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    '20 Escape First Drive Review

    Public comment sections of automotive pages are freaking open sewers of stupidity.
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    Build quality worries

    Here she is... just before I got the windows tinted. Sorry, I know this is the wrong forum post for this.. but this is an example of a unit without those "issues". I'm thankful for that, thus far.
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    '20 Escape First Drive Review

    Yet my wife's car...
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    Is that even possible? They’re a lot like vegans
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    It's actually written into law in the Clean Air Act. The Feds can only revoke CA's power to regulate emission when CA deems there is no longer a need for it. Trump can attempt to revoke it but EPA actually does not have the authority to do so. It is a huge Federal overreach. The Clean Air Act allows the withdrawal of the waiver only on the following three grounds: (A) [California’s] determination [that its standards in the aggregate will be at least as protective] is arbitrary and capricious, (B) [California] does not need such State standards to meet compelling and extraordinary conditions, or (C) such State standards and accompanying enforcement procedures are not consistent with section [202(a)]. So essentially, Trump is directing EPA to ignore the Clean air Act. And let's be clear... CARB emission standards (and by association CAFE because emission and consumption are two sides of same coin) is the current 50 state standard. There is no separate CARB and EPA standards. The auto companies asked for this during Obama Administration and got what they wanted. The issue now is purely political because the current administration wants to nullify everything that the previous administration accomplished. The few auto company that went along with it is basically in a suicide pact with Trump Administration... except they've already pulled the trigger to shot themselves in the face while Trump is still holding the gun. This will be litigated in court for many years and will outlast the Trump administration. Unless Congress amend the Clean Air Act, the courts will probably side with California. And lastly, the CARB (and current EPA) standards is nearly identical to EU and Chinese emission standards. This is why some of the smarter car companies (i.e. Ford is one of them) is saying WTF, why wouldn't we want to meet CARB emission and existing CAFE? It's not like we will see a significant cost saving is EPA lower the Federal standards.
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    What it boils down to is that California can more or less set policy when it comes to emissions/fuel economy standards because 12 other states plus DC use CARB rules. I get why CARBwas established by California (due to smog issues from emissions of the 1970s plus geological conditions) but as of 2016 EPA has had the same regulations (up to that point) that matched CARB rules. What we have now is a butterfly effect and a state having too much power and it interfering with federal power. CARB originally "in addition to" EPA guidelines, but as described above, its now dictating policy to the rest of the country. What works in California doesn't exactly work everywhere else in the country-I saw an article that California was talking about banning the use of Natural Gas due to greenhouse gases and forcing new construction houses to use electric appliances only. I'm sure you can imagine people's reaction to that one-not to mention to mention that would never fly in areas where you actually see freezing or below freeing temps for long periods of time in the Winter.
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    Build quality worries

    Well, I got our Black Label a few weeks ago. Had one issue: the front windshield camera for many systems (lane keep assist, auto high beam, etc) needed to be recalibrated and a clip for its placement was missing possibly due to the windshield having to be replaced at the factory or the offsite location for performing the recalls. Supposedly mine was held up due to the recalls. Apart from that, it’s great and all panels are straight. Got it with about 30 miles and just racking up a couple hundred miles. Having to get used to the clicking of the electronics when getting out and the indecisiveness of the air suspension lowering or not for easy exit/entry. Great vehicle and so far so good outside of the one issue, which my dealership addressed right away.
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    If she's doing the same work as employees making half her pay, then it sounds like she's way overpaid. It's not about how much the company is making or how much the CEO gets paid the question is what's the market rate for that job? What would they get paid for the same work at another company/industry? You can't demand higher than market wages unless your union controls almost all of the industry - like Detroit did back in the 60s and 70s. Back then it didn't matter if they were overpaid as long as EVERYONE was overpaid the same. Now it matters because they're competing with non union mfrs and imports. The union knows this - that's why they agreed to tiered jobs and temps, etc. If they want less temps and higher pay for newer employees they'll have to give up the legacy raises and pay more of their health care costs. That's just how it works.
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    Chevy Silverado 'Invisible Trailer'!

    I wish they would develop technology that makes those ugly Silverados invisible.
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    Ford AU Developing Focus based Trucklet?

    I think the Russian version was cheaper - cheaper suspension e.g.
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    Build quality worries

    IMO, the Aviator is the sharpest looking SUV on the planet... inside and out... from any angle and by any brand and no matter the cost. There really isn't even a close second... congrats and enjoy the experience!!!
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    Build quality worries

    There are plenty of Black Label models in the high-end press videos from Napa that have beautifully straight chrome trims along the top of the doors - so it can be achieved, just not in some of the early production models. This correct one is from Lincoln press photos. I recommend everyone make sure these are straight and even. No excuse for this.
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    Baby Bronco spotted testing

    https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a29088768/ford-baby-bronco-rear-spied/?utm_source=facebook&src=socialflowFBCAD&utm_medium=social-media&utm_campaign=socialflowFBCD&fbclid=IwAR2Hq2Kh5gGOUMDWrOTO-2SfyNNReffJe768xiRwr31Qzse3LyT4mdavVXw Baby Bronco body in white. First real good look at the high top roof line.
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    Wonder if during FBI questioning any of the IUAW staff asked "would you be interested in organizing?"
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    Build quality worries

    In 6 months buyers won't remember or care. Happened with the 2013 Fusion/MKZ.
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    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    New Trailer
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    I do think GM management blew their wad prematurely by releasing their offer on the able to the public just hours after the strike announcement. Both GM and UAW know that a day or 2 wont hurt the bottom line all that much, that missing production can be made up very quickly. If this were to drag out until Wednesday or Thursday without an agreement, then you have more leverage by releasing that information. Make no mistake, UAW leadership doesn't really care about public opinion and GM should know with the culture being so anti-corporate these days there's no way they come out of this looking good in any way.
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    You (and anyone else with an almost 10 yr old ford hybrid) should read this: https://www.fordfusionforum.com/topic/19361-my-instructions-on-restoring-the-hybrid-ev-function-on-the-ford-fusion-hybrid-approaching-the-89-years-mark/
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    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    If you can’t produce quality products under your current contract maybe you don’t deserve a new contract. Just sayin’.........
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    So would people rather wait 2 years for failures to pile up, then get pissed when Ford has to recall millions of them? "Oh, Ford knew this problem existed 2 years ago and did nothing about it." It's a new model. There will be issues. Ford is on it immediately. Get over it. If you're not comfortable with that, then wait 2 years after production before buying a new model.
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    Build quality worries

    Great. Thanks for the referral. Hoping they have the pre-cut pieces for sale on the site for the Aviator soon.
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    E350 Sportsmobile + Focus ST

    That sportsmobile looks awesome! I had a 2016 focus ST and I loved it! It's like driving a go-kart around everywhere you go.
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    Where Is The IUAW?

    If they are paying union dues you already know the answer.........