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  1. Most of Ford’s problems are engineering or supplier issues. Serious assembly issues are rare.
  2. “Active” is a stupid name for the lowest trim level.
  3. A lot of SD sales are to businesses even if they don’t go through fleet sales. My brother in law buys a new one every 2 years. I don’t think that counts as Ford Pro.
  4. Seat comfort is very personal. What is great to one person is terrible to another. I assume you’ve tried all the adjustments?
  5. And Explorer and Transit. First 4 are icons. Transit is the heart of Ford pro right now.
  6. I beg to differ. Our 22 is great and I’ve heard the 24s are even better.
  7. These are new electrified super duties and most likely not a direct swap of the f150 Powerboost system. These trucks may not be ready for production for a couple more years. They aren’t just moving existing super duties.
  8. But they probably won’t be ready to produce for another year or two. These are new vehicles.
  9. That’s not how it would work. It would run from the get go in tow haul mode and would slow down the battery drain by at least 50%. So instead of 150 miles range you get 250 or more before needing to recharge. It’s still not going to go all day or tow bulldozers though.
  10. Thats what we’ve been discussing the last 5 hours. Try to keep up. 😂😎
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