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    Edge/Nautilus Dead for '23

    You don’t get to define what other people find exciting so knock it off.
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    Something showed up today
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    In the world we live in, there seems to be a never ending stream of complaints and disappointment everywhere. This letter is neither. In March of this year, I made a decision to come back to Ford and buy what I have wanted for several decades, but never quiet saw the design or end product that met my needs. When Ford introduced the last year of the fourth generation Superduty (2022), I knew this was when I needed to buy. Sadly, the chip shortage was about to hit with full force and want and need were about to meet supply chain issues. Hoping that this was not going to be as bad as it has become, I traded in my truck and ordered my 350. To me this wasn't any 350, but one that captures what I have always wanted. I ordered an F350 Lariat Crew Cab Dually with the 7.3 gas motor. From the day I heard Ford was going to introduce this motor, there was a course set out for my having this truck. I picked all my options that I could possible want, got the color and interior I had hoped for and executed the contract. Gone was my old truck and now we waited. Time ticked by and with each week the supply chain faced new issues after new issues... but my dealer kept me updated and we kept our fingers crossed. Finally a production notice was given and my truck had a build date. My truck was built on the second day of production of the new 2022s...5 weeks later I had my truck. Since that day, I have been amazed at every aspect of the truck, its quality, comfort, design and execution. Like anything, there will be those who have issues and toss stones at Ford. I have not seen one of those with this truck. I am amazed at the power, torque, fuel economy and overall performance this truck delivers. I have alway been someone who finds things to modify, upgrade or change to gain just that much more performance out of my rigs. This truck is a first in 40+ years... there is absolutely nothing I want to change on it at all. Ford truly knocked it out of the ballpark. Why would people dream of changing the billet wheels? Why lift it, level it or do anything that changes it from how it looks or performs? Many have their own reasons and it makes them happy... but for me, Ford found perfection and everyday I drive my truck, every road trip we take or adventure we have had in this truck. We just can't help commenting on how much we love our truck. This letter is simply my way of saying thank you for making and delivering a perfect truck to our home.
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    I went back and forth trying to decide which way to go. While my truck will not be a daily driver, it will usually be hauling when it is drove whether it be farm equipment or toys. I went with the 6.7 because it is a proven motor, have multiple friends into the 200k mile mark and one friend who finally dropped his first 6.7 at over 600k miles in a 2017 Platnium. While the diesel is more up front and more maintenance I think you see a good chunk when it comes to resale of the truck. Initially it is around $9000 difference going from the 7.3 to the 6.7. I plan on keeping this truck for many years but if I decided 5 years down the road to sell it I should see $5,000 or more of that back comparing it to a similar optioned 7.3. I fully believe a 7.3 would have worked great for me but I see most of this trucks trips being longer drives so I look forward to the better mileage and less stopping. 22 F350 CCLB 6.7 PS XLT Black Appearance
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    The 2022 Bronco Order Guide has still not been released and the USOB (Unscheduled Order Bank) is not open and the 2022MY Bronco specifications have not been loaded into the WBDO (Web Based Dealer Ordering) system. I've been checking often and I'll post an update as soon as there's more information available.
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    Radio's Big Red Truck

    Never mind. I know exactly where it is! Hiding behind my dealer in a secured lot. Pick it up tomorrow. Thanks for your help.
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    Edge/Nautilus Dead for '23

    Quite the left handed compliment...
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    Jeff T

    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Pic courtesy of my sales guy. Arrived this morning.
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    Edge/Nautilus Dead for '23

    Edge forum members who actually own and modify them say differently.
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    Last week, I placed an order for a 2022 Ford Explorer XLT with the Sport Appearance Package in Forged Green. I received a confirmation e-mail from Ford confirming my order and it read “Your vehicle order is one of the early orders for the 2022 Explorer” and informed me that I will be updated along the process. I attached a photo of the color on the Timberline model.
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    Pictures of delivered trucks

    parked next to my 19 I traded in 24 hours later, fox shocks, leveling kit, wheels/tires, new front brake pads, OEM power running boards
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    Edge/Nautilus Dead for '23

    Actually most people who are looking at Edges don’t want 3 rows or the bigger vehicle regardless of price.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    Got my email from Ford at 3:45 this morning. Hadn't shown up on Ford tracker yet. Now on Ford tracker. Will check with dealer in a day or so for VVR to track rail to dealer. Can't wait! Great news! Your 2022 Super Duty F-350 Lariat Crew Cab has been built. We are performing some final inspections on your vehicle and getting it ready for shipment. Our current estimate for delivery to Chapman Ford is between September 29, 2021 and October 5, 2021. Undoubtedly, this is an exciting moment for you. We invite you to access a copy of your window label and check the status of your vehicle at any time by clicking the button below. We have included your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for your reference:
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    Thinking back, we had a lot of problems with our 2011 MKX w/MyLincolnTouch...almost all of them were related to electronics, not all failed under warranty, and it went through batteries like no one's business . So far, our 2021 Aviator has had only one issue with Sync where sometimes there would be a black screen and the GPS would show current location on the Home Screen, but could not be programmed. When it was delivered back to us, the paperwork shows "corrected" with a reset. Basically I wait for the wife to complain about things, you know, like they're all MY fault. So far, she has not mentioned the problems I've been reading about on the Internet (knock on wood). Meanwhile, our 2019 Expedition has been flawless (also knock on wood).
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    I have a B&W in mine and I LOVE it! Easy to hook up and unhook, solid connection, and easy to verify that it's latched. Plus, it's made in the USA!
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    Received the Built email today. Your 2022 Lincoln Aviator Reserve has been built. We are performing some final inspections on your vehicle and preparing to ship it to your dealer.
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    2022 Super Duty Orders & Discussion

    so just found out I had my order changed, dropped the RCHMSL Camera and added the UTT camera system. The only way I knew was due to the Mach E tracker and the Ford tracking site showing the change. Not sure if your order still holds AS but if I was a betting man I would bet the change never got completed. Good luck.
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    We have a 2020 Aviator. I knew better than to buy a 1st model year car, but the better half fell in love with it - and given my hobby of gun collecting, I try to keep momma happy....lol It's been in the shop for the 4th time w/various sensor issues, and smoke from the tailpipe periodically. Our SA knows we've got a BL Aviator on order, so he was setting it up to return it to us late this week...until I asked him about the smoke issue - pointing out that it's most likely a defective turbo. He mumbled something about it'd "be okay for a few weeks" - until I reminded him that the oil has poisoned the cat convertors, so I expected both the turbo system to be repaired AND the cat's to be replaced. We shall see........... Don't really regret the purchase - momma loves the car, so no big deal.
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    Edge/Nautilus Dead for '23

    Since all the other manufacturers have performance variants of their midsize crossovers......oh, they don't. I considered the Edge Sport and later the ST with the refresh, but am going with Bronco instead. I liked performance of Edge ST, but I wanted something more unique style wise (I have a Flex, so I like something different from the crowd). I think "appliance" is a bridge too far to describe Edge, though.
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    American car dealers for sale

    What I think they’ll do (or should do) is have 2 or 3 standard trim levels in stock in multiple colors. A dealer stock Explorer XLT has the same options at all dealers with color being the only option. But if you want to order an Explorer XLT then you have more options to choose from. Same with Platinum - includes every option and the biggest engine. If you don’t want all those options you can order. So you can still find something on the lot but you may have to compromise on wanted or unwanted features to get it today or wait to order. When I bought my 2016 MKX reserve there were 3 standalone option packages (which is ridiculous). No dealer within 3 states had the color and engine we wanted with all 3 options. Most had one or two of the options and a few had none. We ended up going with the 3.7L (which is fine for the wife but I hate it) and did not get the technology package including adaptive cruise because we didn’t want to wait 8 weeks. This would solve those problems.
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    Has It Started?

    AOC defends going to $35k-a-ticket Met Gala with boyfriend...
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    Troubles with Maverick launch

    They had one and cancelled it. Honestly there just isn’t a lot of profit to be had in this space so I think they’re just diverting resources to BEVs.
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    2022 F350 Lariat 6.7L

    after all the mods.
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    I understand why but I wish the Everest was sold in the states.
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    Has It Started?

    I like this nonsense. Fauci: No ‘Firm Answer’ on Why Americans Who Recovered From COVID-19 Should Get Vaccinated My other question would be that if the vaccine works why do the non-vaccinated need to be vaccinated to protect the vaccinated? Just wondering.