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    As an early build ST owner, perhaps I can speak to some of these: 1. Has not been an issue during the 5k miles it’s been driven so far. 2. N/A 3. I hear a suspension noise that my wife nor teen kids do not, but she and my kids think it is quiet. There are no rattles or other noises. For comparison sake, my wife traded her QX80 for the Explorer. 4. The ST has a taut ride, which I prefer based on the way I drive, but suspension valving is something that can be easily modified so I don’t see this as a long term problem. 5. There are some things that I think should be better, but these are also fixable with better components. With that said, I find the statement “heinously cheap” to be quite a bit of hyperbole. 6. Nobody who has driven our ST thinks that. Perhaps the other configuration’s seats are that way, and someone else can weigh in on it.
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    I will assume you are naive. While seasonal influenza can cause respiratory distress it is not to the level seen in Covid 19. For seasonal influenza there is a vaccine available that can reduce or eliminate the rate of infection and reduce severity of infection, not the case Covid 19. Throughout the world countries are trying to deal with this highly contagious disease which disproportionately effects the oldest members of our society. That is why ICU units are being strained.
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    I don't disagree that the media created a panic, but I don't care who is seeking medial attention - you don't admit people to the hospital unless they are legitimately sick and you certainly don't put them in ICU unless they're critically ill. This is a crisis for hospitals in areas with large infection rates. And without quarantine and other measures now, we'll end up with more and more of those hotspots like New York and Seattle.
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    2020 Explorer XLT Disappointments

    Here's my gripe list for the "new" 2020 Explorer XLT: - Forward Sensing System option is gone - Auto-Dimming Interior Rearview Mirror option is gone - Auto-Dimming Driver's Side Exterior Mirror option is gone - Chrome finished dual exhaust tips are gone (the old fashioned semi-concealed bent tips in use now are disgusting) - LED indicators in rearview mirrors are gone - The XLT radio has been and continues to be awful. If you're going to give the Limited and above a 10 or 12 or 14 speaker B&O system, give the XLT a B&O system with 6 or 8 speakers. Also, please tell me why in the world the Explorer (in all trims) STILL does not have rear LED turn-signals? The re-design in the rear was questionable as it is, but in the XLT, the lack of decent looking exhaust coupled with old incandescent bulbs didn't help. Grrrr... Does anyone else feel like Ford skimped on certain items in order to justify giving all trims the new Co-Pilot Assist package as standard equipment?
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    2020 Aviator Start Stop :-(

    5% benefit to the EPA City cycle fuel economy number is about right and it's huge. Some serious weight-shaving would be lucky to net 5%, and I can assure that costs more than putting the start-stop hardware. Not only stop-start is driven by CAFE standards, but also there's also a huge emission benefit which not many people care for, but one can argue that emission is harder to catch up than CAFE CO2 because at least you can buy CO2 credits from other OEM's while emissions is something you need to make up for one way or another. Ironically, the most effective way to reduce emission is dump a lot of fuel in the cold start to minimize incomplete combustion, so it actually hurts fuel economy. There should not be a way to permanently disable start-stop because it is against EPA's rules. BMW was the only OEM up until 2018 to have the option to permanently disable, but in order to do that, they were forced to submit another fuel economy test with stop-start disabled and have a label that was the average between a test with S/S and without S/S. Ever since 2019, BMW joined the rest of the OEMs to enable S/S at every key cycle because it is just too costly to have this feature for only half-credit and gaining that extra 1 mpg gain on the city is too much to refuse. Customers hate it, and yes, it will likely shorten your overall 12V battery life, but welcome to the era of regulations.
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    Stay at home order

    I believe if you have to count that with your state Unemployment you wouldn't get Sub
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    Oh it's very optimistic, especially since Michigan is turning into one of the hardest hit states and it seems our governor is making all the wrong decisions and taking too long to make them.
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    They could have staggered the Explorer and Aviator launches. I don't believe 2 months would have been that detrimental, especially with all eyes on that plant.
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    Part of me can't help but think this would make a really good PU conversion. The sloping rear panel would give it an explorer Sport Trac look. Not saying ford would do it, but i wouldn't be surprised to one day see the roof there missing off one of these.
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    Agreed. I wouldn’t do it myself but there is a way to accomplish it.
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    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    That's what I understand. Once they are locked in, the rate doesn't change, kinda like a fixed-rate mortgage.
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    How are yall still mad about this? Like seriously, what is this, the Anti-Flex Patrol?
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    Then again, if they did another vertical pillar, it'd look like Flex.....oh wait....
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    Compact truck shown to dealers

    Mmm... Shag wagon!
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    Compact truck shown to dealers

    My dad drove a 75 International Transtar II that was yellow with brown & orange stripes....ugh.
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    How they did it. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a31917145/ford-respirators-coronavirus-covid-19/
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    If you can wait a year, I would wait until the Bronco and Bronco Sport arrive.
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    I’ll see you and raise you that Q1 Telluride and Pallisade combined sales don’t beat Explorer and Aviator combined sales. The Koreans are good but Ford and Lincoln’s Kung fu is stronger, the strength of high series sales is impressive but covid-19 is about to screw everyone’s sales plans
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    Not that I am in the market for a 3-row full-size CUV... But the list of models/brands I would be interested in is mostly an inverse of MT's finishing order: Ford, VW, Mazda, and Chevy towards the top, non-Mazda Asian brands to the bottom. But Toyota wouldn't be mid pack for me, it's always at the bottom. I loathe Toyota.
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    Video cameras on workstations

    Local 600 is the largest and therefore the most influential UAW/FORD local.The other locals need you guys down at Local 600 to lay a foundation of fair and ethical negotiations on behalf of all the hard working UAW/FORD members.Not to be the first local to capitulate to the company`s bullshit so they can then turn around and pressure the other plants.The company is going to do to the workers whatever the UAW allows them to get away with.Included in that "Coronavirus greivance" is language that clearly states that any UAW employee who becomes infected with the virus or is forced to self-quarantine is eligible to go on medical or TLO?Because that is what I would have asked for!!!!!By the way where is that camera?I got me a "curious itch".
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    I hear you but there isn't a better time to point out that when you're in your own car, you're in your own space. When you're in a Uber, Lyft, bus, whatever - you're in the hundred people before you Corona corral. No thanks. I'll pay the money and have the satisfaction I'm escaping some moron that never washes their hands or sneezes all over the vehicle. 😒