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    These screens are getting too damn big, and no doubt they'll be too bright at night. But no you can't turn it off because that's where your HVAC controls are. Stupid AF.
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    Another new V8 ?

    My F150 3.5LEB loafs along at 1200 rpm most of the time thanks to the 10 speed tranny and available low end torque even going up small hills. That plus auto stop start and aggressive deceleration fuel cut off make it easy to get 25+ mpg and still tow 12K and 3K payload. Fancy engine tricks not needed.
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    My 2021 off line date

    Dealer says my my new 2021 SD 350 is due offline on the 23rd Im pumped.
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    2021 Ranger Production Information

    Ford never provides information as to why options won't be selected for scheduling until further notice. It's speculation as to whether they underestimated demand, vendor/supplier capacity, etc.
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    Mustang Mach-E PREMIUM

    Dealer finally responded. Added to original post. DC: F24003
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    If they get any bigger, they will need their own airbag!
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    The lead-in photo of the light blue Mach E with the more traditional-looking "grille" is a huge improvement on the appearance of this electric vehicle. I hadn't seen this version before. It makes the Mach E more resemble an Edge--itself one of the more attractive CUVs, in my humble opinion. The big blank "plug" I have usually seen on the front of the Mach E's is very off-putting to me. In fact, it's what I've disliked about almost all electric cars to date: designers just don't seem to have figured out yet what to do with the front of the vehicles. The Model Y, for instance, looks like it has an awkward overbite. The front of the Model X looks like a group project at school where the kids responsible for the lower part never turned in their work. The Model S kind of avoids the big, blank space by making the nose more wedge-shaped. But, to be clear, the "plug" on the front of the Mach E is most definitely not the answer to the styling question. Besides, can you imagine what that big, flat, painted surface is going to look like after 10,000 miles? Just the road debris and bugs alone will make it look like swiss cheese.
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    I am really curious how they will handle the Navigator's dash now. Hope it is not just the same dash with a larger screen. Hope they integrate it better.
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    Edge/Nautilus production ending?

    You never know with Ford, sometimes they double back and dust off plans, sometimes they dont. I would hope that Farley keeps an open mind to potential of more product especially if it has hybrid versions.
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    On another note, it's good to see that it's getting a new dash, as that points at Ford continuing investment in Expy/Navigator (whereas they were almost cancelled a few years ago). I don't think we'll see as big of changes in Navigator, but guess you never know.
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    Yes it heats the windshield where the wipers park.
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    It’s a damn good question and highly irritating they are doing that. If you live in a cold weather state, people definitely appreciate it, myself included.
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    Maybe the vendor doesn't offer it or people weren't asking for it?
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    There were a lot of newer technologies that looked promising for nuclear power, but security and spent fuel storage are still big issues. They're definitely not insurmountable, but I don't expect to see any new nukes built in the US.
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    Ford returning to monthly sales reports

    my first thought was “great, now I have to re-rebuild all my charts to be monthly again” I do look forward to seeing the monthly data again though. Did it say when they’ll start? any specific chart requests?
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    Ford returning to monthly sales reports

    This is good. I like this. I always thought it was a mistake going to quarterly reports. One of the things that was frustrating about Hackett was that he never really said anything other than meaningless corporate speak. And by going to quarterly reporting, yet another avenue was removed for people to learn about how the company was doing. Granted nothing is stopping Ford from issuing press releases every day if they wanted to but they’re already tallying sales on a monthly basis, heck maybe even weekly or daily, so why not just release them anyway. Good job Jim
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    Ford returning to monthly sales reports

    I think quarterly is still better but I can understand Farley’s position with several key product launches coming up.
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    Mustang Mach-E PREMIUM

    Until you get me what I need per the rules I can't help you. Dealer code and order number.
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    Edge/Nautilus production ending?

    That would suit my needs nicely, as long as they don't make it in Chicago.
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    End of the road for EcoBoost

    It seems to me that Ford needs to get Escape hybrid, plug in production up to at least 75,000/year if they expect to sell over 200,000 Escapes/year. If not, then maybe 175,000 tops. Also read an article about a rumored Escape ST possibly. The Escape is a good handling CUV and the 2.3 turbo would make the Escape more interesting.
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    Results, Fact not Fiction

    As some people here on this board know the old long hair can at times confuse cooperate positions and names. Then there`s the keeping up with models or company naming that at times gets the old long hair misplaced... So I am trying to clear up some information you passed along. You sincerely hope the current team leader losses, but your not a fan or supporter of the wanna be team leader? Then you`re certain that the current team leader won`t go away if he looses. Then you state your feelings that you see the current team leader taking his base and creating a third party that will challenge the establishment parties for the first time in over a century. Then you state "that is something that I would support"? I completely understand the dislike for the personality disorder you mention or diagnoses as the infliction the current team leader has. But then to expound on how the other choice is not a desirable chose of yours for team leader starts to confuse the old long hair. Never listing a result, positive or negative for either current or wanna be team leader but, then stating you would support the theory of the same narcissist to take his base and start a third party? If you didn`t care for the current team leaders ideology or method of handling business on all the different levels that have produced some record braking and not seen results or in a long time results. Or at least list the wanna be team leader attempts at but had no success at reaching positive results, why then would you support the current team leader and his base after a lose? In my somewhat confused state I consider the whole "I just don`t like him" syndrome as one of the major issues in running the largest business in the world. Consider this, do you want a likeable, best friend type that has a tract record of way less than favorable results or someone that puts the business, the people and yes himself first all... the... time? Tornado I agree with you on a lot of issues and will continue too. But, this is where all these years of sitting in the middle of the road has taught me to vote for the results. An old team leader stated it so long ago "are you better now than you were 4 years ago?" I never thought the middle east would be where it is at currently, I never thought I`d ever see unemployment at the level it was, I never thought I`d see so many "now hiring" & "applications available" signs, I never thought CCP would be help accountable and I never thought in my life time CAP would have close to or a little over 6K employee`s. One last thing, I completely admire Henry as one of the greatest business men of all times. But to sit down and have a shot of Redbreast or Jack with the man and feel as there was some form of emotions (friendship or likeability) between us I`m a realist and except that most likely it would never happened. Friendship or likeability of a true business person is not what should be considered when voting. IMO Seriously, are you one of the group of non voters?
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    Results, Fact not Fiction

    Of all things the "current team leader" lacks is balance. You can achieve the results you seek when you take a look at the other side and understand what their goals are. Are they going to get everything they want? No, but then again, you will not get everything you want either. As the song goes, "you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need." The biggest "need" here is to get the other side to not fight you tooth and nail at every turn. In that respect the "current team leader" has failed miserably.
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    Edge/Nautilus production ending?

    And Nautilus is the reason I came to FMC for the first time. Corsair's a bit too small, Aviator's too big and don't need that 3rd row, and where I live I can't install the overnight charging needed for a BEV. Lease is up in a year and a half, so we'll see what they might have available then (and maybe by then I'll have moved and can consider a BEV). But I'm unlikely to want to move into a new Nautilus in its last year of production.