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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    She’s crowning @OldManJax Just a few more pushes and before you know it you’ll be a proud papa to your new girl. Just don’t forget the cigars
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    Got email scheduled for 3-28. Then changed to 4-4 then another email stating 3-28 scheduled build date. I meant window sticker not VIN. I have a VIN
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    2023 Super Duty

    I normally have my wife to tell me I'm "getting too close to the guy in front of us, slow down". Hahaha, don't need something automated.
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    LMAOOO seems like the system cant handle much
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    Wheels / Tires

    Finally the truck is finished. Carli 2.5 pintop, deaver leafs, fuel covert 18”, wheels, 37” ridge grappler (maxxis does not make a razor at 37x18), Baja designs lights, dual arb, bed liner, and bakflip tonneau. First trip was to north padre national seashore for spring break. 60 miles south to the Mansfield cut fuel covert 18x9 with 37x12.5x18 ridge grappler, did well in the sand @ 30 psi our campsite @ mile 8, perfect. No neighbors!
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    Tire Size: 295/65x20 vs. 35x12.5x20

    Here’s a couple pictures for you so you can get an idea. You’ll be ok with a 1.5” level. I am running 20x10 with -18 offset and nitto 35x12.5. From the pics you can see it sticks out but it’s not much more than 1” if even that. If you go 20x9 you’d be nearly flush.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    how are you scheduled without a vin?
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    2022 Bronco Big Bend

    Thanks, not surprised. I have a list on constraint items on this one. Will be lucky to get a 22!
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    LMAO - They actually say this, "Ken Garff Ford of Greeley has grown thanks to our solid commitment to integrity. "
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    It makes you wonder why these salesman/dealers are not here correcting you with their ... COUGH COUGH ... alternative facts ... COUGH COUGH ... LOL
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    I order Aug 24. I was told by my dealer in early Jan that they were contacted by the regional rep as to why I hadn't been scheduled and told me that I should consider deleting spray in bedliner, 5the wheel prep, & tonneau cover which were at that time 20-30 weeks before I would even be looked at to be scheduled. I deleted all of those options and was schedule in the next couple days and it was just built this past weekend awaiting shipping now. 250 Platinum CCLB
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    @CBears I’m right there with ya… checked the tracker and saw that a production date was populated. Then checked BCE codes and whatdya know… 👇🏼 a ton of codes that weren’t there last night! I’m beginning to get excited 😆
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    AWD Mustang?

    Yeah, the 5.0 badge does seem to be missing. My '83 Convertible 5.0 was not a GT, but a GLX and still had most of the goodies like special Michelin tires with slot wheels, 5 sp. manual, and traction bars to reduce wheel hop. No air dam though.
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    Detroit Ford Plant visit

    I live close so I plan to visit with the kids the week of April 4th. That is when my truck will be built barring any more delays. I know the odds of me being able to identify my own build are slim. To many moving parts and trucks🤣. They only show parts of the production, but it is still awesome watching it all come together. You have to get timed tickets for entry. So reserve ahead after planning around build schedules, lunch times, and shift changes. It is mostly self guided and self paced. They still sell tickets for when the line is down due to shift cuts or lunch time. This is still interesting but clearly not nearly as cool as when everything is up and running. I took my father in law a few years before the covid and we spent 3 hours in there. The kids were going nuts and so we left but both of us could have spent twice as long. I too would love to see the lightning plant but bet that won't be part of the tour for several years if ever. Now forgive me for veering slightly off topic but someone else brought up the Henry Ford Museum and if you are coming you might want to make time to see this other stuff. I highly recommend the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. I know it is not everyone's thing but I could easily spend days in there. The museum is dedicated to the industrial revolution and has a huge collection of things from early 1760s steam engine to modern vehicles. Planes trains, lightbulb machines and all kinds of industrial stuff. They have huge coal locomotives and a great collection of automobiles. Pre-covid they used to disassemble and reassemble a model T every day. The kids could go and help put a light on or insert a bolt. It was really cool for them.( I don't know if they still do that.) They also have an IMAX theater. Greenfield village is also part of the Henry Ford Museum sight site and is a great educational place when it is open in the summer. I think it is a separate ticket if you don't have an annual pass. They are more focused on daily life of peoples in the 18th and 19th century. They have glass blowing furnaces and make projects while you watch. They have working historic farms being managed with historic techniques. If your a city person and don't have much exposure to animals they have a great petting zoo and stable. If you like crafts there is section where they do demonstrations of a more industrial pottery production as would have been done in the period. They also have blacksmiths. You can ride in a model T. You may be lucky enough to be the kid who gets to use a train turntable to spin a 64 ton locomotive engine by hand. They have historic houses that have been brought in from around the world like Thomas Edison's lab. The restaurants are pretty good too. They serve historic recipes and some standard American fare. The Eagle tavern can be hard to get a reservation for but is worth it. Finally look at the schedules online. They often have old time baseball games, car rallies, civil war era canon and cavalry drills and stuff like that. https://www.thehenryford.org/
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    Super Duty Accessories

    They all have them.
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    Hopefully they get it resolved quickly. As broken as our supply chain is now we need everything running on all cylinders to keep things moving even as little as they are now.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Supposed to pick up today.
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    Florida Dealerships

    Matthews-Currie Ford in Venice Florida will order X-Plan PLUS they will give you $150 cash to order. They send you $75 at time of order and $75 at delivery. No deposit and no commitment needed. I ordered a F450 King Ranch with them last week.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Ordered F350 King Ranch with 5th wheel prep package and other goodies, November. Production set for Monday and I now have the window sticker 😎 windowsticker.pdf
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    John langford

    AWD Mustang?

    AWD Mustang is read deal
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    2022 Mach E Status

    Thank you!
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    Thanks for al your responses. I purchased a 2017 fusion energi today.
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    Two Divisions

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't see someone looking at a Focus competitor (say Civic or Corolla) looking at Bronco or Ranger. Same with Fusion competitor customers and putting them into Maverick or Bronco Sport. I know of a number of people who have avoided Trucks and SUVs for one reason or another for decades. When they ask me what Ford offers and I explain the options, they say, "Oh, Ford doesn't have anything for me". Granted, this part of the market is smaller, and is shrinking, but the imports offer an alternate. Dodge still has Charger and Chevy still selling Malibu and Impala, albeit they are barely hanging on.
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    From someone at GMI, the guy in this video talked to a Ford rep, who said that the EPA/range rating was made with 1000 lbs. of cargo factored in. If that's true, that means the range is actually further than quoted.