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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    Ford November 2022 U.S. sales

    This is not a sales/demand side problem, Ford can’t make enough to fill orders for customers on most of its vehicles, The only exception I see is Explorer which has about 30,000 inventory Also telling that Ford crows about EV sales but he reality is ~2,000 Lightnings, ~3,000 Mach E and ~900 EV Transit. That’s like 6,000 sales out of 146,000……they just can’t get the ramp up going.
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    After convincing myself that my order would get cancelled and pushed into 2023, I received a pleasant surprise tonight. My window sticker went live! As of now the only delete listed is for the advanced security pack. F-250 Lariat Ultimate CCSB 6.7PSD - No AS, 5WP, spray in liner, or other known commodity hold items 3/8/22 - Ordered 9/20 - Scheduled for production week of 11/28 10/4 - Production pushed back to week of 12/5 Radio silence 12/1 - Status changed from “order confirmed” to “in production” Praying to the truck gods for no chip/QC holds and a quick shipment to Granger. I’ll shamelessly admit that I was giddy as a school girl when that window sticker went up on ordertrack.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    460 days from conformation I just received its at dealer and Iam on way ford system is broken when other with exact order 6 months less wait then i also mine just got built end of oct and got all the way to California before others waiting on there built trucks(chips missing?) my truck is a f450 platinum with extras never took off items this site has helped better then ford or dealer ever did Have ordered many vehicles from ford might not again with there bad communication
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    And if I was in Final instead of body shop I would have tucked a thank you note somewhere for you to find.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Well of course it should work that way but these transfer points have never seen the kind of delays they’re experiencing over the last 2 years and they’re probably struggling to even find storage space much less arrange it for fifo, especially when they have to group them by dealer and/or city. The system is definitely broken but I don’t think there is an easy fix.
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    Thank you King Ranch! Emails went out this afternoon and a Ford company representative called me directly, she said my case was turned over to their Trace and Recovery team and that she would be in contact as soon as they respond, also left her contact number to call her direct any time. Thanks again!
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    New light & medium duty news

    Massive batteries with 800 volt charging at 1 Megawatt -350 miles of charging in half an hour. the cabin is amazing, you can stand up in it, change overalls and drive in a central position so no RHD-LHD. This will be big in places like Europe and China let alone North America.
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    The consumer electronics arena is indeed filled with well intended, rapidly replaced technology. Burn any CD's lately? Me neither. Not so much in the personal transportation arena, though. BEV trucks & SUVs used for long distance drives, especially when towing, are not ready for prime time. Range anxiety has added charge time anxiety as a whine-point. ~100mi on a charge while towing ensures that ICE w/wo hybrid will be with us for at least another generation, IMO. Cold weather performance is another issue; efficiency decreases at a higher rate than Ice vehicles. A Mach-e or Lightning would work perfectly for us most of the time. We're both retired and 95%+ of our driving is 50 miles or less a day. but I still want my Ranger for cross-time zone trips, especially with my 500 lb motorcycle in the bed: 360mi range, 8 minute fill up. Paradigm shift is slower than we like. Autocar, first American truck maker, started manufacturing in 1899, but trucks had not largely replaced horses for urban delivery until the Thirties.
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    Bread & Butter or Jelly & Toast

    House and Senate sign Biden's rail bill that forces rail unions to accept the contract. If trump had forced unions to accept a contract they did not like, the media would have gone nuts. All in all it seems like a good deal for workers. Workers get: 1. $11,000 signing bonus. 2. 24% pay raise over five years. 3. One extra paid day off per year. 4. One day a year paid sick leave (they asked for 5).
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    New light & medium duty news

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrhSIDu4_Zw Tesla Semi Truck presentation, man, the way that thing went up the hill with 82,000 lbs and passed the diesel truck, this is the future…. Basically uses Tesla S motor drives in a tri-motor set up that can vary the power used on flat and hills /launch.
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    Hallelujah! Congratulations!
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    I was recently in a focus group. Expect to see a lot of cool new towing technology over the next couple of years.
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    Not the Corvette, but semi-related: Chevy FNR-XE electric sedan concept takes Ultium to cars (greencarreports.com) There were rumors of a sedan to replace the Malibu and Camaro, the production version of this might be it. It doesn't look too far off from a production car.
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    Probably the coupe and convertible, a sedan, and the Mach-E.
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    Not necessary a business case as kingdoms in Ford and fighting for resources if you're connected in the right group, you have connected people that use that to drive job security, personal projects and things they deem successful. Not that this is bad, a vehicle in Ford MUST has a fighter for it, if it doesn't it will lose resources and be put out to pasture, there is a short/medium/long term plan, however execution can be caught up in politics and constant reviews that make justifying a project a continues fight though development. A project might stop and start a few times as a market and internal review are done. One of the reasons the Mavrick was as successful and fast it that the team didn't have to CONSTANTLY be fighting for everything like other programs do. Ford platforms are weird as the evolve more than some OEM who just scrap and start from scratch, while other do take Ford's approach and evolve constantly. CD4 is more EUCD than CD3, CD3 is more related to Mazda and CDW27 which also started as a Mazda platform. C1 was an off shoot of sorts of EUCD where it started as P1 and P2 under Volvo. P2 became D4 for US markets which then got folded back to CD4 and EUCD became CD4. C2 is CD4 and C1. Then you get into electrical architecture, and which can be completely different than the actual platform designation. The idea behind the new division was to start and build and electrical architecture from scratch to eliminate the short comings of the current offerings when it comes to weight and complexity.
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    Ford November 2022 U.S. sales

    The November sales result is Ford sticking to its knitting and making/selling what it can, this is going to continue until supply issues are resolved , hard to see that happening in the first half of 2023.
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    New light & medium duty news

    Pretty amazing they can get 500 miles at 81k lbs, we can't get much over 100 with Lightning pulling a heavy trailer. Next gen mega charger with liquid cooled charging and they're going to use it for cybertruck. Tesla continues to extend their lead. What ever happened to the liquid cooled charging system Ford was working on?
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    Right, but Ford has zero control over what equipment people are using for Wifi-where as celluar modems and configurations are just a bit more secure since they don't have any user input to work properly. I'm sure that the vast majority of Wifi APs in homes are still set to the default password and other things like that.
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    They may not be positive but they’re 100% accurate and I doubt this would dissuade potential buyers.
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    Never underestimate the influence of the bean counters😏
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    Buying anything at auction is risky. If it still has factory warranty (5 yr 60k powertrain) then it’s a little less risky. Why not buy local in person?
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    Can’t wait to hear the corvette mafia when they bring out a crossover AND a 4 door sedan.
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    This. Development of more efficient batteries is critical to this working but also, more people using roof top solar to reduce daily domestic consumption is another big plus for states like California. They don’t have to do this all at once but it looks a concerted effort to make permanent change.
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    Disagree 100x. Then again I might be biased.
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    Tremor Front Valance

    Anecdotal story at best. “The guy on another forum “ is in no way a trusted source for a mile hit from a tremor valence.