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    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    Hi. I'm back. Got married between my last appearance & now. Me and Mrs. Jensen went to see the movie last night. And you know what? I never thought I'd find myself defending Lee Iacocca, but that movie just did *not* do him justice. Or Leo Beebe. I mean, criminy, one of the advantages all the Ford factory teams had at Le Mans was that all of them had Holman-Moody trained pit crews. And that was a Ford corporate (i.e. Leo Beebe) decision. But I have to say, the main reason why I went to see it was Christian Bale as Ken Miles. That was an absolutely inspired bit of casting. Little details were great. They nailed Enzo Ferrari--honestly, I think he was more spot on than Hank the Deuce. Sets were fantastic. Loved the lit up Esso "Oil Drop Man" south of the main grandstands. Because of all that attention to detail, it was a bit jarring when they used doctored up GT-40s for the J-Car and Mark IV, because I'd have to think that, as cheap as a fiberglass mockup would be for cars that didn't have to do much actual driving, they could've gone the extra mile. But you're talking what? One out of a thousand movie viewers that are going to catch that? It was also weird that they recreated Miles' Daytona GT-40 with an absolutely impressive attention to detail, yet Hansgen's car was way off. I mean, I can kind of understand why they'd do that. The whole point of the scene seems to be suggesting that Leo Beebe got Holman-Moody involved because he didn't trust Shelby, so it helps 'tell' that story if the GT-40s look very different. But during the actual race, Hansgen's GT-40 looked just like Miles'. In fact, I'm about 99.99% positive that the red stripes on Miles' car, the green stripes on Hansgen's, and Gurney's blue stripes (as well as the large circles applied to other cars) were done before the race because the cars were numbered sequentially in the 90s, were otherwise identical, and the bright colored patches would make them easier to identify. The colors were only applied on the infield sides of the cars. Of course, showing mostly identical cars would make it harder to believe that HM & Shelby were at odds with each other. It would almost look like HM & Shelby were part of a coordinated factory effort..... 😮 I was not expecting much from Matt Damon as Shelby--I figured he was too much of a real-life character for Hollywood, that they would've turned him into a caricature, but Damon's actually pretty restrained. And that scene where Carroll sells the same Cobra three times---I mean that, in a nutshell, was ol' Shel. He bit off more than he could chew with the Le Mans efforts, but there's no way on Earth Ford would have won at Le Mans without him. Ken Miles' death hit him hard too. Robert Lane met Shelby once, with a friend of his. Robert told his friend not to make a fool out of himself, and they had barely started talking when his friend said, 'What happened to Ken Miles?' and Shelby said, "The goddamn car just broke up on him" and turned around and walked away. Thoroughly enjoyed most of the movie. They went to such lengths to get certain things right, so I found the deliberate mischaracterizations (and outright bungling of facts, like Ken Miles being kept back from Le Mans in '65) jarring--kind of takes you out of the moment.
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    If the $40k Cybertruck version can be ordered via the tesla.com site without signing up additional products and services, it should be a winner. I'm going to wait until Rivian and Ford unveil their BEV pickup models before I consider placing a reservation for a Cybertruck.
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    New light & medium duty news

    First, if anybody like Bob R and 7Mary want to give a Ford truck bigwig a piece of their mind, then write to Len Deluca, Director, Ford Commercial Vehicles, 16800 Executive Plaza Drive, Regent Court Building 6N464, Dearborn MI, 48126. Found this address on a Ford truck magazine sent to current truck customers. Also, Work Truck magazine had a 4 page ad for Roush propane conversions showing all the Ford vehicles in which its offered, including stripped chassis, van, F-series and Bluebird Vision school buses usin the V10. It soon will be available in the F650 and Transit. It was an impressive ad. Also, a 5 page ad for Ram Commercial truck appeared. I read a few months ago that Marchione form Fiat was ramping up repair facilities at dealerships to accomodate the commercial truck customer. He offically announced the creation of Ram Commercial Truck this week I believe.
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    RAV 4 Prime Announcement

    Meh, another converted ICE, barely counts.
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    RAV 4 Prime Announcement

    Well... https://www.autoblog.com/2019/11/21/lexus-ux-300e-electric-crossover/
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    You should really open your eyes first.
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    Harley Lover

    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    Please hang around, you're missed and arguing here might keep you out of arguments at home!
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    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    You're missing the point as usual. If he's undercutting the competition by $10K because he can afford to keep losing money, it's going to take sales and profit from all the other companies actually trying to stay in business. They'll either close up shop (Rivian) or stop selling BEVs. And that should concern any BEV fan.
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    You like how that thing looks? I'd have no problem reserving or ordering a product I haven't driven. But I'm not signing the dotted line without driving it first.
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    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    Not surprising. #hollywood Pulling into Guam today after 4.5 month deployment so hitting the theatre with the squad. Lot's of Ford fans here!
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    Ford vs Ferrari trailer

    @RichardJensen is back?!??! It's a Festivus miracle!!!
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    I liken Elon with Tony Robins.....complete with cult like following...
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    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    I generally give Tesla credit for pushing the design envelope. Some good ideas, some not so good. But this looks like he took his kids drawing and said, "Yep, I'll design that". First thought when I saw this was: Second thought was: I don't think Ford can muck up the BEV F150 this bad. Even while being coked out after an all night bender.
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    A $500 commitment should hopefully mean fewer cancellations.
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    2021 Chevy Trailblazer

    I hate the look in general, but GM seems to have one of if not the best implementation of the split headlight look.
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    Especially if you consider there are no cult followers involved. I'm guessing most prospective buyers want to drive one first.
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    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    Remember the year that Ford decided to kill its formerly top-selling car, the Taurus, with a redesign they were proud to say was all ovals and lacked a single straight line? This is ten times worse than that.
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    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    I forgot he actually said that but he meant pulling not towing, He really doesn’t know pickups.
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    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    That presentation was horrible, BTW. He made Jim Hackett look like an Oscar winner and the Mach E reveal look like a blockbuster.
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    Tesla pickup reveal Nov 21st

    Last one I swear
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    VVT errors

    I actually have a 2018 Raptor (late 2017 build) with 26k miles and a 2018 Navigator (late 2018 build) with 9k miles. No engine issues yet with either (knock on wood) but glad I sprung for a Ford PermiumCare extended warranty on both. I hope they get yours sorted quickly.
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    2020 F350

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    How Ford's Mustang Mach-E came to be

    PDL is just pissed off that no one invites him to anything anymore, he's just not that influential anymore.... Mustang Mach E is mostly on Jim Farley so yeah, you can see Pete is really boiling mad...
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    SD Frame failure

    Thanks, I was wondering about that. The Chassis Cab load capacity numbers seem to be considerably higher than the "pick up" version, even if you subtract 1000# for the box. HRG