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    It's an exciting time to be a Bronco customer! I just got confirmation from my cousin that I remain Bronco #1 at his dealership and am in the first batch of builds that start the last week of May. I'll get the planned build date as early as tomorrow and the VIN next week. Sh*t is getting real!
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    Even mainstream media is fawning over Farley as if he's some kind of savior. They’re giving him all the credit for everything coming out now that was started under Hackett. Don't get me wrong, Farley has impressed me so far and he's saying the right things. Let's give it until this time next year before we start heaping universal praise on the guy. Let his initiatives start coming to fruition.
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    Bronco to get own showroom

    Stop labeling things you don’t agree with as “irrational”.
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    Ford's self-driving named "BlueCruise"

    I like to see Ford make it an option to install a SD card and allow those cameras to be used as a dashcam. But leave it up to the owner to install a card and turn it on.
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    That's a best case scenario, but isn't impossible. Which feels great.
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    Who`d a Thought....

    Point, zero zero, zero zero, zero zero (etc) six... is the percentage given for possibility of occurrence.... then the demographics of the effected population are, women of child baring years that are taking the pill. Sooo stop the use of and scare the shit out of everyone that got the "the fauci it`s ok, safe, maybe good" single pop variety shot? Then instead of stating the data shows that this group of effected individuals (6 in how many million?) had the potential of the blood clot issues even before getting the one pop shot, then crank up and get started with the messengers (nbc, cbs, abc cnnnn) the sky is falling routine... Is there anyone out there that is getting tiered of this um doctor and if he was the doctor that opened the door of the room you were waiting in to see an attending physician for a check up how many of his off the wall, wishy washy answers would it take to make an appointment with a different doctor? But wait then say "this should not make anyone hesitant to get vaccinated...?" I keep thinking of the post or posts that stated "we" are the medical trial. Then hot off the presses... "Pentagon Scientists Unveil their Microchip that senses Covid in the Body" Scientists at the Pentagon have created a microchip that once inserted under the skin..... stop... never mind this shit is going way beyond believe able. Form a line over here comrade and drop your GI boxers and bend over....
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    Ford to Launch More Sub-Brands?

    I came across this photo yesterday in one of the articles in the automotive press. Ironically, this Mustang "Family" photo isn't available at Ford's Toolbox advertising site.
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    Ford to Launch More Sub-Brands?

    Mercury was the original "up-market" car created by Edsel Ford himself. Created as a "bridge" between Ford and Lincoln. It was less a "sub-brand" and more a separate marquee that at the end of it's span became nothing more than a Ford with a different grille.
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    Andrew L

    Ford to Launch More Sub-Brands?

    *Mercury sits in the corner crying*
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    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    I think the biggest impact Farley can have is on improving quality because that has to come from the top. He has to make quality more important than getting new products out the door sooner and cheaper and it has to impact compensation of executives and everyone down the line. Which is tricky because bad decisions made today may not show up for 2-3 years or longer. One way to do that is with performance stock shares that only vest if certain performance criteria are met. e.g. You get 5000 shares today that are set to vest in 3 years but only if the defect rate and/or warranty costs of vehicles and features launched this year is below a preset threshold. The Explorer/Aviator launch and continuing problems would have wiped that out in year 1.
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    How about a larger fuel tank?

    Yeah, I agree and understand that alright. I may not be in the average Navigator buyer category lol. You should have seen the faces at the dealership in Naples when I told them I was gonna drive it home to Idaho and turn it into an off-road friendly exploration / road trip cruiser. My Raptor works fine if it was just me, but my wife has some physical issues that need to be addressed and the Raptor does not meet them. The Gator does because it is so comfortable for an all day 12 hour adventure. She loves it! If I cannot figure something out, it will be fine. Just have to stop more often for gas.
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    Bronco to get own showroom

    First, if it’s a “fad” then it’s been going on for 50+ years. Second, it’s more about appearance and capability and soft roading than serious off roading and rock crawling.
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    They forgot the most important one. Chevy trucks are ugly.
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    Ford to Launch More Sub-Brands?

    Might want to fix your sarcasm detector...... 😎
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    Bronco to get own showroom

    Especially if they're stopping every 10 minutes to pay a toll... at least prior to the all the electronic toll technology!
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    Andrew L

    Ford to Launch More Sub-Brands?

    I will NEVER understand that move by Ford at the time. I remember I used to get MotorTrend all the time and they had an article comparing large sedans and they said the FiveHundred would have won if it wasn't for the anemic engine. I know the 3.5 wasn't ready but come on they were able to get more power out of the 3.0 with the LS at 232. Granted it was RWD but still. A couple years later the Fusion debuted with 221. Anything would have been better than 200. I think the most they ever got out of the 3.0 was 240.
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    Another new V8 ?

    I wouldn’t be surprised is the 3.5eB goes away after the GT production run ends. Replaced with either a 4.0L +/- V8 ecoboost or I6. The 3.3L is also cyclone based, so that would need to go also. Could Ford use a single inline architecture to cover I3, I4, and I6 replacing most everything in the lineup under 4.0L? A 100mm bore spacing and they might be able to share with coyote also.
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    Ford to Launch More Sub-Brands?

    I can see Ford adding more vehicles to existing sub-brands but launching new ones? Seems like we will hit a point of diminishing returns pretty fast. Will Escape sell better as Explorer Scout? Will Edge see resurrection as Explorer Sport? As some point, it is about the actual product, not the name. F-Series: F150/250/350/450/550/600 - seems pretty saturated. The only logical extension would be going lower... F100 but Ranger is a much stronger name on a worldwide basis Transit: Transit, Custom, Connect, Courier - again seems pretty full line up already. Tourneo: Sub-sub-brand fun 😄 Mustang: Mustang, Mach E - I could see a performance sedan here but that market is dying. More "same but different" theme on Mustang is more likely e.g. GT500, Mach 1, Bullit, GT350 (if it comes back) etc. Bronco: Bronco and Bronco Sport - seems like Ford hit pay dirt here with all the interest in Bronco. I can see a Bronco Sporttrac truck being added but not much else. Maybe a 2 door Bronco Sport which will be kind of fun but probably too small of a market. Would Ford dare use the Bronco name for EcoSport replacement? That maybe going too far. Explorer: This used to be sub-brand when Sporttrac and Sport were sold as separate models under the Explorer sub-brand. I can see Ford going back to this idea if Edge continues to sink. For example, what if the mid size EV is launched as Explorer Sport instead of Edge (or some other name)? And instead of Mondeo Active or whatever name it was supposed to have, Ford names it Explorer Evos? I can see that working as long as Explorer Sport and Explorer Evos are good competitive vehicles like Mach E.
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    Bronco to get own showroom

    Hmmmm......... I think there is plenty of challenging stuff for even the "baddest" new bronco to try on, and this is all "built up, nowhere to wheel" dirty Jersey................ You got traditional mud (private property) Deep water Engine blocks Cars Trees. Snow Cars in the snow......... Concrete walls..... (buddies rig I was driving) Hole left after digging out inground pool....... Vid http://luxjo.supermotors.net/POOL/WHEELIN/MOV02447.MPG And for a quick fix, someone always has a deck over or a tree stump kicking around. And finally, want to test your new bronco's extraction capabilities. Drive your crappy old car, in your crappy old empty pool (auto starters and man tran's don't mix). Call your bronco buddies up and spent 2-3 hours getting it out. So I disagree, you can find "hardcore offroading" without driving 100's of miles..............
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    I think it was Raylan on Justified who said if you run into one asshole, you run into an asshole, but if you run into assholes all day long, you're the asshole...
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    Bronco to get own showroom

    Well, I think they're looking at Wranglers' lasting and increasing success and both forecast continued growth/sustainability and want a chunk of that pie. Also with the times of "everything crossover/SUV", it makes sense. And if they're looking to add other sub-models to the sub-brand, it makes some sense. I saw a good thought on 6g that some of these locations can be a good meeting spot for local Bronco clubs or car shows as well. Make it a destination/place to hang out (I do like the idea of adding a bar/microbrewery or something to it, but that's a whole 'nother thing) and build a culture and you'll have people always coming back for more if the product lives up to it long term. I do understand your skepticism, though.
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    Considering buying some Ford Stock

    Just shows you how stupid investing reporters are and how it’s all about what is going on right now and not in the future
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    External Radio Antenna

    It helps with reception in remote areas where more folks drive pickups.
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    Ford Inventory Discussion

    I understand the shorthand, but technically the supply shortages are not due to Covid-19 impact, but to government shut-down policies intended to combat the Covid-19 outbreak but which also ended up wrecking economies, throwing people out of work, and disrupting global supply chains. It is heartening to see how fast much of the economy is coming back now that these policies are starting to be reversed, but undoing all of the supply chain damages will take time.
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    Hyundai Santa Cruz Truck body leaked

    This is really hard for people to understand. What works for one company may not work for another. In addition to buyer preferences you have to factor in institutional knowledge, factory availability, etc. etc. Bronco is a great case in point. Ford has the history, they know how to build rugged body on frame trucks and suvs. The Ranger platform was readily available as was the factory capacity. No brainer. Hyundai has none of that and it would be an unmitigated disaster. Likewise, Ford would have trouble competing with a new traditional minivan for the same reason.