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    It's not that difficult. Just ship the replacement parts to your nationwide network of 3000 dealers and have them do the repairs. Oh Snap..........
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    Bronco Pickup Sketch?

    This... wasn't an accident. There is still a Bronco truck moving through development. It will be very different than Ranger. That's all I can say.
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    Mach-E Delay

    Ford has order tracking for people who reserved the Mach-E (my dealer screwed mine up, but that’s for another thread) yesterday many people in the forums received emails letting them know their Mach-E, some due within days, would be delayed two months. Stuff happens, and I want this to be a good launch, but if I was expecting the car I reserved a year ago next week only to be told yesterday it’s two months I’d be pissed.
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    I just got the call from my dealer's "Bronco Specialist" asking me to get my build sheet in to him this weekend so they have it ready to go in the WBDO system Tuesday afternoon when ordering opens. They are trying to submit orders in reservation timestamp order, and I'm reservation #1 at their store. 😳 I'm not sure if this is just because my cousin is the dealer's GM, but there is no requirement to physically visit the dealer to sign anything. They are just using the buildsheet I submit to order. Wish me luck!
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    Ford/Lincoln sales growth in China

    Finally, some good news for Ford and Lincoln in China, especially in the 4th quarter. ----------------------- "Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) said on Wednesday that its sales in China rose 30% in the fourth quarter from a year ago, as its revamped product line and SUVs from its Lincoln luxury brand continue to gain traction with Chinese consumers. For the full year, Ford's sales in China were up 6.1% from its grim 2019 result, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. "...Lincoln has once again become a bright spot for Ford in China. The brand's sales rose 75% in the fourth quarter, to roughly 22,600 vehicles, driven by brisk demand for locally made versions of the Corsair and Aviator SUVs. The two together accounted for about three-quarters of Lincoln's China sales in the quarter. Ford said in November that it will begin making Lincoln's midsize SUV, the Nautilus, in China as well. "Sales of Ford-brand vehicles in China rose 24.7% from a year ago, to over 100,000. Roughly half of those were SUVs, with the new Explorer and Escape accounting for about 22,000 units, the company said." https://www.fool.com/investing/2021/01/13/fords-china-sales-continue-to-rise-on-strong-linco/
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    Gen 3 Raptor

    I mean the PR was great on Bronco. The launch itself has lots of issues but Ford got pretty much universal positive media. That's the work of the PR team shaping the messaging. You are seeing it here as well with them herding the media on 5.2 V8. I can guaranteed you Ford PR has been spoon feeding all these websites on the powertrain info and giving them explicit embargo dates on what they can post "speculations" about 5.2 V8 in articles accompanying staged "spy photo" or "leaks".
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    Ford probably had that slide 3 years ago. It is frustrating when Ford has ideas and plans that take so long to come to fruition that the competition has time to catch up.
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    Every time that has happened in the past it's either been the low production SVT/Ford Performance vehicles or dump trucks. Never have I seen it with a high volume model like this. Not for A/Z plan at least.
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    Maybe. There are other ways to keep up morale and take care of employees. Bronco wouldn’t be the first vehicle Ford didn’t offer employees special pricing on if indeed they don’t offer it. If they don’t, it will be because getting more Broncos out to non-plan customers at full price was deemed more profitable. The first year looks like it will be a struggle to meet demand, and I think non plan buyers would be much more likely to cross shop potentially costing a sale. Therefore it would be better to not offer plan pricing the first year. When supply starts to exceed demand, then add the plan pricing back in. Sure some employees will be upset, some always are. The question becomes how upset will they be? Never buy another Ford upset, or wait for the (hopefully) larger profit sharing check and buy a second year model? I get Dean’s point on changing the terms in the middle of the process. Terrible spot to put dealers in. —shareholder not ready to buy another vehicle this year.
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    Bronco Pickup Sketch?

    More hints of what is to come.
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    Ive decided to wait till the 2022s...will save for what I really want...either loaded 4 dr Badlands or Wildtrak…..hopefully the selection of paint colors will expand...Lead foot or a non metallic Army green would be nice...
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    Ford Vaccine Survey?

    Here, because I know people from somewhere in the corporate chain read this forum: Hell no. I would rather quit my job than be forced to take an unproven vaccine authorized for emergency use, meaning I can't claim damages if something happens to me because of it.
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    Perpetual Future Ford Products thread

    Well, now we know... there is no next gen EcoSport 😥 I think this means Oakville starts next gen Edge and Nautilus EV in 2023-24 and Corsair moves in 2026. The UNIFOR contract said 5 models total so we are still missing a few. All-new Mustang is the one after S650. That's too far out to really take it seriously but on the other hand, no reason to think Ford will move Mustang out of Flat Rock either.
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    I'm planning on a Cactus Grey Big Bend Mid package with the 2.7L V6 and the MIC hardtop...hoping for a mid summer delivery. I want a white modular top, but figure I'll just get it sometime in 2022 and maybe upgrade my wheels at some point.
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    Gen 3 Raptor

    Ford F-150 Raptor is getting its V8 back, spy video shows | Autoblog 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor Will Debut On February 3 (motor1.com)
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    Ford/Lincoln sales growth in China

    Hopefully this represents them finally turning a corner in China.
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    its not mandatory...if a vehicle is in decidedly short supply , its the Dealers decision if they wish to sell the vehicle at someone with a pin number for plan pricing...
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    Excellent point. "Locked in" as of this morning means they're comfortable with how much they've hedged commodity issues. I'm pointing out MY22 Job 1 now being in Dec because as recently as last week I was told Sept for MY22 Job 1 and no MY21 Job 2. Obviously the #s they settled on since forced the change. If you have an early timestamp 4 door 2.3 auto non-Sasquatch Bronco... you'll get it pretty quick. Even better if it's a soft top. Absolute lowest risk for parts shortages.
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    can you please decipher the acronyms IDK ( I don't know ) for the life of me WTPT ( what they pertain too )...Im just a DA ( Dumb A$$ )
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    That seems to be a calling card of Asian car design in general lately.
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    If you ask Twitter, it's about 10% support today.
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    This is an interesting van. The GVWR is under 10,000 lbs. so it is Class 2b like Transit, Sprinter, Promaster, and of course GM's own ancient Express. Going full EV means GM can have a clean sheet design without front engine compartment. This gives GM more cargo volume without adding overall length and height, and keep the weight down. The spec says "over 600 cubic feet" of cargo volume... that is a GAME CHANGER. For comparison, Transit max out at 487 cubic feet and Sprinter at 530 cubic feet - and they do it by going high roof, which requires heavier chassis counter weight. Basically, GM is giving FedEx a Class 2b van that has the cargo volume of its Ford F59 stripped chassis van with utility body - which has GVWR of16,000-26,000 lbs. and comes with Class 5 or 6 operating costs. Since FedEx probably doesn't need the weight (FexEx boxes are mostly air) of a Class 5 van but they do need the cargo volume, a Class 2b van that carries as much as Class 5 stripped chassis utility step van is going to be a really attractive option. Ford has much homework to do with its Transit EV...
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    Ford ends manufacturing in Brazil

    That's a Ford problem, not a South America problem. Ford is also the only car company that lost money in China when everyone did great. Some of you may think that these emerging markets are not important but Ford is also shrinking rapidly in Europe. Ford used to be the top 3 seller in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, France, and UK - together basically 80% of European market. Ford is a top 3 seller in exactly 0 of those markets now. Ford Europe is on the same trajectory as Ford APAC and Ford South America... For such a high fixed cost business as auto making, once you pull back on one part of your business in a particular market, then the math favors continue pulling back until you exit that market. What's the endgame for Ford? Just sell trucks in North America? I don't get it.
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    You must have missed a few visits to your optometrist.
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    Good solid efforts for MACH E and F-150... let's hope Ford keeps up this level of product development mojo for the rest of the line up.