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    Hi probowler, I'm nobody, nice to meet you! I would guess there are thousands of guys (and gals) like me out there who want a Bronco but need 4 doors for the family. I guess they are all named nobody too. Interesting...
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    2021 GMC Yukon

    Good lawd that dash looks straight out of a 1979 full sized car.
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    I don't care if it is considered a sports car, muscle car or pony car. The 2018+ models drive great, handle great, perform great and also make very civilized daily drivers. To my eye, they are also the best looking Mustangs ever produced.
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    Let’s be honest here. All stock jeeps look weak (except rubicon). They only start looking “tough” after owners modify the hell out of them. Tell me the last time you saw a Jeep with the stock wheels and tires and thought it looked cool?
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    And the 4-door buyers is what will make the Bronco possible. If it weren't for the 4-door, it wouldn't be coming back, and it definitely would not stick around.
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    Please don't bring the stupid here - if folks want to read that crap, they can go find it at the source.
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    Also looks like frameless door glass, ala mustang.
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    Isn't the baby bronco to be built on the Escape platform? There's no way in hell you'll see a solid front axle on that rig. Besides, aren't you looking for a regular cab/bucket seats w/console SD? HRG
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    lol oh you guys. It's nothing under embargo but I want to be really careful just in case. I don't need a trip to HR right now.
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    Maybe some new colors and larger wheels would be a nice upgrade..... 😎
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    Of course! Both Explorer and Ranger were F100 trim levels in the 70s.
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    New light & medium duty news

    No thanks on the center console. Leave that for XLT and above for people that actually want it and will pay the extra for it. Nothing kills interior space for throwing tools, straps, etc like a giant hunk of plastic bolted between the seats. Not to mention eliminating seat belt capacity for one extra passenger.
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    Simple answer. What is going to sell in numbers enough to justify releasing this vehicle? A four door. The two door is still there for the purists. The Wrangler folks cried for 5 minutes when the 4 door was released and now it outsells the 2 door at least 3 to 1. Sales of the four door will keep this vehicle alive and not make it a one generation flash in the pan. I mean, they did replace the 90's fullsize Bronco with a 4 door (which is still around).
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    This our first super duty, the ride is stiffer than the 1/2 ton. It’s not a daily driver for us. We will be towing a 25 airstream with it. So far it’s only has 260 miles on it. The mpg is 16.3 so far. Over all we love the truck. There is something about just putting gas in it rather than diesel and def.
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    Dude...you need to take your meds before you respond.....
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    People just need to relax a bit. It will be out soon and the speculation can end.
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    Genesis GV80

    I see Infinity QX60. I’m not digging the exterior at all, but the interior is fine. I think comparing it to the Aviator is kind of insulting to the Aviator.
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    Ford Cuts EcoSport Price

    I did... I predicted the B-segment CUV will be a 500k unit segment in the US when Ford made the original decision to not sell the EcoSport in the US and GM went ahead with Encore. I said that was a huge mistake and Ford is going to regret not competing in this segment. And I was roundly ridiculed on these forums for making such an outlandish prediction 😅 I wasn't arguing for importing EcoSport as is... I was arguing that Ford wasn't prepared to compete. And it is still not ready. Talk about a badly missed product decision...
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    Future Edge Replacement

    We are all-electric and we don't have a generator or batteries...very few people around here do. In the 5+ years here at our new house, we've probably been without power a total of an hour or less. Electricity is very reliable here in our area. Induction cooktops are awesome! And I wouldn't trade my geothermal heat for gas heat at all (especially when it comes time to pay the bill).
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    A lot of people today have no imagination, they cannot visualise in the abstract and that’s why they don’t understand mules or even how clever camo can be on new vehicles.
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    I don't need that stupidity in my life...I shared the BroncoG6 article to facebook and someone I know said it looks like Flex on a Ranger platform My wife said it looked like a cross between a Jeep and Mercedes LOL
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    For entertainment go read the comments on Road and Track or Car and Driver Facebook posts. So it's a lifted Flex? If it doesn't look like the Ranger mule I'm not interested. etc. etc
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    Another neat thing-if you zoom into the Camo, the dots actually spell out Bronco!
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    Too late,,,,,, HRG
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    Ford Cuts EcoSport Price

    Ford needs to replace with with the Euro market Puma stat!