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    Or maybe they've seen how much shit we give GM for their not-round ones 😂
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    2021 Ford Colors

    https://www.automotivetouchup.com/touch-up-paint/ford/2021/all-models/ Sort by model... enjoy! Note: Many of the example color swatches are WAY off, so just use as a reference for the 2021 color names and codes.
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    2021 Ford Colors

    Don't know if it means anything, but the Indigo Blue on this 96 F250 has the same KU color code as the new Area 51 color listed for the Bronco.
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    I actually met DeLorenzo once at the Henry Ford Museum. We were both at the car exhibit looking at the Mustang 1. Nice guy in person, actually kind of quiet and mild-mannered. Quite a contrast from his writer side.
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    Elwood only needs a hot plate and a wire hanger to make dry white toast...
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    That is the best way to make toast. 😄
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    8+L Godzilla ?

    We'll know for sure Bob when the new 7.3 goes in F650, if those buyers stick or more come then the MDs are safe and F600 is there just for F550 buyers just short of capacity....I don't know maybe I'm lookin at this wrong.....
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    It looks weird? Let’s be honest, you don’t see a lot of factory-stock vehicles with the mirror mounted that high up on the A-pillar. I don’t mind it, function over form in the Bronco’s case.
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    I grew up with toast made under the broiler with butter already on it. Only way to make cheese toast or cinnamon sugar toast. Thats why I always put butter on my toast and then jelly. Wife does either or but never both. Opposites attract I guess.
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    2021 Ford Colors

    Yes, it will change. I'm saying the list is inaccurate or a placeholder. Last time I checked this isn't what school buses look like either.
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    That can’t be right, Snooter recons it doesn’t exist.....
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    2021 Ford Colors

    Rather bland looking set of colors for the bronco, and only one listed for "Bronco I" And no Ford blue seems odd. .
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    2021 Ford Colors

    That's pretty cool, thanks for this!
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    I can't hate you. You’re one of the few I know that has any common sense.
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    Damn man, why did you have to say you're an engineer? I can't like you out of principle now! 😂
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    Not sold on Farley as CEO but he can’t be as bad as Pete makes out.
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    IMO this speaks volumes. I place great value on what others with some gray hair think. And as I and others ("Kyle"?) in other threads have suggested, think of it-two guys at the top who are not engineers. We are not talking about office furniture here. And if in fact Hinrich was the guy in charge of the Explorer launch, he deserved his share of the blame-and he obviously got it all. But where was his boss? Obviously on the same floor? If it was so crucial, and difficult given total plant gutting and set up of a completely different product, shouldn't Hackett's level of oversight been raised?? My guess is he was too busy coming up with new buzz words.
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    Well I for one don't think it should have been an "all or nothing" decision. As big as Ford is, I would have thought that a product mix would be beneficial given the fickle nature of the market. What's hot today is old news tomorrow-at least as I see it.
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    Hackett’s mandate is to build the best vehicle possible and win the segment. That’s an engineer’s dream and it seems to be happening with Bronco and other new projects. Mulally never supported that approach.
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    You can read it that way. You could also read it that Subordinates were not giving him the truth about launch readiness Superiors over-rode his warnings about launch readiness and then forced scheduled launches anyway Hinrich was well respected in the industry press, unlike Farley. The group of middle level management retirees that I exchange mail with have already given Farley a "vote of no confidence" based on his total lack of experience in vehicle launches.
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    And again, who exactly is going to buy all these EVs? Obviously you can't ignore the segment, but EV sales history to date does not give me confidence that I should bet the company's future on EVs. They've been "the future that's going to take over next year" for the last 10 years. Yes invest in them enough that you're not caught flat footed if they do eventually take off, but by all means keep pumping resources and talent into ICE programs because that's what's going to pay the bills and dividends for the next several CEO cycles.
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    I had a Pacifica as a rental car back in December (fairly loaded model) and I was very, very impressed. Nice interior materials, comfortable ride, and one of the better current minivan exterior designs. This refresh knocks it out of the park - I love the new rear end, and that new grille looks awesome!
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    Ford's showroom is going to look pretty different this time next year, it's about time that buyers got something different and desirable vehicles that sales staff can actually sell to buyers....a little less vanilla
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    Lincoln tops Germans in residual values

    Not really - it's because there is a large contingent of folks who hate Ford for some reason and take any opportunity to disparage them.