other OEM's in order to fill the load with vehicles going to the same area.
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    Alex Kreh

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    I was incorrect in my understanding, Ice explained above, although still frustrating that DRW trucks are restricted more. Feel bad for all the people with duals.
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    If the system is braking, it does activate brake lights, just as if you had braked. dlghtjr90, there are graphics on the screen for SD too. Looks a little different than Honda's but it is there.
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    That raises the problem of how do you stop it-if the punishment is worth the risk, it’s going to keep happening. At what point do we say as a society enough is enough?
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    Good question, and potentially a fantastic suggestion. I know some vehicles like Honda Civic has graphics in the instrument cluster for headlamp and taillight indicators and it would be cool to use in conjunction with adaptive cruise control.
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    2023 Maverick Tremor

    Maverick wasn't designed for towing much. A small trailer really at best. It's based on the Escape platform, so no amount of engine is going to handle it well on that platform. What you're describing is a Ranger. Maverick is smaller than a Ridgeline. Maverick isn't a mid-ized truck either. It's a compact. Santa Cruz you initially mentioned isn't doing 300HP either. Ridgeline is only 280hp, so short of your wish for 300, and that's a true mid-sized. You're trying to put 8lbs of shit into a 5 lb bag. Go up to a Ranger.
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    The problem with bold interiors is they’re not in high demand and they have limited application based on exterior color.
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    In addition to what I wrote earlier, Ford certainly looks at what the competition offers but the marketing research regarding exterior paints go beyond just the automotive industry. That research includes trends and future forecasts related to fashion, believe it or not, residential and commercial interior designs, graphic design trends, etc. And the automotive paint manufacturers do their own research as part of their product development processes.
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    Ford exterior paint colors are available based on sales, extensive marketing research indicating future trends, plant constraints and sales/production mix of standard and premium (Tri-Coat) paints. Ford simplified the interior trim choices to black/charcoal and/or light grey a number of years ago with the exception of a few select, premium models that offer a different interior option. I wouldn't expect to see much change with either exterior or interior choices as there are far more important priorities being dealt with to increase overall vehicle production and dealing with commodity restraints, supplier issues, plant constraints, etc.