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    Words cannot describe how I feel about Dealers like this! Here are the notices that were available to all Dealers via the FMCDealer.com portal. Ford's retail order price protection has existed for decades. Ford_EFC09341_Mid-Year Pricing Effective 2021-08-23.pdf Ford_EFC09620 Ford Mid-Year Pricing Effective 2021-12-08.pdf
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    For those of you following along with my price protection saga, here's an update. Because I ordered in July and the truck wasn't available for delivery until January 14, there had been two Super Duty price increases - one in August and the second in December totaling $1,545. The dealer initially included the increases in the price I was being charged and refused to remove them. After much aggravation and me trying to convince them they were ever so wrong on Friday, I left the dealership before I got to the point of going crazy. Then Saturday morning, emailed them the first of ice-capade's posts. More back-and-forth and by mid-day I had sent them the actual letters provided by ice. By early evening, I finally prevailed and they agreed to remove both price increases. I owe a significant amount of gratitude to @ice-capades for posting the actual Ford letters that supported my position. I initially saved his excellent post from the Retail Price Increase thread that explained the price protection program and his two posts of the actual price increases that stated the price protection and sent all of those to the dealer. Those were met with a luke warm "we'll look into it" response. Then ice came through again and posted the actual letters. I sent those to the dealer and about four hours later, with no more excuses to hide behind, they agreed to remove both price increases. I have yet to see how they "removed" the $1,545 so I don't know if they will try to stick me with the sales tax on it or if they will actually reduce the top line price of the vehicle. Now, we are still arguing about the trade value they propose but that is just a game of chicken at this point. If I didn't have 5 and a half months of wait time invested, I would have walked away in a heartbeat yesterday. I'm fortunate enough to not be in a position where I have to have the truck for work and my current 2018 F-150 Lariat is fully capable of everything I need it to do. The F-250 was intended to give us more RV towing flexibility and allow for a possible 5th wheel RV upgrade in the future. If the dealer and I can finally reach an agreement on a reasonable trade and make a deal next Tuesday, when my salesman gets back from his long weekend, I'll be sure to let you know and I'll definitely post pics! For those of you about to get trucks delivered, have your information guns loaded with the facts and don't let them play stupid. The resources on this forum are awesome!
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    Finally got the text I’ve been waiting for since September! SHE’S HERE! I pick her up tomorrow!
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    New Ford tailgate patent

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    I was about to say that’s exactly what I proposed a few months ago, but then I looked at the number of option combinations. It’s still way too many for stock. Expedition 202A - 10 Max packages and 9 Standard? How does that help with inventory? Great idea but cut down the packages. Remember folks who want a specific option combination can still order that. 3-4 packages per vehicle would be ideal.
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    I agree, the original Model S was a sharp looking car. The model 3 always looked like a drunk frog to me.
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    2024 Mustang Spied

    I hear a lot of different things. All I know is that they are hiring a lot of new management and engineers at FRAP and I heard that they are looking at adding a second shift and another product in 2024. With launch 14 months away and preproduction pilots planned for the end of this year, it is too late in the game for Ford to move the Mustang to another plant. Ford plans to sell about 100k of the new Mustang a year so common sense would say that Ford is indeed planning another product for FRAP. However, we all know Ford changes plans as often as most people change their socks and that common sense is not so common.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Brought her home today! Love it! It’s worth the wait boys! IMG_7466.MOV
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    2024 Mustang Spied

    Oh no! It has Opera Windows from a Mark V! Oh the humanity!!
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    Or maybe they never really intended to build it and it was all just a PR stunt.
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    Sounds like this is good for everyone but the customer. I’ve bought a lot of vehicles, and not once has the dealer had the vehicle in the exact configuration I wanted in their dealer stock. They’ve always had to trade with another dealer to get it. If all the dealers in my region have the same stock vehicles, then it seems like I’m outta luck.
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    road turtle

    F250 vs F350

    F350 SRW will tow just about anything you might buy, all except maybe the monster toy haulers. Diesel for you would probably be over kill. I would go with the smallest numerical ratio you can get with what ever engine you choose. First couple gears in the trans are pretty low. I bought CCLB, and will suggest it's tough to park, but my reasons for buying LB are still valid.
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    To me, one of the things that has made Tesla successful - or at least to start with the Model S - was that it is/was an attractive vehicle, period, that was also an EV. It didn't look like a clown car to puff up it's "EV-ness" - it is/was just a sexy car, so it appealed to people. The X looks like they took an S, attached a tire inflator and kept inflating it too long lol. The 3 and Y are better than X, but not as "sexy" as the S........but still they're relatively good looking cars. Fast forward to the Cybertruck - and they've switched the tracks completely and took a siding that goes completely against what arguably made them successful before, and have entered clown car territory. I understand the "push the envelope" or "zig while the competition zags" (especially in the ultra-competitive truck segment) arguments, but I think they went above and beyond overboard to make something bizarrely different for the sake of being bizarrely different.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Hi guys, the pictures below show scratches on the tailgate of my 2022 f450 lariot. When I open the tailgate the bottom makes contact with the plastic on the bumper at two spots causing the scratches you see in the pictures. Check your trucks as this looks like a manufacturer defect.
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    Any idea when Zaxby's will be producing boneless wings again? Would I be more likely to have my order filled if I removed "teriyaki" sauce and substituted "BBQ" instead?
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    Ranger Raptor Spy shots

    With the full-size raptor bow coming with optional 37s, it would be cool to see ford offer the ranger raptor with 35s. Maybe as an option for this ranger raptor r that's apparently being considered. A ranger with 35s and a v8 would be pretty sick, especially for a truck in the midsized segment.
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    2022 Toyota Tundra Thread

    Maybe I'm the odd man out here but I actually like how these trucks look, especially the higher trims. It feels really fresh compared to the now ancient second gen (of which I've owned 3). I would have considered one in a year or so to replace my 2020 once they work the bugs out. But I'm moving to a Super Duty since a half ton just doesn't suit my needs anymore. Especially one with a dismally low payload.
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    I doubted from day one the actual release of ANY vehicle that looked like that...I mean how the hell would it pass the "pedestrian safety" test....by slicing them in half????
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    The Chevy HD redesign is the primary reason I ordered a 22 F350. I have had 8 or 9 new Chevy trucks until now. Even with the obsolete technology and crappy interior I would have bought another one if it wasn't so darn fugly. I had a '15 1500, '17 1500, '19 3500 and the interiors and features were identical - except the '19 LTZ still ran halogen headlights and no LEDs anywhere. Chevy didn't update anything in those trucks in over 5 years. No blind spot monitoring, no adaptive cruise, no DEF gauge, small screen, no TPMS for the truck in the '19. GM is focused on EVs and the brand loyalists that will buy a GM product because they always buy a GM product. Look at Cadillac as a prime example. Cadillac SUVs are just overpriced versions of the Suburban or Traverse. They offer nothing interesting, premium, or different other than the grill emblem and sticker price.
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    They always do. new model is usually unveiled late feb with order banks opening mid march. Product of current model typically continues until june/july before they switch. 22MY orders wont convert to 23. You will be required to reorder and there isnt any price protections. I suspect ford will get all the retail orders built, fleet orders may suffer, and there will certainly be a lot of stock order trucks that get cancelled. I also suspect the "normal" timelines mentioned above will not hold this year and things will likely be pushed closer to 2023.
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    That is an absolutely awful analogy. It doesn't take thousands of individual parts to make a single chicken wing. Not to mention any one of hundreds of those parts missing can cause entire systems to not function. Can't build what we don't have parts for, it's as simple as that. If you don't like it that's a you problem. Go to any other brand, chances are they have the same issue.
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    Bill Brown Ford Number One

    "Blue Certified" involves the inclusion of an extended warranty program for applicable used vehicles. I think Ford gets a cut for it.
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    New Ford tailgate patent

    Not having to reach over the tailgate to get something in the bed, As it is with the tailgate down you can only reach about 2 feet I to the bed. With this you can reach almost 4 feet. I would use it a lot.
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    Finally!!! After 22 weeks on the waiting list (ordered July 29th), I finally got tired of gently nudging my dealer, and went more for the direct shove approach. Told them to either drop the three items I suspected were holding up my order, or I would go place one someplace else. Original order is 250 crew, lariat value, 4x4, 7.3, 3.55 locker, carpet delete, 5th wheel/gooseneck prep and gooseneck hitch, bed liner, bed cover. Tuesday they changed the order dropping the hitch/hitch prep, bed liner, and bed cover. I was told I would lose the priority code 2 that I had, and would be back to a priority code 10. That was two days ago, and miracle of miracles, angels sang this morning as I opened my email. Scheduled for February 28th. It is a mix or emotion between elation that my truck is finally scheduled, and pissed that its going to wind up being almost 8 months by the time i get my truck, assuming there are no other hang ups along the way.
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    Interesting Parts Slipping Out

    I read everything with a grain of salt. Science isn't perfect and some articles were published without being properly peer reviewed. One study I recall came from the Henry Ford Medical Center regarding treatment of COVID with Ivermectin. It was supposedly peer reviewed but when looking at the citations at the bottom of the article the reviewers also worked for Henry Ford Medical Center. Most people in the scientific community would view this as very suspect and eventually the article was withdrawn from the journal it was published in due to this fact. A peer review is properly conducted when the reviewers have no connection to the study whatsoever so they can view it without prejudice. There are many sources of media available. Almost all of them are profit driven. Some have ulterior motives as well. Some will use video that is highly edited that presents something that is completely out of context to the original; others will go the extremes of deep faking the audio to to flip the script as it were. Most of them are funded by the far right but some are also funded by the far left. Those of us in the middle get stuck having the radicals from both ends of the spectrum making the most noise and getting the most attention.