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    I think the Explorer ST's biggest downfall is going to be just it's sheer size. This is where a RWD CD6 Edge makes sense.
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    Reminds me of the 58 Edsel engine designations - The E400 was a 361 FE and the E475 was a 410 MEL, the numbers were the torque ratings.
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    Exactly - what some people want is really an Edge RS which we won't see on this platform.
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    Yes sir jasonj80. China, Cadillac's largest market, has a New Energy Vehicle (NEV) mandate that guarantees that electric vehicles will become mainstream there. 10% of the total market this year, 12% in 2020.
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    I think this has more than enough performance for enough buyers to justify it. This is not an "R" or "GT" badge. "ST" is just a bit more fun for a bit more money.
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    A CD6 Edge is coming but it will be FWD, not RWD. CD6 has 2 variants: 1. CD6R - Explorer and Aviator for MY2020 2. CD6F - Next Edge and Nautilus for MY2023
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    They will become more common just because they will become required, by 2030 years you will see electrics well over 10% of the total market and in some places they could be 30% of all the vehicles sold. California is proposing that 15% of all light duty vehicle and 6% of all Medium duty be electric by 2030, states that have adopted CA emissions (which more and more are doing/debating, Washington State & Colorado being the latest example) will also have those requirements.
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    How can you say it's too expensive when there is nothing else available at that price point with that type of performance? You have to step up to a luxury brand which is $10K - $30K more. ST is the new Sport. It's the base performance model tuned by Ford Performance. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no "ST certification" that says it has to meet any specific performance criteria. And basing expectations on Fiesta and Focus ST which are far smaller and much lighter and much lower to the ground is silly.
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    Thats the current rumor or its getting replaced by a 3 row/7 seater C based product-but then again that might for other parts the world. If it does go CD6, the Edge would basically be a Mustang CUV.
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    Ranger production February 2019 =9,890
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    As I was reminded a while ago, Hackett is asking all of his senior executives to look at problems in a different way, the little exercise discussed here regarding improving customer wait time was an example of thinking has to be free of existing constraints to look at alternatives, I'm sure that many of Ford's seasoned executives would still be coming to grips with thinking outside of the box (their comfort zone) is how we get architecture types instead of platforms (locked into certain limits). So maybe that sort of thinking is required on a broader scale to make people stop thinking of just doing the same old things in regions around the globe, stepping back to see what those stakeholders really need versus what they have been getting (hand me downs from Europe that no longer work)
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    Also makes sense with the switch to electric drive-trains over the next 5-10 years.
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    When was the last time you’ve seen NM used in a brochure/site—in the US? Sometime never.
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    Ford February 2019 Sales Numbers

    Lol yeah there was an idiot here who swore up and down the Bronco wasn't going to MAP but Louisville instead. Old Wayne Stamping and Assembly (closed in 2011) is still used by MAP. Most of the building is empty but trades uses it for storage. MAP mod center and prove out is in here, and body (which is treated as a separate plant for some reason) uses a part of it (called North Stamping) to build parts for Dearborn/Kansas City (F-150 firewalls it Dash line) Kentucky Truck (Roof Rail supplementary production) and Louisville (Escape and MKC Floorpan and MKC Liftgates) I work on dash line, but that's going to change once the bargaining reps get back from the bargaining convention downtown and figure out the placement for the area bump that just closed on Friday.
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    Great post jpd80 sir. Very tough journey ahead for Hackett. Ford has no choice but to reduce structural costs and get rid of jobs they don't need, and quickly. At the same time Ford has to introduce appealing new products and services quickly too. And on top of that Ford has to make sure the JV with Volkswagen is done right. I think Hackett's "fitness" initiatives will allow Ford to pull it off. He has the right strategy. Just need to be more aggressive with cutting out the fat in the Ford organization globally.
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    It is very much OK, you guys are on my Christmas card list for putting together the "back again" Ranger. First new vehicle I ever ordered/bought was a 83 4x4 Red Ranger, coming full circle for my mid life crisis and looking forward to being back in a Ford and out of the Nissan. Thanks again, stay safe, glad it has warmed up a little for you all. Good luck with the drawer slide.
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    What do you want to bet they started with one target and management came back and said we need the 1100 hp twin turbo V8 to win magazine comparos?
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    2020 Ford Explorer

    C'mon Fuzzy, transfer to CAP and take it home 1 piece at a time,,,,, HRG
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    Ford February 2019 Sales Numbers

    I was going to post these too. Those look like good numbers. MKT is obviously the fleet queen, and we knew that. I've also read they intend to keep MKT the fleet model, and limit Aviator fleet sales, which is why MKT is still sticking around.
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    I agree 100%. The old Corvette stood out in the crowd. This one will blend in with 10 year McClarens, 20 year old Ferraris, and other assorted "exotic" sports cars. I think GM would have learned from Cadillac's missteps, that putting great performance in a forgettable design just doesn't work.
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    Bronco mule

    I can barely reach the fries in the passenger seat in my F150.
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    Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tires

    Being that I really wanted the 10 speed,I passed on the PP2. Love the PP2 wheels though, So I bought SVE PP2 replicas. with Nitto Invo tires.
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    2019 Mustang GT

    The White GT (301A, Automatic, Black Accent Package, Active Valve Performance Exhaust, Navigation) arrived from the Twin Oaks, PA ramp and was delivered via United Road yesterday morning. It was prepped and detailed after I left the office yesterday and was inside the service department waiting for me early this morning and is now in Demo service. The photos don't do the car justice! 1FA6P8CF9K5132027_WS.pdf
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    Window Sticker Lookup

    Here's a link I got yesterday, directly from Ford, for looking up Window Stickers... http://www.windowsticker.forddirect.com/windowsticker.pdf?vin=InsertVinHere