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    This has to be one of the worst design treatments, Explorer or otherwise, that I've ever seen Ford do. Forget the so-called performance related changes, it just looks plain, bland and C-H-E-A-P.
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    I personally think it looks awful!!
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    The F-150 thing is the biggest non-story ever. They built all of those before OKTB was given and ran out of room for them closer to the plant. They need to be reinspected before they can be shipped, as is standard operating procedure pretty much across the industry. The reason there's so many is instead of building smaller amounts per shift before OKTB like normal they ramped up faster so they can fill inventory ASAP. Demand for this truck is as high as or higher than it ever has been before. Im not surprised the shitty Detroit Free Press put this out there and tried to make a big deal about it as if it's Explorer pt. 2. That publication ranks down there with the worst of the worst news organizations in the country in my eyes.
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    As a MAP employee who helped build that truck, I thank you!
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    After seeing the Bronco Sport in person, we decided to go with a 2021 Ford Ranger. It's a fantastic vehicle, but we needed something bigger to hold our gear. I'll post updates once the build is done, hopefully before storm season in late April.
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    A very flattering article by Phoebe Wall Howard on Jim Farley. In a nutshell, everybody likes him. Jack Telnack, head of Ford design back in the 80's (think original Taurus) wishes he was back at Ford so he could work with Farley. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2020/12/23/secret-behind-ford-bronco-all-electric-mustang/4006105001/
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    If not the 7.3 can be the fallback
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    So what? Ford keeps showing over and over again that the V8 option is no longer necessary today. There were a lot of questions when Ford started to introduce the EcoBoost V-6 engines in the F-150's but those questions were quickly answered by buyers' acceptance to the point that the EcoBoost engines now account for 60% of F-150 sales.
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    Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    A bit of news that should help Ford...Hino has shut down all truck production until September as a result of some apparent diesel "certification issues"!
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    That bar in the grille makes me think of a 4 Runner for some reason.
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    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    That “balloon payment” is just the lease buyout under a new name. They did something similar in NY where Ford got stuck with parking tickets - called it RCO - red carpet ownership instead of red carpet lease.
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    No likey. Uh uh.
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    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    It was announced back in June, and has been discussed extensively on Mach-E sites (I have one on order). I wonder if Dean is/was aware of it, not a knock on Dean, but on Ford if not.
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    Andy L

    2018+ Navigator bench seat question

    16". I just measured.
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    Over 2,000 vehicles. Lots of Ford retirees in general area. And Mullinax has other locations. This is their big one. I believe over 4,000 vehicles at all their locations. A real maga dealer.
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    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    You’re not the only one. The lack of that federal incentive is going to lead to a lot of cancelled orders and/or unsold cars sitting on the lot.
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    Most Popular Color of 2020

    Not sure if any passenger cars/trucks use this, but my favorite color right now is Midnight Sapphire Metallic. In the sun it has a little sparkly purple tint to it.....been a very popular color in my area.
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    For this Ford decided to create a new Explorer model as an excuse to get some cheap marketing exposure? What a mess!
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    Detroit Free Press - No. 1 Ford Dealer

    I'm in the northern suburbs of Orlando (Seminole County) and "Mullinax Ford" constantly touts itself as being #1 Ford dealer in FL. It's in Apopka, which I can't really explain other than, its not a "Well to do" city but I figure they are on the fringe of metropolitan Orlando, and rural Lake County and other nearby areas. I''ve been there a few times for friends, and if it's TRUCKS that's where to go, but can't say I've had direct interactions.
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    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    I do know exactly how it works, now if you would kindly explain why its absent and thus far NOT being passed on?... hey, don't shoot the messenger...but as of right now theres NO $7500 on the Mach Es as a lease incentive, so I started asking questions...just relaying what I was told. Regardless, the $7500 being absent raises huge questions regarding the "E's" immediate future...pkus, the fact I have one on order made me curious...if its not thereI for one wont tolerate the payments Ford expects , thus my ire, seems to me they are shooting themselves in the foot...but my bet would be they will address it...they kinda have to.
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    2020 Escape Production Information

    DELIVERY HOLD - Certain 2020 Escape - Inside Door Handle Inspection
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    Results, Fact not Fiction

    Well kinda, maybe but not meant as such. In the repost from another site, I took it as kind of an inlightenment type of statement, like so many are seeing and/or may see, depending on the level of sheepness. The last four word`s of the post (I was very wrong) was in it`s self another statement that on more occasions that I can recall will come from members of the herd that forgot the results from 4 years ago, well kinda little or no results. But the media did it again, the most recent feeding where the sheepies got herded up and made to eat up what the media put out for them from their media feed buckets. cecil it is going to be very interesting to see how this plays out. Some of the media are already letting things transfer from the filling of the feed buckets with the last four years of strange at times feed for the herd to eat up, ummm lets see maybe defund this or that was not a good call or the squad isn`t as cool (useable) as they were over the last four years. Or hey what's this?? Jobama`s families been doin what? Will a larger group of sheepies become UnWoke? Will the high rent district white people, Cali elitist`s or hug a tree for me groups be able to even say they understand the problems faced so by many of these groups they feel so sorry for and pretend they can relate too, will anyone be listening? Is there anyway the herd will realize maybe just maybe that was bullshit in their feed buckets? Me... I`d say I`ll miss the cold hard facts that... countless needless regulations were repealed, tax cuts for everyone, unthinkably low unemployment, a booming economy could fall back to the way things were four years ago. Maybe if the economy starts slipping Jobama can give Iran a call and ask for help starting a little something to jump start the economy? Then there`s always the other friend Jobama has, maybe a son or family member could get the friend to agree on selling Taiwan to wipe off the books a few trillion worth of dept.? Maybe some take out too or a few million in a brown paper bag... Comical? not so much.
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    Not even going to try to address everything except to cover a few relevant points. The Explorer Police Interceptor Utility vehicles are designed and extensively engineered specifically to meet the needs, demands and specifications of law enforcement by government and related agencies. The bid and contract process varies from state to state and also involves substantial incentives available only to qualified Ford fleet accounts that are eligible to purchase these vehicles. Police Interceptor orders require a valid Ford Fleet FIN number which is also used to determine the eligible fleet incentives available to the Ford Fleet account holder. There is a longstanding process to address vehicles that have been damaged in transit regardless of whether the vehicle was ordered for stock, retail, fleet, etc. Minor damage is noted on the Bill of Lading and a claim is filed with photos through Ford against the car carrier firm that hauled the vehicle. In specific cases the dealership is also required to submit a repair estimate. Other damage is categorized according to the following. Vehicle Damaged The vehicle was damaged and may require inspection by a third party insurance provider. The carrier name displays in parenthesis. U.S. & Canada Vehicle Damaged - Category A AMRO has determined the damage is repairable and the disclosable damage does not exceed the limit identified in the "Warranty and Policy Manual". In accordance with Ford Motor Company policy, the unit can be sold as new and it will be forwarded to the ship-to location. Dealers/Fleets will receive a copy of the AMRO estimate from DVO. Vehicle Damaged - Category B AMRO has determined the unit is repairable, however, it cannot be sold as new and it will not be forwarded to the ship-to location. The unit will be sold at auction. It is recommended that Dealers/Fleets reorder the vehicle and request expedited action. Vehicle Damaged - Category C & D AMRO has determined that the damage is un-repairable, the unit cannot be sold, and it will not be forwarded to the ship-to location. The damage has been severe and the unit will be scrapped. It is recommended that Dealers/Fleets reorder the vehicle and request expedited action. Vehicle Damaged - Category F AMRO has determined the damage is repairable, however the disclosable damage exceeds the limit identified in the "Warranty and Policy Manual". In accordance with Ford Motor Company policy, the unit cannot be sold as new and it will not be forwarded to the ship-to location. The unit will be sold at auction. It is recommended that Dealers/Fleets reorder the vehicle and request expedited action. Vehicles with normal in-transit damage are repaired by the dealership which is reimbursed through the normal claims process. The whole fleet ordering, scheduling and sale process is involved, time consuming and competitive for Dealers vying for the business. Hope this helps answer at least some of the points of your post.
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    Mustang Mach E Embargo Lifts

    I'm kind of surprise a Lincoln hood doesn't completely open itself... Although perhaps they figure most owners won't ever actually touch the commoner button, I mean hood release.