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    Bronco world premier Spring 2020!

    As frustrating as it is, be glad they scrapped the first few attempts. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Bronco is getting the same treatment internally as F-Series and Mustang. They know how good it has to be and they weren't satisfied until it was.
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    Baby Bronco body in white leaked!

    Told you there was nothing to worry about... (Same holds true for its big brother)
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    Bronco R Prototype

    Ugh. Ford. Look at that swing gate. You can't take the roof off, there are tires in the way.
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    Shouldn't have to buy damn tax credits in a free and just society.
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    Bronco R Prototype

    From what I know... - This grille seems to indicate that the C-Clamp headlight design may have won out. Last I heard they were back to the perfectly round lamps bookending a similar grille treatment. Both were in play still. - The shape is 95% what we'll see in the spring, minus the obvious modifications. - Really, really, REALLY excited for everyone to see the interior.
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    The Mach E was being previewed to the press today, obviously under embargo. I've heard from some of them who are Tesla owners and they are thoroughly impressed and excited. One of them said the Dual Motor GT version gets 700HP. I was under the impression that it was under 600HP with dual 200KW motors, but maybe I'm missing something. They've been aiming for mid 3s for 0-60 performance. Again there are several versions of the Mach E, single motor, dual motor, different battery sizes (3 for Europe, 2 for the US). And once again, over 300 miles of range (330 is what I've heard). I don't know what the GT will do interms of Range, which model gets the best range, etc. And yeah, synthetic engine noises inside and out.
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    Baby Bronco body in white leaked!

    Looks like a Modernized 2005-2012 Escape-not a bad thing.
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    Annoying reviewers!

    Not uncommon to read, "gusied up Ford platform" or "pulled from the Fords parts bin to create the Aviator", etc. Yet when they review a Toyota, it's "The excellent TGNA platform from Toyota" when reviewing a Lexus. I've made similar comments on their website blogs, I had one reviewer actually apologize because enough people had "liked" my post he felt like responding. That's all really anyone can do, is help educate.
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    Looking at it close up and without the rear to throw you off. Definitely can see the Mustang influences.
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    Ford October 2019 Sales Chart

    I think GM already demonstrated that midsize truck wouldn't steal fullsize sales. That's what gave Ford to confidence to go forward with fast track process to bring T6 Ranger to the US. At the end of the day, I think having Ranger being absent from the market for a few years was a positive. It cycled out/weened the bargain buyers out of the old Ranger market and gave Ford essentially a clean slate to price the new truck properly to reflect demand and competition.
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    Bronco R Prototype

    You've clearly never talked to my ex-wife.
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    Sorry we aren't going to play those games here...enjoy your exile from this site.
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    Baby Bronco body in white leaked!

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    CAP Vote

    I think the contract is a homerun for production.There is improvement over the current situation.Things are getting better for temps and lower tier,right?I am trades and the only extra I get is a $2000 tooling allowance over the 4 year life of the contract.I am also responsible for buying my own tools.Let me add that my hourly wage rate is average at best compared to what my trade is being paid on the outside.If production had its way the extra hourly rate paid to the trades would be divided up among everybody and trades pay would equal production pay.I guess I can be thankful for my $3 an hour rate over what a team leader makes.Of course if that was the case the trades would be,,,highly unmotivated,,to say the least.$500 a year is my additional $$$ for being trades.I have production workers tell me they always vote NO first time.I have lower tiered production workers tell me they want equal pay for all immediately.Many companies have a progressive wage schedule not just Ford.One thing I learned from watching the GM strike is that the company is a tough opponent.GM lost a billion dollars and their sales did not slip.Who knows how long GM would hold out against the strikers if no COMPROMISE was agreed to?GM lost a billion dollars and still paid healthcare to striking workers, which they did not have to do.I would strike under the right circumstances.The icing on the cake for production is a $60,000 severance bonus,voluntary,for all eligible workers who want to leave their job.That is a lot of money to a guy like me and its much better than $2000 to buy tools,over 4 years of showing up at the plant.I am grateful to have a job that pays the whole cost of my health insurance.National public sentiment would not be on our side if we went out on strike.I am a YES vote.Striking would not be worth it,in my opinion.The lost wages,lower profit sharing,no guarantee that Ford will keep paying our healthcare while out on strike,lost holiday pay.That being said I will stand in solidarity either way the vote turns out.$60,000 severance,,,,to ALL eligible production!Take the $$$ and run if you dont like the job.Trades get this,,,up to 200 {out of all trades} workers who retire as determined,up to 200 not "ALL".Its nice be wanted,LOL.
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    Video cameras on workstations

    If they put camera's in the UAW rep's offices I am OK with it.......................😉
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    What you suggest can be done to any of the Ecoboost motors, but I think I know why you prefer the 2.7L EB motor...
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    Bronco R Prototype

    I find myself saying this a lot.
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    Harley Lover

    Bronco R Prototype

    STAMPEDE.OFFROAD says: "Yeah, but does it have a rear swinggate?"
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    Site Problems?

    For what it's worth, I kept getting a "too many users, try again later" warning earlier today when I was having problems logging on. Everything seems OK now.
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    There is a reason that fully autonomous aircraft already exist and fully autonomous cars do not. Even though aircraft occupy 3D space and can move in all directions, the controlled nature and sparsity simplifies the problem allowing fully autonomous operation. There are no random people doing random stupid things hiding around the corner ready to pull out in front of you. Yes you have birds and other aircraft, but detection is much higher leading to longer reactionary periods. Automobile traffic is a much more complex problem.
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    He deserves the pressure. He's been talking up his changes to the organization - time to skip the talk and produce the results.
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    https://www.fool.com/investing/2019/10/17/why-ford-just-announced-a-huge-ev-charging-network.aspx "Tesla's Supercharger network has helped overcome many buyers' concerns about the hassles of recharging. I think Ford's goal here is to be able to tell its customers that its own recharging network is also extensive and simple to use -- and to encourage home charging by making installation of home chargers as simple as possible as well. It's a very Ford approach, and -- assuming that it all works seamlessly -- it should help persuade buyers to try its new BEVs. That's promising news for Ford investors who might be concerned about the company's ability to compete with Tesla and other new EV entrants."
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    Annoying reviewers!

    That is true.. if the badge was changed to say some company with a T or H on it.. the best ever.. but if Ford, or Lincoln..no good.. I have a 16 MKZ hybrid.. heard the critics say warmed over ford..NOT… liked the looks better and a few options not even available on a ford.. but.. they drive a vehicle for maybe a day or 2.. and are expert on it.. sad..very sad.. but just like movie critics.. personal opinions...that is it..