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    2.3 EB Ranger Versus 3.5 EB F150

    I always thought a Regular Cab Flairside had a true classic look through all the generations . This was my '97. 4.6 with 5 Speed Manual - I really miss that truck!
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    Bronco news?

    Aside from the hybrid news Assimilator dropped before vanishing most of this I've been telling you guys for months, but no, don't listen to me!
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    2.3 EB Ranger Versus 3.5 EB F150

    Yes, yes it was. The truck I saw was a 90s cab with an 80s bed, not the 90s version. This is the bed, notice the taillights and badass Ford stamp: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1986-ford-f-150/ Now imagine the black bed attached to the front of the red truck (painted to match of course) It was unusual but very cool
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    If you want to go to work , you live in a town with polar vortex and you own a Tesla, take your Mustang! 😁
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    RAM Multifunction Tailgate

    I read this as malfunctioning tailgate its been a long night
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    Bronco news?

    7-speed with a low speed rock crawler gear ratio, just to piss off Jeep?
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    F-450 PICKUPS currently are Diesel only. Only the F-450 cab-chassis is currently available with a gas (6.8L) engine. A gas F-450 pickup for 2020 is a feature addition.
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    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    Looks really good! But, I will say this- No direct fuel injection and no modulated displacement (AFM) this thing is going to eat a LOT of gasoline! 10 speed transmission might help a little, just hope it's as tough as the 6 speed Torq-Shift was.
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    2020 HD Silverado

    Just saw on a TFL video that GM's new gas engine is still going to use a six-speed transmission. Ram now has an eight-speed behind the 6.4 Hemi. Ford is going to have a ten speed behind everything but some lower rated 6.2 equipped trucks.
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    Industry Sales Number for January 2019

    Yeah, I'm just saying lol. --- FWIW, I put this chart together using the numbers earlier in the thread, comparing them to last year's figures: A few notes - I think PI sedan and utility are included in Taurus and Explorer numbers. Also, heavy trucks weren't on that list, so I left last year's numbers out.
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    I'm hoping so. I'm betting the Silverado new "best in towing" rating will be very short lived.
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    Did Ford release this today because Chevy was unveiling the Silverado HD?
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    The fact that Ford Europe is handling the development rather than South America is good sign that it will be a much better car. I'm still guessing this will be the larger of two vehicles that will replace EcoSport.
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    "Will it be better?"...could it be any worse?...Im sorry, but there is no place in the US for the 1.0...its failed in every application here. And even with the 2.0 engine, the Ecosport is burdened by weight...or should I say WAIT....1.5 eco would have been the ticket.
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    Ford launches the Supercars Mustang

    The NASCAR "Mustang" is awful
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    2019 Ranger Production Information

    Attached is a copy of the information from the FSA notice which should answer any questions related to the Demonstration/Delivery Hold on the 2019 Ranger's built through January 9, 2019. Ford_Demonstration & Delivery Hold_2019 Ranger_2019-02-04_Redacted.pdf
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    I couldn't exactly remember who it was that said that the next gen Mustang was not going on CD6. Borg/Assimilator did get other things right such as the Explorer/Aviator details though. Interesting to see how the S550 came about and how close it may be to become the CD6. Thanks everyone for all of your comments here as I was wondering about the details of next generation Mustang in terms of architecture/platform and other things. Not sure if it's still 2023MY or sooner. However the 2020 Shelby GT500 has just been revealed and that's one exciting vehicle here so it's still pretty far out for the next generation.
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    2.3 EB Ranger Versus 3.5 EB F150

    Nope, it's this one (IMNSHO):
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    C'mon guys...that's the price you pay to own a "luxury" vehicle...
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    Wait, you mean to tell me that Tesla's gimmicky door handles didn't work? Im shocked. SHOCKED I say!
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    From a Lincoln dealer sales staff meeting last spring (2018)
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    2019 Ford Ranger First Drive Review

    He did that with the guy who wanted to restore his dad's '77 'Vette, too.
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    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    I'm expecting 450HP/500 ft-lbs out of the new 7.3L with a torque curve similar to that of the V10 and fuel economy similar to that of the 6.2L.
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    Vehicles owners keep 15+ years

    Or, you could spend a sum to fix an older vehicle and get many more years out of it mostly trouble free! What does it cost to replace a vehicle, not what the book says its worth. Everyone knows a vehicle is not an investment. I am definitely a keeper person. I look at it this way: I question not what the vehicle is worth in some book, but I ask myself; is the vehicle worth fixing? My '08 Explorer is in very nice condition and would cost me the better part of $40k to replace with a 7 passenger 4x4 that can tow and haul, take the family camping, and drive in snow and ice over Colorado mountains. If I had to drop 3k on a new transmission it would be a no-brainer. 3k vs 40k. I am getting older and the whole emotional need for cool new stuff is wearing off.
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    2.3 EB Ranger Versus 3.5 EB F150

    It wasn’t supposed to be a fair fight, it’s entertainment.