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    Ford Inventory Discussion

    I understand the shorthand, but technically the supply shortages are not due to Covid-19 impact, but to government shut-down policies intended to combat the Covid-19 outbreak but which also ended up wrecking economies, throwing people out of work, and disrupting global supply chains. It is heartening to see how fast much of the economy is coming back now that these policies are starting to be reversed, but undoing all of the supply chain damages will take time.
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    EV Pair Moved from Avon Lake to Mexico

    I don't think labor costs had much to do with why the two mid size EVs move to Mexico. Ford moved Mach E to Mexico because the Trump Admin terminated TTIP negotiation so Mach E exports from the US would be hit with 10% tariff in EU but no tariff if exported from Mexico. That's a simple decision to make. And once the supply chain and tooling is setup in Mexico for Model E platform, there is no reason to move or duplicate it in Ohio. This is more or less the same reason MEB production is going to Canada... it gives Ford more flexibitliy and option to export them to different markets. Both Canada and Mexico have more free trade agreements than the US. The EVs that Ford will make in the US are going to be the ones that will be sold only in North America or where there will be alternate production site for rest of the world. Like F-150 and Transit EV.
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    These 2 things are the Mach-E's greatest advantages in the BEV market today. Ford designers hit it out of the park with styling, Mach-E is the best looking crossover type vehicle in history. And making Mach-E part of a Mustang sub-brand is extremely smart marketing. This Motor Trend comparison test makes my wife and me look forward to taking delivery of our Mach-E First Edition even more, despite the fact that Model Y won the competition by a hair.
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    At some point Tesla is going to be considered a "dated" design as the Ford Mustang Mach-E and other competing vehicles enter the market. The Tesla "look" is becoming boring and plain jane while Ford with the Mach-E has a unique look and the Mustang heritage behind it. If Ford can ramp up Mach-E production for the 2022MY they can become an even more formidable competitor to Tesla. And if so, the market and media will take notice and reward Ford with both a higher stock price and market valuation.
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    New light & medium duty news

    I'll bet that new KW will be priced quite a bit higher than the 650 and 750 Super Duty. I was wondering who would be the first to use the new ZF transmissions, I have been hearing rumors Ram will use it in the HD's soon.
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    Autoblog likes the Mustang Mach 1

    What cars are meant to be....now if ford could only deliver a lariet single cab f350 with long bed..
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    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    Yesterday Investor's Business Daily highlighted F as stock of the day. https://www.investors.com/research/ibd-stock-of-the-day/ford-stock-hits-buy-zone-electric-vehicle-shift-speeds-up/ "Ford Motor (F) is the IBD Stock Of The Day as the nation's No. 2 automaker wins converts on Wall Street with its revamp. Ford stock hit a buy range. "On Monday, Wells Fargo initiated Ford stock with an overweight rating and 15 price target. Analysts at the firm cited the pace of transformation under new CEO Jim Farley, who took the helm last October. " 'The turnaround is a massive change,' said analyst Colin Langan. 'Ford is no longer focused on having a product for all markets, but rather focused on delivering products in segments with competitive strength — pickups and SUVs.' "Under Farley, he added, Ford seems to be accelerating its shift to electric vehicles. That includes a new Mustang Mach-E electric crossover, part of 'one of the strongest lineups in decades,' Langan said. "Other new vehicles include a refreshed version of Ford's bestselling F-150 pickup and resurrected Bronco brand of SUVs..."
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    Who`d a Thought....

    With the total number of causalities, points of our discussion, I tend to think we are pretty much all on the same page. The categories that are used to break down the total number of deaths is in question, I would think there is agreement on. Government agencies will use an age old method of deception to get to the results that best fit the objectives of the agency reporting the numbers. The military has taught, applied and refined these method`s of deception to better the benefits of the objectives for centuries. Recent methods used have come to light and are in everyday life applications, the general term is referred in the military application as camouflage. Jungle, desert, artic and etc.. A good example of the refining of the method`s of deception and then the method being exposed is the "ghillie suit". Four plus decades out from Ft Sill since the first time I saw such a deception being used, I`m still impressed at the simplicity of the engineering of the suit that give such a high level of benefit from the deception. To many, average members of the public, that description, is what comes to mind if the word camouflage is stated. Then there are military, accountants and business members of the public that know of differing levels camouflage or deception. Government agencies have used these levels of deception for all the years this country has been around. From every conflict to every crisis and has refined the camouflage to a level that is efficient and much more effective. As far back as the war between the states it was and continues to be used to this day. The camouflage that was and is used is as simple a method and very simplistic in its form as it always has been since the first members of the unofficial liars brigade were given orders to tell the first lie to benefit the objective. Camouflage = Deception, give best results. This camouflage moved from word of mouth to print to radio to the internet getting more and more efficient. The rona total data/numbers we see are a great example of the very gray area truth has slipped into. The variables within each of the categories is all a part of the deception/camo. Did we exceed the average deaths in a 12 month period, yes without question or debate. Was there something specific responsible for the increase in casualties, the camouflage is putting out the total deaths in line with the rona, objective. Is there fact or truth in the data, or is the ghillie suit doing it`s indented operation? Remember the same individuals reporting these totals are most likely in some form and at some level of application the same individuals that have instructed vast amounts of others to participate in the benefits of camouflage.
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    2021 Tremor to Alaska

    Awaiting Shipment - Released Ford Kentucky Truck Plant 2, KY Feb-19-2021. ETA May-04-2021.
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    Ford Inventory Discussion

    April 1 inventory was down to ~365k which was 56k lower than January 1 figure ...around 520k before 2020. the last figure I saw on F Series inventory was March 1 at ~145k, normally around 260k.
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    Well that's... awful..
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    2018 Auto Hold

    I just leave it off. It's not worth being without a car for however long it takes to diagnose and fix a potential problem with a feature I didn't even want in the first place. I don't care.
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    Who`d a Thought....

    I highly doubt it and that's the biggest reason why I refuse to take it. Funny how "my body my choice" suddenly doesn't apply, isn't it?
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    Potential Future F-150 Engine Development?

    I6 should fit in CD6 without a sweat but it will require a new front subframe which is not difficult to do if you are talking about a mid cycle update or next gen model. But you are totally underestimating the volume. I6 will also fit in Mustang, Ranger, Everest, and Bronco. And most likely RWD Transit and E-series and whatever Ford decided to replace it. If Ford can get the 3.0 I6 to sip fuel like the 2.3 I4, it can also replace that one, in addition to 2.7, 3.0, and 3.5 V6. But yes, F-150 pays the bill for everyone else. Same situation as the 10 speed auto.
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    CUSTOM ORDER JOB AID - A New Way for Customers to Place Retail Orders Ford_Custom Order Job Aid_2021.pdf
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    The $275 is part of the $753. Doc fee is completely separate.
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    '21 March Sales/Chart

    Another thing I thought of with Heavy Trucks, is that the new F-600 may be included there, which could also cause a jump.
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    Per Friday's FDNB (Fleet Distribution News Bulletin) below is the updated production timetable for the 2021/2022MY F-Series Super Duty. 01/20/2021 - 2021MY Final Fleet Order Date 03/18/2021 - 2021MY Last Day to Spec Change (KTP) 03/18/2021 - 2021MY Last Day to Spec Change (OHAP) 06/04/2021 - 2021MY Balance Out Date (KTP) 07/20/2021 - 2021MY Balance Out Date (OHAP) 03/15/2021 - 2022MY Order Bank Open Date 04/22/2021 - 2022MY Scheduling Begins (KTP) 04/29/2021 - 2022MY Scheduling Begins (OHAP) 06/04/2021 - 2022MY Job #1 Date (KTP) 07/20/2021 - 2022MY Job #1 Date (OHAP)
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    I wouldn't think so but it's too early to tell with all the factors affecting production this year, especially the microchip shortage. Retail orders always have scheduling priority though, so it shouldn't be a problem.
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    2021 Bronco Sport

    EDIT: Got a call shortly after I posted this from the dealer letting me know it was delivered. Disregard, and thanks. Hey Cyberdman can I please grab an update? Order date 10/26/2020 Vin - 3FMCR9D91MRA39925 Order no. 2005  Thank you in Advance. Hopefully this is the last one Ill be taxing you with!
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    F350 CCSB Platinum

    Arrived at the dealer last Friday and I'll pick it up in a couple of hours!
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    2018 Auto Hold

    I turn my blinker on to exit the freeway and the damn lane departure warning tries to force me to steer in the opposite direction the off ramp is curving. Numerous times I'll be following the curve of the road and it will just randomly start fighting me to try to keep the wheel straight. Happens all the time so I just stopped using lane keep assist all together. I would honestly pay extra to have the option removed.
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    2018 Auto Hold

    It's probably just me then, I'm the Luddite I guess. I don't even like using lane keep assist, I find it to be way too intrusive, especially when entering and exiting the freeway.
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    One option would be to see what the Ford dealership would offer to buy the Explorer out right. Still buying/ordering the Aviator from a Lincoln dealership.
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    Who`d a Thought....

    Valve ever confront a dyeing parent through a window for months, then a doorway 20 feet away, at the end of their journey? For no other reason than a man told you... you can`t get closer? Thankfully both county officers that responded to the facilities call stood there, asked if there was anything I needed and proceed to close the door behind me. Then when time had given way to the passage they escorted be to the parking lot in zip ties. When in the squad I was instructed too be picked up at the county seat by a friend or family. To give the person picking me up my keys to remove my vehicle from the facility. That Deputy wasn`t born with it but, by your response I wonder if the Deputy had more strength than you`ll ever have..... my disorderly conduct has since been removed from the docket. For your data gathering valve, neither parent tested positive but both had to adhere to some man`s rules. I...did not. To clarify... I was referring to the “masks rules” as stupid shit. Good luck valve, walking your journey of fear and blind faith in man.