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    I thought Toyota trade marked "Big Bend"
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    He can't help it. He has a very specific requirement that doesn't fit Lincoln's vision, therefore it's a failure.
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    Yeah...but of what year???
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    I call BS. We all know that Ford only markets F150s and Mustangs...
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    And the lawyers and their firm make out big.
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    Baby Bronco spotted testing

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    2020 GT 350R Upgrades.

    screw that...if Im spending 100k on on a car Im contacting Earl Schibe.
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    LOL You miss the important part: 494 horsepower and 630 pound-feet of torque This isn't a hybrid for gas mileage-its for adding power If your trying to compare a minivan to a luxury CUV...well you'll have problems. The Pacifica starts at 40K or so, the Aviator GT is nearly 20K higher then that.
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    I think Aviator is the most important release of Lincoln so far. It is an entirely new vehicle, prepared for electrification, intended for a competitive segment, unlike Navigator and Continental, which are intended for very specific consumers. Corsair may not have such a technological showcase of Aviator, but it will also be of enormous importance. We're witnessing the watershed Lincoln, so I hope
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    Ford Bronco Adventurer XLT Ecoboost AWD. I’m not sure there is enough sheet metal on the rear lift gate to display all of the necessary badges. 😜
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    Based on what I've heard and what I know to be true about it, without being able to go into much detail I can tell you it definitely won't suck
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    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    Those spy shots make it look close in size and greenhouse shape to this right here.
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    New Escape

    Well, we added another Ford to our garage today. It wasn't a new one, but it's new to us. My mother-in-law purchased a new Escape, so we bought her 2014 with 30k miles. It'll be my wife's daily driver. We haven't decided yet if we are going to sell the Flex or keep it as a 4th vehicle. We will have 3 drivers in the next month or so, so having an additional vehicle would be nice (and so I don't have to drive my Super Duty on short trips). The deals right now are crazy on Escapes. She got $5700 in rebates on a $34k car, and another $3k+ in dealer savings. When it was finished, she got about 28% off sticker. It's time for the 2020 to show up so Ford can hopefully scale back on the rebates. My MIL did get me a hat and shirt thrown in since I found an additional $1250 PCO rebate and haggled another few hundred bucks out of the price. 😐 I know, I know, I don't have any pics. The wife will be cleaning up her new ride tonight!
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    New light & medium duty news

    I wasn't in Cape Cod....🤣🤣🤣
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    Aviator For the Weekend

    I could not get the stills to upload, so I put them in an iTunes movie and loaded to you tube. Just hit pause to take a longer look.
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    2085! Right around the corner!
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    2021 F-150 Spotted

    I'm surprised it has taken this long for photos, they've been out during the day in force for at least a month now.. The Bronco mules have been cruising around at night so should get some photos of them in the next month or so.
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    Always lease a first model year vehicle. If it’s reliable and you don’t have issues buy the lease. If it’s bad hand the keys and walk away.
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    I wish Ford had called the vehicle Maverick, but I'm probably the only person who wishes Ford still sold vehicles with the Falcon, Fairlane, Torino, Galaxie, and LTD names.
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    If the product is good, the name will catch on. If the product sucks, the name won't save it.
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    Terrible name. Too many “er” sounds at the end of adventurer. Maverick is 100x better. Scout was the perfect name for this. Wonder why they didn’t go that route? The article says they haven’t even trademarked adventurer yet so there’s still hope that’s not the name.
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    Signing Bonus?

    Chassisgroupleader, members like you are why there is a two tier pay system in the union. Your selfishness is sad. I am sure you have never voted against a national contract.Just remember these two tier employees will be in the majority within 10 years. They are going to remember people like you, unfortunately everyone pays for people who will not stand up for what is right.
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    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    You'll like it.