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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    It's so funny how dealers can be so different with their estimates. I, too, ordered last Friday and my dealer said he'd be surprised if it shows up before the first of the year. Quite the difference vs 8-10 weeks haha. Luckily from the help on this forum I've learned a ton about the process so I don't care much what the dealer says. I know that it will just get here when it gets here and all I can do is wait. I don't plan on hounding them for updates, it unfortunately won't make the truck show up any faster. But hey, if you manage to get yours in only 8-10 weeks we'll all look forward to seeing the pictures when you get it!
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    road turtle

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    dealership is blowing smoke up your exit cavity. He has NO IDEA. You could push him and ask for a GUARANTEE you will receive it in 8-10 weeks, and every day it misses 70 CALENDAR days, it reduces the sale price by $1,000.
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    HOLY SHNIKES..TTAC Opinion on Tesla CT

    You know what else common sense says? Vast majority of F150 buyers rarely do any towing at all. There are plenty of commercial buyers who don’t tow or haul heavy loads for long distances. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, pool service, landscaping, lawn service, etc etc. City and county governments. Plenty of commercial opportunities.
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    Mirage Flatter

    2017 super duty chicken lights

    What's up with the whole "chicken lights" thing? Roosting on top of the cab or what?
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    Backup Camera Options

    Thank you both. I appreciate it.
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    My new 2021 lithium gray

    I was going to wait until the end of the year to buy one but I found this one and couldn’t pass it up at the price and since the 22’s are so sketchy on when they might possibly start to get built I had to make the move on this one. I had a 19 xlt and from that to this is a lot better change and the ride quality is a ton better as well.Now to decide on wheels and tires and if I want to do a level , no lift because I pull a fifth wheel all the time.
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    When selecting a Lariat trim level, and adding the value package, it would be a nice perk to add the $1200 LED headlights to the order. The only way I can make it work is with the black package, or adding the ultimate package.. which allows you to select the led headlights (for an additional cost) I get it, that’s a way to upsell the packages, but at $78k, LED headlights should be a standard. Hah
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    2022 Ford Everest Spied

    The point is that there’s no T6 based Lincoln planned…….
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    Adaptive Suspension w/ Road Preview

    I have a 2022 Aviator with the air ride on order. After reading this post I went back to my dealer today and test drove both the standard suspension and the air ride back to back on the same route (both 21's with 22 inch wheels). Although the air ride is not as smooth as my 97 Town Car, it is a definite improvement over the standard suspension. My order will have the standard (for Reserve) 20 wheels which should be even smoother. I have test driven Aviators in the past with both 20 and 22 inch and there was a noticeable difference there as well, 20 inch being smoother.
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    2022MY Scheduling

    Sales Manager who is the guy that ordered the truck is who couldn’t figure it out. So sad. I am one of those people that if I am going to do something, whatever my job is, I am going to know how to do it inside and out. I make sure I know all there is to know. Seems like a lot of people today just do as little as possible to keep their job.
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    Def pump at 60k def pump again at 120k hpdp at 150k (this hurt the most) now at 170k
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    Who`d a Thought....

    Well stated my friend. Government officials have made this political and have made it difficult to obtain factual information. Some old long hair has done more research and fact checking of this than most. Hadn't heard about the 625 and 611 issues. Not sure who might be blamed, but from an old movie line, "round up the usual suspects!".
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    Who`d a Thought....

    paintguy you know me well enough to understand I don`t pass judgement on anyone's decisions if the decision doesn`t cause me any harm. I have one child with and one without the jab. Both brought up co morbidity and made their opinions known. I drove one to get the jab at the injection site at the hospital. I expressed my concern and gave my opinion. Which wasn`t full of negativity. Just what she`s used to from the old man. The former has that alphabet soup at the end of her name which includes a NP... so she had the jab because work suggested that her crowd should get it. She has put in her opinion on the jab but knows to just do that and let it be. I`ve had the pleasure to earn my dual citizenship, in doing that I was made aware of a lot of benefits so many take for granted. While being a citizen of this great country from birth I learned I had many choices to make, no telling how many times this was stated by Mom but reinforced by the Master Sargent. I heard time and time again my grand parents didn`t have but one decision to make of their life choices and that decision was the most important decision not only in their life but the whole families. The old ones had a life decision that many had and after making the decision to sell everything to get away from their home and so many family members that didn`t want that option or didn`t want to make that decision, I never heard either one say in any way or form that they were sorry they made that decision. I was under the understanding making ones decisions to do, pray, seek help, work and make your life the best you can was an obligation to ones self and family if the family is directly impacted by my decisions. So I have compassion for anyone who makes the decision to get or not get the jab. I am secure in myself to take the results from my decisions. In my opinion I don`t need my government to do anything other than to lay out the facts and answer questions with as much certainty as the experts can have from their research. Give the facts to back the government recommendations. At the point of suppling the citizens with the government facts and recommendations it then should be up to the citizens to used the benefit of freedom to make the their own decision. The hesitancy percentage is where it`s at in part by our elected ones with their "do as I say" or "labeled as or blamed for the spread" or "the next wave is your fault and now we have to put those dam masks back on" type of leadership. Of course our leaders and experts haven`t been straight or factual on much of anything so far and that adds to the hesitancy a lot. But for me and my group of knuckleheads all this just brings out a bushel basket full of unanswered questions that... never really get answered by our elected ones or experts. A question that is being asked involved the percentage of people that haven`t had the jab or got the rona yet work with, live or take care of rona infected individuals? For me it`s not political it`s just my decision. It becomes policital only by those elected ones when the demands are made and even then it should be my decision. I`ve made the decision to work, plan for the future and enjoy helping others, so if the rona gets me the rona gets me. That goes for the MS or heart issue too. I read of and have experienced people that can only wish they had our ability to decide on life matters. Over these long years my decisions have made for a very satisficed old long hair. I believe self reliance is the one true freedom. Hey paintguy hear about the 800K 625`s & 611`s being returned to seller...? Dam those old launch leads and Process Engineers....
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    HOLY SHNIKES..TTAC Opinion on Tesla CT

    From the article:
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    That's great. I'll point out though that I wasn't trying to compare the cost of brake pads to an engine, that's absurd! I was simply sharing my experiences about using the exhaust brake on a diesel when going down some steep grades... which by the way was excellent! So I'll stick to the diesel... if it ever gets here.
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    2022 Ford Everest Spied

    Things I'm hearing about NG Ranger have me very excited. I'm starting to be glad I waited.
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    Unfortunately, there have been plenty that arrived for customer delivery with poorly-fabricated tops including delaminating edges and obvious areas where the mould wasn't fully filled with material. I've been one of the "lucky" ones whose top arrived without issues, but it's obvious now there there may be some degree of failure baked into the design. Looking at mine three weeks in, there isn't an apparent fix beyond replacing the whole roof unit. Multiply that out time about 65% of orders on a hotly-received product earning tons of free press and 125,000 pre-orders and the situation gets really bad really quick. They should pull the plug on the MIC entirely until it can be reworked, promise existing MIC owners a new roof unit once it becomes available, and provide a soft top kit to those whose MIC roofs become unusable (this will happen once we get into the freeze/thaw cycles around here).
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    VWoA just announced today they are ending production of the U.S. spec Passat next year. The Chattanooga plant where Passat is assembled will be transformed to produce BEV. A Limited Edition Passat will be produced for 2022 model year. Volkswagen announces end of U.S. Passat production with Limited Edition - Volkswagen US Media Site (vw.com)
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    I hope I'm wrong on this as it will trash the Bronco name, and people at Ford will be "how did this ever happen" but this has Ford cost cutting disaster written all over it. Today's tolerances are much better they still can have a spread of about 5% in power differences (30 years ago it could be as high as 15%). Which yes is still under the 442ft/lbs you are getting very close to max, and would be over max in certain favorable conditions for limited times, (cool temperatures and close to or under sea level). Plus you never engineer something to operate at 90% of the max limit on a continuous basis. We will know in a year as the mileage starts to add up on these, but a Sasquatch towing 3500lbs up and down the desert mountains in 115 heat doesn't tend to end will when you're already at the top end of the design load.
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    2017 super duty chicken lights

    I think the new clear lights with the amber leds look great, put them on my ordered 350
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    2022 F350 Lariat Black

    Thanks for your help.
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    2021 F-150 Platinum

    Finally some good news!! thanks for the update
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    Just to clarify the dates in next week's production schedule for those that might not understand, the dates listed are the production weeks that will be assigned for unscheduled orders that are selected for scheduling next Thursday, July 22nd. These assigned production weeks are very reliable with the exception of 2022 Super Duty orders which are sometimes seeing later dates due to the microchip situation and other factors which Ford doesn't provide information on. Scheduling is done on Thursday's and VIN numbers are assigned when the order is scheduled. The exception is vehicles scheduled for export or vehicles produced in foreign plants (EcoSport, Transit Connect) for sale in North America which have VIN numbers assigned closer to production. There have been a number of reports lately from BOF members that have called Ford and been told that certain order status information is no longer available. I can't confirm this but it may be a reaction from Ford due to what I expect is a large increase in the volume of phone calls related to order status inquiries. Dealers have 24/7 access to the Vehicle Visibility system which provides complete information on order history, scheduling, production and shipping status. Customers that have placed retail factory orders are encouraged to contact their Dealer for the latest order status.
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    I would gladly drop the PTBA feature but I don’t want to forfeit the cameras. I wish Ford didn’t pair these things together like this… they must know folks won’t buy some things unless forced to.
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    Bob Rosadini

    New light & medium duty news

    JP-I had the same thought on a DEF tank on a current diesel. Big question is just how much E-85 would be required under heavy load conditions. And if that low end power would result in less time in lower gear ranges, would that translate into better MPG that would allow use of smaller gasoline tanks as an offset? A fine line trade off I'm sure, but when the Ecoboost concept became a reality, wasn't one of the talking points that this would make gasoline power more competitive with diesels? And I do recall the flap with MIT. Might make sense to strike a deal with MIT. Also as I understand the Piezo diesel injector technology, it is so sophisticated today that they can actually vary the injection rate during the compression stroke, how difficult would it be to come up with a suitable injection system???? As for E-85, I think we have lost site of what gave rise to the entire ethanol situation. Namely we were allegedly being held hostage by the oil states (OPEC) and this was going to be one avenue toward energy independence. I remember telling my friends..."buy John Deere stock"-wish I had! Well we all know just how well we have done in terms of our own crude production-at least up until November. Other than the current movement to ban all fossil fuels, and the strength of the farm lobby, ethanol use should probably never go beyond E-15.