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    Problem is wherever they go, they turn it into California: v2, v3, v4...you get the picture. Note to Californians and New Yorkers: When you leave your congested traffic, insanely high taxes, sanctuary cities, open borders, safe injection sites, free range homeless 'camping', and ridiculous, invasive strangling rules/regulations for a better place, PLEASE remember why you left when voting in your new state.
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    California is the poster child for making stupid decisions just because it makes them feel better.
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    That’s the new color - redwhiteyellowblack quad coat.
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    2021 Ranger STX Special Edition

    https://fordauthority.com/2020/09/2021-ford-ranger-stx-special-edition-package-available-with-fx2-and-fx4/ packages is $995. Seems like a no brainer if you like the stx. You will pay $999 just for the wheels on ford parts. On top of those you get the 8” touchscreen, sync 3, dual zone climate control, interior accents and privacy glass. It’s a nice look.
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    7.3L Gas F350's - 40k mile update

    We have a small fleet (13) of f350 trucks all configured the same or very similar; cc, 8ft beds, 4.30 rear, gas engines. Loaded with tools they weigh in daily at 10,000-11,000. All but 2 have 6.2L engines. The other 2 have the 7.3L and are nearing 40k miles already and i thought i would share some general observations. First, the 7.3L combined with the 10 speed is a major power upgrade! It seems to never be working hard compared to the 6.2. It might seem strange, but the ride is quieter with the 7.3 as the engine isnt reving all the time to make power. There are times we tow a large compressor or diesel generator and the new powertrain shows major improvement. The electric assist power steering is a nice upgrade. My opinion is that it provides some feedback of the terrain but not near as much as the old hydraulic setup, which could be harsh. The biggest surprise is the improved fuel economy. The 6.2l trucks are consistant, with daily/normal driving we see low 10mpg avg. Both of the 7.3L are now at low 12mpg. The power and driveability improvements were really great, but this mpg increase is a major bonus. If the 7.3L stays reliable for the long haul, Ford has a real winner with this combo. We are waiting on 2 more pickups and a f450 stake body (which the orders have been delayed twice) and cant wait to get them into service. Matt
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    7.3L Gas F350's - 40k mile update

    The 6.7PS is a $8455 option over the 7.3Gas. You can buy a lot of gas for $8455 plus the money you save on maintenance.
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    Can't California just break off and drop into the Pacific like so many people wish it would!!??
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    its absolutely idiotic...my wife works for the DMV...she was recently handed a 10 % pay cut, 2 days mandated furloughs and no overtime...apparently the cutbacks were to assist in bolstering California's deficit. Newsome himself didn't take the pay cut apparently. I personally think they would have been better off launching a full blown audit to address misappropriation of funds into such questionable pet projects as Bullet trains to no where, Sanctuary cities, pandering to Illegal immigrants, a fleet of unused BMW I3's, etc etc ...list is long. Perhaps those funds could have been better utilized to bolster first responders regarding wildfire issues, addressing an antiquated electrical grid to avoid rolling blackouts during the yearly heat wave, let alone necessary PPEs if theres ever a pandemic...I literally feel like banging my head against a brick wall sometimes...
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    It's California - they don't need to make sense. Um. We already discussed that earlier - rainbows and unicorn farts. I don't think any of us don't think it'll happen, or necessarily have a problem with it. The problem is the timetable and the realities of that. And not only that, the bigger problem is perhaps the infrastructure for it.
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    Sorry but the days of a V8 being available in the Navigator or Expedition are over. There's little need for a V8 in either with the technology and benefits of the newer 3.5L EB powertrain. The need for a V8 is different for the F-Series.
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    It's the communist... er, California way
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    Too much political BS involved with exporting from Turkey these days, that's why it was moved 5 years ago.
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    Ford Offered to Rescue That Jeep Wrangler Stuck on a Bike Trail By now, you might think the story of the most famous stuck Jeep Wrangler in the world is complete after last night's daring recovery operation pulled it back from the brink. But no. This one's got some layers, folks. We've now confirmed that the Ford Motor Company wanted to mount a rescue effort and document it for potential use in a video that probably wouldn't please Jeep—gee, wonder why.
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    Infiniti QX60 monograph concept

    I was just wondering how Nissan will cost cut this thing to mediocrity. That's a good start.
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    Luddite? No, I'd say more a realist. 2035 is basically 14 years away but for arguments sake, lets say 15. Let's break this up in 5 year chunks. Now the population for California has been continually increasing and at this point is about 40 million but we'll say 45 million in 2035. The current state of California is that they do not have enough power in the summer months, hence the rolling blackouts. This is for a multitude of reasons. Now if you increase the population and also increase demand do you think they will have enough energy resources built in 5 years? Not likely, as California has got to this situation because they have neglected building efficient green power for a while in an effort to shut down polluting plants. How about 10 years? If demand was static, I think they could probably be fine in 10 years for current demand. However demand is not static. Add another 5 years and you are at 2035. I don't have much faith it will happen. This is just looking at infrastructure and totally ignoring the consumer side of things. It's a great talking point and goal to have. However, without a well laid out plan on how to get there it's merely hot air coming out of a politicians mouth. Edit: Looking at the posts above, it looks most of us are on the same page on why this isn't feasible.
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    It's not a matter of being a Luddite, it's an issue of improperly allocating resources. How in the hell does the California government think they're magically going to be able to keep up with this extra electrical demand when they can't even do it now and their problems are getting worse with no viable plan to fix it?
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    Americans stopped caring about European policy and opinion when they crossed that great ocean to start a new society. Make a better argument, without the name-calling.
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    Please for the love of god stop with this emergency refresh fallacy. IT IS NOT HAPPENING.
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    2021 Ford Puma ST

    Yeah, I’d like to see the bronco sport grow about 6”. Then they could replace the Ecosport with a vehicle that’s similar to the bronco sport but smaller, and then the puma for those who like a sportier style.
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    I don’t know why people don’t understand this. They see it and they want it. Period.
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    I will say this, Escapes look a LOT better in person than pictures. Pictures make them look crappy, but especially with the higher trim levels, they do look good and less like compact cars in person.
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    So why not let it shift itself if they're so good? Why the need to force them down everyone's throat.