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The Ford Order Tracking System Is No Longer Available.  THANKS Cyberdman For Making Available All Of These Past Years.  More Here.


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    Delorean Motor Company Alpha5 EV

    * clock tower not included
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    What? Batteries better last more than 3 years. I could see recycling batteries and materials if these were 10-15 year old cars, but not 39 month returns. I call BS on that one. Ford’s betting the value at trade in will be greater than the residual and wants to capture that profit.
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    Delorean Motor Company Alpha5 EV

    And for those wondering, like I was….
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    '22 JDPower Initial Quality Study

    Lincoln Nautilus is based on, and built alongside, Ford Edge at Oakville Assembly in Canada. Lincoln Aviator is based on, and built alongside, Ford Explorer at Chicago Assembly in Illinois. Lincoln Corsair is based on, and built alongside, Ford Escape at Louisville Assembly in Kentucky.
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    2023 F-150 Heritage Edition

    Ford Celebrates 75th Anniversary of F-Series Trucks with 2023 F-150 Heritage Edition DEARBORN, Mich., June 27, 2022 – To celebrate 75 years of F-Series trucks, Ford introduces the 2023 F-150 Heritage Edition – a modern take on the timeless 1970s and ’80s two-tone exterior paint offerings featuring the classic style combined with the outstanding durability, capability and technology today’s F-150 customers love. Available on XLT series F-150 trucks, the design represents a fresh interpretation of the classic A-B-A exterior paint pattern, with an A color encompassing roof and pillars, a B color for the midsection, then A repeating on bumpers, lower door and lower body. Interior offerings in slate gray and black complement the expressive exteriors. Distinct seat trim covers featuring unique inserts, plus embossing on the console lid further enhance the uniqueness of the Heritage design. A white “75 Years” logo appears in the upper center windshield and is included in the center screen startup animation and on the center console. Five color options are available: Race Red midsection, with upper and lower Carbonized Gray Atlas Blue midsection, with upper and lower Agate Black Antimatter Blue midsection, with upper and lower Carbonized Gray Avalanche midsection, with upper and lower Agate Black Area 51 midsection, with upper and lower Agate Black Pricing will be available when order banks for the 2023 F-150 Heritage Edition open mid-July, with production starting this fall.
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    When are you folks going to realize that ford is simply following the global market? More people want trucks and crossovers and BEVs and sedans are either commodities with low profit or very low volume.
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    Ford Retail Price Increases

    Highlighting this one more time.
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    It's a pretty cool looking ride for sure and I like that that their specs include a "zero to 88 MPH" number... https://delorean.com/alpha5/
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    Easier to maintain residuals as well as stop people from buying the lease out and flipping the vehicle for a profit.
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    2023 F-150 Heritage Edition

    Red with white middle, always liked that 2 tone
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    Maybe the trick is to aim for a richer sales mix (remove the entry trim) and then see how the prices sit post 2023.
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    They have, just not enough to keep up with rising costs. They also planned a price increase in April after the order bank closed for MY 2022 MME and decided against it. Presumably not enough stock orders expected to be built to make it worth the hassle with all the price-protected orders. And that's the rub - a good bulk of the units they're building now are orders protected to lower pricing. Raising prices doesn't help if you don't have new orders for it to apply to, and you honor your pricing commitments to your retail customers. It'll be interesting to see what happens with pricing when the order bank for MY 2023 opens up... Will they try to absorb the cost increases to subsidize the EV transition? Will they pass it all along? Or somewhere in the middle? Of course, lots of things could bring costs back down between now and then. Price increase on December 8, 2021: Price increase on April 13, 2022: Canceled April 13, 2022 price increase: Ford has been providing price protection for retail orders, yes. In Rivian's case, sure some have reason to be frustrated, but that wasn't quite how it was made out to be. Part of the problem is that what Rivian called preordering was really just a reservation with the opportunity to select a tentative build. From there, no different than if your F-150 Lightning reservation came up, you were given the opportunity to finalize your build, presented with timing, and (well, unlike Ford), probably presented with a rough delivery timeline. At that point, you had actually ordered an R1T and your pricing was set. If your reservation ("preorder") hadn't been picked to be converted to an order, then you would receive whatever pricing was in effect (read: higher) when it was.
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    2023 Explorer refresh

    If so, confirmation will be via the 2023 Explorer Order Guide when it's released on or about 08/11/2022 when the USOB (Unscheduled Order Bank) is due to open. When its released, it'll be uploaded and available for download in the Dealer Order Guides section.
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    Sunroofs leak if you hit them with a rock. Who knew?
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    I don't think this signifies embracing the so-called 'woke' philosophy. What it really means is automakers are looking for a unified set of regulations nationwide that they can adhere to without the risk of unexpected or regional changes. Since the California Air Resources Board has the right to create its own standards (at least as stringent as the E.P.A.'s) building vehicles to C.A.R.B. standards better ensures some regulatory predictability. Not to mention the fact that any state has the right to adopt C.A.R.B. standards in lieu of E.P.A. standards, and many states choose to do so. Funny that a large percentage of the inflation we are currently experiencing is caused by high oil prices, wouldn't it be helpful if less oil was used for transportation?
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    F150 Lightning Range

    LEDs don’t use much power.
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    2023 F-150 Heritage Edition

    I had wondered for the last couple years if Ford was going to do a 75th anniversary edition of the F-Series like they did the 50th anniversary during the 1998 model year. I like the Heritage Edition as announced, especially the Race Red and Gray. However, I do think in addition to these choices, they should have offered white midsection with other colors for the top and bottom like the 1980s and 1990s. I like the white midsection with red top and bottom during the 1992-1996 era, especially with that headlights and grille style from that time. The Ford Media video, that rperez817 posted the link above, showed the white midsection with red top and bottom with the 1987 and 1995 trucks, with the 1995 being my favorite with front styling. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/permalink.html?VideoId=6308459282112
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    Still Slippin Out

    Astonishing Testimony From Dr. Birx Lost Amid SCOTUS Rulings – PJ Media Dr. Birx “All I know is there was evidence from the global pandemic that natural reinfection was occurring. Since the vaccine was based on natural immunity, you cannot make the conclusion that the vaccine will do better than natural infection. Although it can often do slightly better.”
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    Yes I keep hoping that mine will just show up with no updates from ford but that has not happened. The frustrating part is you cannot get an answer from anyone, its like my truck was built and now its just sitting somewhere and has been forgotten about. All i can do is hope
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    Most miles on Fusion Hybrid

    I’ve seen several with 150k+ miles.
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    correct to a point...I PERSONALLY could not be moved forward...Ford does in fact set priorities NOW because of commodity issues, perhaps not so much in the past but times have changed and theres different circumstances ...we literally get told to delete certain options if they want to move forward or have their priority changed...so yes...they can and do set order priority...Ive had 10s go to 12s and 19s and then cancelled...changes NOT instigated here at the Dealer level, we can jimmy here and there but that's based on allocation ( and that's something else controlled NOT by the Dealer ) . VVR...ok, you really want to go down that road? Its wholly inaccurate and the info doesn't come from the Dealer in any way or form, we can only relay what we can look up and 99% of the time it makes us look like bloody idiots, so Ill raise my hand and state Im literally hesitant...I could give you a run down of the VVR on my Bronco Sport for proof if you wish...total JOKE. Or, let be more current, the truck I had arrive today that on VVR shows is still in Kansas on a rail car? as for conveying bad info or just being too lazy to look it up , that's another issue, but flip is you CAN realy the provided info and then look like a friggen dumb ass. I do get your points akirby, but theres a LOT of comments posted that reflect a customer "victim" mentality that borders on intolerable....and its ALWAYS the Dealers fault, and granted sometimes that is the issue, just not 100%. The ONLY thing youll ever read on forums and the likes are people complaining basically, so yeah, I avoid them, they complain specifically thinking it will make some sort of difference, majority of the time it doesnt. I personally hate that whiney bullshit, especially when the individual relays its because they cant get catered to in specific manners they expect as THEIR time is incredibly valuable and they don't want it wasted, or if they have to make any effort at all, OR if it takes longer than they thought it would..... funny how that relates to some Customers AND some Dealers, like I stated...two sides to the coin.... patience and manners are dying habits on both sides...maybe next time youre in the market you should head down here...lol...seriously I don't have the time or patience for all the BS you've outlined, let alone experienced first hand..
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    you didn't mention the absolute impatience current society has . Theres...thankyou to cell phones and a dot com mentality, a severe case amoungst individuals for instant gratification...if its not quick and conveinient the ability to remain focused wanes almost immediately....THIS is the big issue with anything ordered online....orders that fall through....but yeah...lets cater to the squeeky wheels that deem the Dealer model disposable because it doesn't fit THEIR selfish needs....thank GOD I don't think Ill remain in this business too much longer...its much like the 1 - 3% "wokists" bleating and whining, getting their way and counting victories...just a matter of time before the majority wakes up and states "Hold on...WTH is going on here..? " There WILL be backlash....just a matter of time..
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    yep....hes also backtracked quite a bit...case of putting ones foot in ones mouth...ultimately if this does happen its raft with issues and problems...and we all know how Ford Corporate handles those..."Please contact your dealer....." Pipe dream right now, so don't get too excited my Millenial bretheren…..
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    Powertrain is actually bad for crash management, You have to plan out what to do with the engine when in a major impact as it doesn’t really absorb energy so much as just become a rock that drives itself into the passenger compartment. Current design is to push the engine down so it would create leg injury if it actually penetrated the passenger compartment. The rule now is to fold the wheel to use as a block to push the engine toward the center. It spreads the energy across the firewall and gives driver and passenger leg protection. Electric vehicles will do the same thing with the wheels but the whole frontal structure holds up much better and can collapse at a consistent rate as it’s all crumble zone. Mach-e, Lighting, and e-transit show that Ford is focused on great electric vehicles.This truck will change a lot of perceptions of what an electric truck is and will get many buyers to consider them.
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    Your Dealer can provide you with a copy of the COVP approval.